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    i have no clue help me
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    I'm a muppet
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    Intel Core i7 8700
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    8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960
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    250GB Samsung 850 EVO, 1TB Seagate, 200GB WD
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    EVGA 600w (forgot exact name)
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    ASUS VC239H and another ASUS 21 inch monitor
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    Artic Cooler PRO CPU Cooler and some fans for the case
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    Corsair Raptor K40
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    Black generic mouse
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    AudioMicro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. This didn't work. It seems like Photoshop is forcing it to be a constant physical/pixel size which makes it ignore the system scaling.
  2. Hello. I recently got a Surface Pro 3 to replace my iPad and it has a 1440p screen. Because of this resolution, Windows automatically put the window scaling to 150% (This is helpful for touch screen). This is proving a problem in Photoshop as everything is really, really big. Is there any way I could turn down the scaling for Photoshop (either within the program itself or Windows) so that it could mimick 125% or 100% scaling? Even from when I launch the shortcut, the loading menu covers 3/4 of my screen smack bang in the center which is slightly frustrating. If you know of any way to have application specific scaling or how to turn it down in Photoshop, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. EvilCat70

    Does the iPad Air 1 support a keyboard case?

    Thanks. So just look for ones that specifically say it supports an iPad Air 1?
  4. Hey. I'm looking to sell my iPad Air and my brother's girlfriend is interested in buying it. She would be using it for typing up notes in Uni classes etc. I need to know though, will the ORIGINAL iPad Air (NOT the iPad Air 2) support a keyboard case? I don't want to end up selling her the iPad if it's going to be a pain to type notes quickly. I do not want suggestions on a keyboard unless it's confirmed to work with the iPad. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I'm trying to reverse engineer a Unity game to add new features that the devs won't add. However, when I go to rename a class using Edit Type, any class that used that class beforehand no longer recognises the new type as if it doesn't exist, yet in the Assembly Explorer, the class is renamed normally? What do I do? I'm used to using Visual Studio but I need to use dnSpy for this and it's making it extremely hard if dnSpy can't even recognise renamed classes. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  6. EvilCat70

    New RGB Fan LEDs won't turn on.

    Hey. I got a new case for Christmas and that came with 4 RGB fans controllable by a remote control and a button on the case. There is a fan hub behind the motherboard where I have my fans plugged in right now. The fans are spinning and I can change the speed by pressing the button on the hub, but the lights won't turn on. There is a cable called LED/RGB SW coming from the case IO and I figured that must go into the 2 pin header on the hub, however it's called RESET SW on there. I plugged it in anyways and pressing the button does nothing, as I figured. But what's confusing is that the LEDs aren't on at all, even though the fans are being powered and blowing air. What could be wrong? The case is a Sahara P35 and the fans are Sahara True Pirate RGB.
  7. EvilCat70

    No where to mount new HDD

    So it'll be fine while I clone it? There's some space beneath the two drives that are mounted but this space has no mounting area. It can move slightly left and right a bit but that should be ok while I clone it?
  8. Hello. I got a new HDD for Christmas and a new case, however, I have no space for another drive in the case (the plan is to clone my old drive and put the data on the new one, not needing the extra space after all). I currently have an SSD and 2 HDDs. One has programs and games on it while the other has documents and videos. I am replacing the documents drive because it is really old and could fail. I need to know if there would be any safe way to mount the drive temporarily while I clone the old one. Also, what happens if I boot Windows without the programs drive plugged in? Will it fail to boot due to many programs missing suddenly? My Windows install is on the SSD and not the HDD. So what would happen if I unplugged that HDD? Also my case is a Sahara P35. Thanks.
  9. EvilCat70

    Old Star Wars games appear on Origin

    And if you want to play as any heroes or villains in game? You must play for 40 hours to unlock one! You missed what I said too. Battlefront II is available without a membership at all, along with another one. The ones that are Origin Access are a paid version of the free edition, that is also available without Origin Access (free and paid) None of these games are behind a membership, and are honestly so cheap anyways that buying a membership would cost more than buying the games standalone (in the long run)
  10. EvilCat70

