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  1. Does the Dark Rock 3 and Dark Rock PRO 3 have the same height? otherwise Ivyk got me an anwser Thank you!
  2. Great! that's a good news If one day (with your friend approval) you could post a pic of it that would be awesome. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! I create this post because I would like to know if anyone has been able to fit a Dark Rock Pro 3 (DRP3) from be quiet! into a corsair 400c. The DRP3 is 163mm high and the case seems to allow up to 170mm but so far I haven't seen any build or pictures with this configuration so I prefer asking before buying ^^' I'd like to put this CPU cooler into this case with a maximus VIII. Do you think this would fit? Thank you for any answer and if you have this specific configuration I'd be keen to get some pictures to have a better idea of the beast.
  4. Okay, well I guess I'll see that on the moment when I will have parts in my hands haha. anyway I don't think I'll go with 4 sticks anyway. at least for the moment Yeah well I'll prepare two builds then, same case and cooler, and then I guess I'll see if the prices dropped a bit with the new pascals, maybe it can square stuffs a bit so I could get up to skylake. otherwise I'm sure I won't be disapointed with haswell (at least I hope ) yeah, the super high end GPU is not the must since at first I will only be using at large 1080p tv so I won't push it to the 4k and all. Then I can play the "patience" card on the GPU and get a safe CPU since they are more or less linked to the mobo chipset. easier to change a GPU as you said. Plus if I use the computer for any potential work (even though I'm not keen on bringing work at home) then that's a plus to focus on CPU. Well I have to admit, windows 10 looks neat!! but I don't really like the turn that Microsoft is taking (says the dude using windows 8 at the moment). I was using it on my hp 3025sf with combo ssd and hdd and it was slower than win 8 at booting and all (certainly outdated hardware) but I'll give it a try still just in case, as we say at home "only dummies never change point of views". I just don't enjoy the more or less explicite lack of privacy of windows 10 (even though I have nothing to hide). Do you know if Service Pack 1 got out? But yeah DX12 might make it worth it in the end
  5. Oy! that doesn't leave a lot of space indeed! I'll check your rig to see what components you have. Does that clearance depends on the mobo or will I have this problem no matter what with this Cooler? Okay, well I'll try to narrow down my researches on this then ^^ as long as the money allow me do you think going with skylake would be a cheaper solution for similar results then? I see that I have a 50€ difference between the i7 haswell and skylake so I guess the deal will be done around the mobo and RAM. I'd like to keep the rig quite multytasking just in case. I can work around the money if it gets dampened over time. If I can keep the skylake longer before being outdated then I guess it makes it worth it (that will really matters with the price of the GPU then maybe, You have a price range for the new pascals?) DX12 will be only on windows 10 right? I am not so keen on going down with 10 yet
  6. haha yeah true! well do you know if putting the CPU cooler like this will give me RAM clearance issues? also is 1600MHz enough? or should I get higher clocked RAM Otherwise I'm also looking into the i5 6600k as Catdeath97 suggested, seems like a good idea. Thanks again!
  7. Well I'm sure you thought about it anyway lol I heard of special enclosures that can help but it cost a lot if I remember well
  8. Ok, well I try to plan possible upgrade at the same time, just in case. I just read on "materiel.net" (French) that the RM 750x fan turns on at 40% load and get spinning fast at 70% so I guess this problem is solved haha. Plus I want silence only under light load, if I'm gaming it will be noise from the game or I'll be wearing a headset so it is not a big deal then. Plus, I just got a replacement laptop where I switch the HDD for my SSD and I have to say that silence is awsome but also stressing at first, I'm always scared that the computer will boil Sorry to hear! hmm I'll guess I'll have to figure that one out then. Personal NAS for od computer could work Did you try to insert thin rubber pads to dampen the vibrations?
  9. Ok! I'll have a look at it and see how far I get with it. I aim for ethernet cable but since I will move in a near future and I have no idea where I'll be setting this I was thinking that Wi-Fi would be a safe choice so I don't have a cable running across the room (OCDs you know)
  10. ahah no, I guess I didn't expressed myself well enough. yeah I am aware that the performance will drop, but maybe I'll be able to put the large fan at the top then, so looking from GPU to top it would give: GPU -> First thins -> inner fan (toward top) -> second thins -> (Second fan if it fits toward top) -> top of the case Ok then I'll be patient and see how it evolves then. Yeah it makes total sense, I'll mail Corsair to ask if they have the 0rpm mode on this PSU, otherwise I'll check your recommendation (550W would be enough?) Talking about silence, do you know if HDD would be noticeable then? like dual Seagate Barracuda 1To in RAID 0 for example? or should I re-purpose and old pc to host them? oh! big paragraphs like I just did? thanks for the tip!
  11. Yeah that seems a good idea! I'll explore that then. i5 6600k gives a 100€ difference with the i7 4790k so yeah good call. Do you know if mobos are cheaper also? what chipset should I get? Thanks for the answer
  12. Thanks for the quick answer! I thought about it but since they don't have any French retailler I didn't wander much on it. But I agree it could have been more handy ^^7 1) I don't really get it. Don't the cooler comes with two fans (one between the fins and one out)? I'm planning to remove the one on the outer-side only and leave the stock one inside. What touches what then? ^^' I thought that turning it would give me a better passive cooling as warm air rises. 2) Then I guess I will orient myself toward the Pascal if it is not too expensive (or at least the 970 will be cheaper eventually). I like the 970 strix for its 0dB fan mode plus I am leaning toward the green side for this first build (I was with AMD on my laptop before so I want to try Nvidia to see) 3) Okay, well it was just in case I try to, worse case when the money comes I'll revise the build. Do you know if the PSU can stop its fan to 0 rpm (though mobo maybe?)? Thanks! I am not very use to writing on forums and all so I might not have the best layout and way to answer
  13. I'm planning on gaming fairly much (I'm not a heavy gamer "yet") and also quite much GIS software (such as ArcGIS) for work, plus a bit of everything (which is why I'm not going for console, Polyvalence) I don't know I was thinking it would be cheaper going with i7 4790k (mobo wise).
  14. Hello everyone! I am planning on building my first pc (after the death of my old laptop). I want to know if I am doing any mistakes or if something could be improved (1400€ Budget) I will build this rig around June-July so I don't know if I should wait for Pascal GPUs or not. Here's the build: Case: Corsair Carbide 450D CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k CPU cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 (Turned 90° so the writing is normal and fan toward the top as exhaust, remove the side fan for GPU clearance) Mobo: Asus Z97-Pro (Wi-Fi ac) Memory: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 2 x 4 Go 1600 MHz GPU: Asus GTX 970 Strix OC Storage: Samsung SSD 850 pro 128 Go (owned) and scavenge the 500 Go HDD of my dead laptop at first Power Supply: Corsair RMx 750W (possible SLI?) Fans: Dual Pack Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition (front intake) + Single AF120 Quiet Edition (rear intake) I also intend to make this build semi-passive for silence (all fans at 0 rpm if the computer is not under load). I will not overclock in the first time. Sorry for my English, it is not my native language.