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    I like to make music with keyboards and launchpads.I also make a lot of money of Virtual currency even though I never mined it before
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  1. If I buy a laptop and hack the US government,If i come out of jail,I can still buy a laptop.Also not evreyone that installs homebrew is pirating shit too.I should be able to whatever I want with my switch,a problem only arises when I do pirate something. This is like banning bittorent because it can be used for pirating
  2. I have a really large problem with this If I buy a TV and I use it as a surfboard,I shouldn't be banned from ever buying a DVD.
  3. Cheap GPUs sold by mining shop

    I don't get it.What's the problem here?
  4. best sounding headphones for 50 bucks?

    Aren't these 80 bucks
  5. This Is What Happens When I Boot My PC. PLEASE HELP!

    RTFM and tell us what post code 15 is
  6. best sounding headphones for 50 bucks?

  7. A 580 would work but I recommend a 1070
  8. Which one of these shall i buy

    Out of curiosity how were you able to tell
  9. Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Razer Phone

    Its mostly personal prefrence
  10. Upgrade Options For An Optiplex 380

    If i remember correctly those only have 150w PSU's right?
  11. where should i plug in my HDMI cable?

    You can only plug it into the GPU.MOBO HDMI will not work if you use a dedicated GPU.Also you could have just tried in the time you spent on this post
  12. [Help] Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard?

    Not with cherry mx keys at least ,and at that price RGB is pretty useless because of crap drivers
  13. Upgrade Options For An Optiplex 380

    If you already have a 1030 go for it.Otherwise I wouldn't
  14. [Help] Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard?

    There are no RGB mech keyboards for 50,even on sale.Check craigslist or drop the RGB
  15. Or maybe overwatch style hereos Probaly still going to be like what R6 is rn