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  1. i like to collect rare case and i was wondering where can i find it
  2. aman2499

    dead switch Need help!!!

    the power supply is from my assumption what can I do to fix my switch my multimeter is set too voltage and reads nothing for the output
  3. aman2499

    dead switch Need help!!!

    I don't know then I'm currently in electronics one and it just started I had a bit of knowledge of electronics but I didn't know that
  4. aman2499

    dead switch Need help!!!

    thanks man I'm better off looking for a psu I know lot of people that wouldn't appreciate me dying from an AC shock I found a few suitable replacement for my switch and I'm going to order one soon rather than try to salvage this one I tested it while it was live no output and then I unplugged it and the main capacitor was blown I could solder it but i particularly don't want too be near AC when it's live also I'm sure you could see my skill by my multimeter
  5. aman2499

    dead switch Need help!!!

    I am more or less beginner with electronics I do understand it and I do know how to check things what things are I did a continuity test on a capacitor and I got nothing back so I think it's blown but I'm not sure all's I know is I tested all the points of output on the power supply and got nothing back I don't know where I can get another power supply for this thing but it's a gigabit switch something kind of hard too purchase with that many ports
  6. aman2499

    New PC need wifi

    If you want usb get this bad ass waste of monney https://www.asus.com/us/Networking/USB-AC68/
  7. aman2499

    wireless accesspoint problem

    I have a cisco air lap-1042n a k9 and I Was wondering If i could configure it to run with out a wlc Mostly because i dont have one and im broke. but anyways with out a wlc i get this error *Mar 1 00:26:51.184: %CAPWAP-3-DHCP_RENEW: Could not discover WLC. Either IP address is not assigned or assigned IP is wrong. Renewing DHCP IP. *Mar 1 00:26:53.309: %DHCP-6-ADDRESS_ASSIGN: Interface BVI1 assigned DHCP address, mask, hostname APa44c.11c7.7bba
  8. I found it for $20 at a local shop but i guss its best i find an option that i can work with
  9. I just got this case 3 months ago and my i was looking for cheap lq cooling solutions and i found the bigwater 760 and i was wondering if the bigwater 760 would fit into this case
  10. Look what i found around 6:00 ish in the video
  11. aman2499

    Linus say it dont spray it!!!!!

    Right at But maybe it was this can of hair 'spray'
  12. aman2499

    Broken antenna

    I was putting a new screen on my asus zenfone 3 and as i was doing so i need to move the antenna cable to get to it and in doing so i pulled part of it right off the carging port and it took its little conection stud thingy with it so now the charging port has no antenna like it should so I asked a Freind and he said Use a Iphone antenna or an antenna from another phone and a new cable But i was wondering will that work? cause I Cant find any replacement charging ports plus i dont need one technically cause the phone will charge even with the antenna portion broken off the charging port
  13. i need help finding a realy good liquid cooling loop or just a allready made lc for my rig that is under $100 and suports intel and you can put your own coolent in it
  14. aman2499

    cooling under $100 help

    1151 Intel 6700k
  15. aman2499

    Worth buying a m.2?

    I Have intel 6700k and a asus h170 pro gaming motherboard with a m.2 slot and i got 2 old gpus for now wich are 2 r9 270x but the cpu has 16 pci lanes ands the motherboard has a m.2 slot will it be un ideal to buy a m.2 card cause of pci bandwith?
  16. aman2499

    Worth buying a m.2?

    so if it where in its slot and the Gpu are occupying 8x lanes each it wont use a lane or will?
  17. aman2499

    Worth buying a m.2?

    The gpus would operate properly right if i have a m.2 they wouldnt have enough lanes needed to run?
  18. aman2499

    Worth buying a m.2?

    My plan was to buy a small m.2 drive just to boot off of and run some applications so it was gonna be under 128 gigs
  19. I added all the java proffiles im suposed and the launcher but its still not working (the starwars one is actualy javaw.exe radion control center dose that
  20. aman2499

    How do i add minecraft to amd crossfireX

    it optimizes the game and adds shaderz
  21. aman2499

    How do i add minecraft to amd crossfireX

    Ive seen be done before and it works in windowed but i need it for shaders
  22. aman2499

    How do i add minecraft to amd crossfireX

    That what i used it dosnt work and yes
  23. its in California and its pick up only
  24. would it be worth to crossfire 2 amd gpus or would it be worth only having one card being that the cpu only has 16 pcie lanes
  25. Thank you guys your all realy imformative