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    i have no clue help me
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    I'm a muppet
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    Sitting around doing nothing


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    Intel Core i7 8700
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    8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960
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    250GB Samsung 850 EVO, 1TB Seagate, 200GB WD
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    EVGA 600w (forgot exact name)
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    ASUS VC239H and another ASUS 21 inch monitor
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    Artic Cooler PRO CPU Cooler and some fans for the case
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    Corsair Raptor K40
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    Black generic mouse
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    AudioMicro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. The admin user is his personal account because he set it up because I don't know how to. And I don't know if it's changeable.
  2. Hello! I co-own a Plex server with my friend but he is the only one with the Admin account to add new users through the Plex Web App. Is there any way I can add new users/managed users to the Plex server through the command line? I have very little Linux knowledge so I'm afraid any advice would have to be explained greatly. I need this for when he is offline and I want to give my friends access to it. Thanks Btw the server is remote and our only way to access it is through SSH.
  3. EvilCat70

    What's a good, free tool for backing up data?

    I'm not backing up mission critical files here. Just pictures of my pets and a few videos I want to save in case Windows either goes berserk or my SSD dies (unlikely considering I only got it a year ago but whatever) I don't have the time or money to replace my drive. So please don't insist that using a 5 year old drive is going to be the end of the world for me.
  4. EvilCat70

    What's a good, free tool for backing up data?

    Exactly what I was thinking. I moved off of using the HDD as a main drive almost a year ago when I bought an SSD. Now it only keeps games and non-important programs on it. In other words, barely been used for the past year.
  5. EvilCat70

    What's a good, free tool for backing up data?

    thanks for just completely ignoring the rest of the post.
  6. Hey. With all the recent news about the new Windows 10 updating beaning your files, I've decided I want to get a program to backup my data regularly. What's a good, free tool to do this? Also do you think it's safe enough to backup to a 1TB drive I've had for 5 years that I only keep programs and games on? I don't think the drive is in bad condition or anything, but it has definitely had its fair use over time. Thanks.
  7. Try disabling sticky keys. That usually causes some issues. And try other USB ports.
  8. Hey. With all the hype around the new RTX cards, I've been wondering. Should I get a new/used 10 series card (Either new 1070 or used 1080) or an RTX 2070. I currently have a 960 4gb from MSI and I struggle to play newer titles and especially VR (I own a Rift) I'm planning on getting the upcoming Hitman and a few others. I also want to get some more VR games. I game in 1080p 60Hz however that may change to 1440p or 1080p with a higher refresh rate. I do a lot of streaming and recording too. I usually encode the stream using the CPU but I usually save the stream locally in a higher bit rate and resolution for later use. Currently, I have to use QuickSync to save the stream locally as the GPU runs out of video memory to game and record. What should I get? The RTX 2070 when it releases or a new 1070/A used 1080 (Bear in mind I have a 600w PSU, the rest of my specs are in my signature) Advice is appreciated
  9. EvilCat70

    Amazon ends 20% Prime video game pre-order discount

    You just answered your own question
  10. Hi. My friend has an MSI 970a-g43 motherboard and wants to be able to get the built in browser in the BIOS working. When he clicks 'Browser'. It says a driver needs installing. We can't find this driver anywhere online and was wondering if anyone knows where to look or how to get it? We tried using a Click BIOS II utility from MSI but that didn't work. Can anyone help? thanks.
  11. Thanks! Got it working!
  12. Hey. Recently Photoshop has starting defaulting new projects into Greyscale and I can't get it out of it. I've looked up how to change it after the project it created, but I can't find anything for when it's making new projects in Greyscale. Is anyone able to help me? Thanks. (I'm using Photoshop CC 2018 btw)
  13. Exactly! I've always made sure to have semi decent hardware. I had an i5 4460 and now I have an i7 8700. No problems! And I think some people need to stop fucking with their OS like registry. If they don't know what they're doing they could break things and its not Windows' fault
  14. Completely agree. The only times I've ever had BSODs was when my C920 Pro Driver got corrupted and plugging it in caused a BSOD. It also happened when my hard drive and RAM started failing. Then just a couple months ago I got one when plugging in my Oculus Rift as I think the drivers for that had gone poof. I've never had issues updating Windows 10. No BSOD loops, no black screens, no corruption. I don't see why people think it's a buggy OS when it isn't?
  15. I remember this server on Minecraft had horrible Anti Cheat and no IP banning whatsoever so I just got some free alts and messed around with No Knockback hacks. It was funny watching people be so confused The server was some sort of survival games server, so people didn't lose their items. Doing something like that would actually be shitty