    Old Star Wars games appear on Origin

    I remember the Force Unleashed on the DS. I was like 5 and didn’t know how to get past one of the levels really early on so I quit playing it.
  11. EvilCat70

    Old Star Wars games appear on Origin

    Yes new update just released! In order to join a lobby, you must buy a $3 key to open a loot box where you have a 35% chance of gaining the ability to play online. So worth it!
  12. EvilCat70

    Old Star Wars games appear on Origin

    I don’t know if it’s the same version. I bought the Steam version when I heard about multiplayer being enabled this year and I played around 8 hours of it before I got fed up of the bugs every damn time I tried to join lobbies. Im hoping they update the game to make it more stable. The main menu needs changing to support 16:9 and online play could be more stable than it is on Steam. I don’t think so. Battlefront II can be bought without a membership for £3.
  13. In recent days, many old games of the Star Wars franchise appeared for sale on EA's games platform, Origin. This is quite surprising considering the most iconic Star Wars game on there, Star Wars Battlefront II (not the 2017 version) was released in 2005. The developers of the game, Pandemic Studios, ceased operations in 2009 shortly after being bought out by EA. There are no stories on this as I've yet seen but I thought this might be interesting. Battlefront II is currently on sale for £2.87. Much cheaper than Steam's offering of around £7. There's two things that could possibly happen with the old games being on Origin. In Battlefront II's specific case, online mode may be brought back fully after the servers were shut down in 2014. The servers did open back up in a small effort at the start of this year, however it had many bugs and the main menus are not designed for 16:9 displays. Considering EA bought Pandemic Studios, they would have all rights and possibly original game files to the original Battlefront II and may update the game to support newer technologies and also enable online mode once more. The other thing (and most likely thing) that might be happening is that EA is just trying to make an attempt at getting people to buy the old games for as cheap as possible to get more money. If this is the case, I don't see it being too successful as most people who played the games before either had it on disc or bought it on Steam years later. If EA actually started to bring functionality back to the game, I would definitely buy the game for the insanely cheap price just to play it again, as I can only imagine they will push the updates to Origin to encourage people to buy it on their platforms again. Online play is only playable if you download a modded exe file that points the address to the online servers to a custom hosted one. This is obviously something many people don't know exists/how to do so the player numbers are ludicrously small. If official online play was brought back, it may make people want to buy it for the nostalgic feels of the old game. Picture of old Star Wars games on Origin (Battlefront II, The Old Republic (F2P), Empire at War, Knights of the Old Republic (P2P version of The Old Republic)) (I'm sorry there are no quotes, no media outlet has posted on this because it is probably irrelevant, but I believe there might be a plan to this other than squeezing more money out of it)
  14. Hey. I'm current working on a project and all has been good up until now. I need to be able to check if a field has an Enum on it. How would I do this? Here's some of the code that I'm working with right now. public enum Flags : byte { NONE, CHORD, EXTENDEDSUSTAIN, STAR_POWER = 4, STAR_POWER_END = 8, SOLO_BEGIN = 16, SOLO_END = 32, DOUBLED = 64 } note.flags |= Note.Flags.DOUBLED; Now when the statement "flags |= Note.Flags.DOUBLED;" is called, how do I retrieve this one specific enum on the field "note.flags" So lets say I have note.flags containing: CHORD, STAR_POWER, DOUBLED How would I be able to check if doubled is just there at all? I hope this made sense in the context I gave, thanks.
  15. EvilCat70

    Recommendations on Wireless headphones

    Hey. I'm in need of some new headphones (they're basically falling apart) and I need some advice on what to get. I'll be watching movies, playing games and watching YouTube on these so sound quality is pretty important. They also need 20+ hours of life time. Noise cancelling and an aux port on the headphones is also a pretty big deal. My budget is about £50 on these headphones. Thanks.