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  1. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    Yeah, amazing device and I get what you say about your hands, I can't stand using my father's for long because my medium sized hands get tired of trying to reach the corners lol Good luck with it!
  2. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    In my family there has been an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max, the 5S and 6S Plus got a huge slow-down with iOS 11 and for people that doesn't know much about tech as my family, they didn't know how to downgrade back to iOS 10, that's why my father wanted to change his iPhone 6S Plus and got the XS Max (amazing device for sure), and the 5S my mother was using coming from a Samsung S5 because she wanted to try something different was a brick too with iOS 11 (and she doesn't complain that much about it), the iPhone 6S (non plus) of a friend of mine felt lagggggggggy but I'm not sure which version he was using or what was running in the background or whatever so I can't say anything about it The thing with the now updates day 1 is that I feel like Apple is treating its customers as beta testers, every update I hear people complaining about something broken, unlike the old updates which worked perfectly fine, I can support minor bugs but something like the iOS 11 was poorly made and poorly tested, only think customers can hope is Apple will never do that again and test it way better The 3 years guaranteed updates is something nice to have (as long as you receive the latest security patches), more years is a plus but since the vast majority of users replace their phone before 3 years, that's a fact so for those coming for a new phone and don't want to use it after more than 2, 3, 4 years it's a great price what you get with the Pixel 3A, getting 6 years updates is something wonderful but that comes with a cost and you have to pay for it with the high cost of the device About the OLED burnt screen, LCD, LED and TFT can be faulty and can have defects too, the thing is if your provider/seller/company will replace your smartphone via warranty withing the 2-year warranty if it appears to be burnt, otherwise I don't recommend the phone at all (like the iPhone 6, if you can claim warranty because of the bendgate, I'd do recommend the phone for a reasonable price, or the new macbooks with the faulty keyboards), it all depends imo of the type of warranty you can get
  3. PacketMan

    Thinking of a name for new PC

    Computer, and if it's a laptop, laptop, and if you have two, + Brand, and if it's the same brand, + Color, and if it's the same color, + old/new, and if it's the same age, + CPU name, and if it's the same hardware I don't know why you would do that
  4. PacketMan

    Poco F1 slower than one plus 5?

    Could be security patches, that's what most slow downs come from in OS updates
  5. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    Disagree, Google says that there are no guaranteed support for their phones, not that they definitely won't support it, so who knows (if the support is as bad as the iPhone 6/6S in the last year... No company is perfect) The XR doesn't get better battery life than the XS Max, it depends on the usage too, and the LCD displays don't tend to endure better than OLED in general, people like me that got their Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 for 3+ years can relate, no issues with the OLED screen, there's obviously some models that get worse displays (like the Pixel and the burnt screens) but it's just that: the model The XR feels cheap, the screen isn't that great for the price (the bezels are huge compared to the XS, and it looks ugly imho) and the battery life and camera aren't that great for, again, the price ($750) but maybe it's just because Apple decided to make their base phone the "cheap" choice with the best materials for the +$1000 phones I wouldn't pay $750 for the 64GB iPhone XR, too expensive for what it really offers while having cheaper and (personally) better alternatives, like the Pixel 3A or the iPhone 8 Plus (can be found for around $400-$500), it's something personal so what I found not worth it can be worth it for other people, and viceversa
  6. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    Anyway, @SenpaiKaplan has the iPhone XS Max too and maybe he could help you decide better
  7. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    Well I can't help you there then, if there's no specific app draining the battery I don't know Good luck finding the perfect phone for you, hope you come back here and tell us!
  8. PacketMan

    Pc freezing when watching Netflix

    There are extensions for Firefox and Chrome to watch Netflix at 1080p: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/netflix-1080p/cankofcoohmbhfpcemhmaaeennfbnmgp
  9. PacketMan

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Why only in the US? Because they are the only ones that have a problem with China and can't forbid us from buying X products
  10. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    Or you could buy a battery kit and replace it, it's too easy to do in the iPhone 7 plus you gain experience and knowledge (and you could sell it or keep it in good condition)
  11. PacketMan

    Recommendation: iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max

    My father has the iPhone XS Max, I can't say anything bad about it (well actually yes, it's too big for me, the XS is perfect size, and the golden version isn't that pretty) Good battery life (not amazing, enough for a full day), amazing OLED display, amazing speakers, amazing design... I've tried the XR, imho it's a piece of shit, it feels cheap, light and not worth $750 (the XS Max isn't worth $1200 neither, the fuck is wrong with people who think paying over $1000 for a phone is normal), yeah you get the same CPU but the camera is shit (maybe it's because of the screen), the screen is shit, and the speakers aren't that great I know you don't want any Android BUT this is something you should know: there's the Google Pixel 3A Plus, 6.2" (IIRC) OLED (IIRC), amazing battery life, one of the best cameras out there, you get the latest patches and updates from Google themselves, and it's over $400, it depends on what you want to do between your Apple devices, for me it's just a mobile phone and nothing else so...
  12. PacketMan

    Whats better the rtx 2060 vs the 1070 vs the 1080

    1070/1660Ti < 2060 < 1080/2070 Take a look at benchmarks to find out how well those can handle the games you play the most and get the one you can afford
  13. PacketMan

    Buying new graphics card

    If you have good airflow inside your case you can take a look at this RX 590 for just 220€, the GTX 1660 Ti are for a bit more than 300€ I don't know why But you have this GTX 1660 Ti for little less than 300 euros in Amazon Spain and for 310 euros in Amazon italy
  14. PacketMan

    Buying new graphics card

    Well, why don't you just look at Amazon Italy? www.amazon.it you would be covered by their warranty for 300€ I'd get the 1660 Ti
  15. Just make an idiot out of yourself, annoy him, until he hates you and just walks away from you to insult you to your coworkers, obviously your coworkers will know that you are not an idiot (hopefully) so Just annoy him
  16. PacketMan

    Buying new graphics card

    Online stores? Where do you live?
  17. PacketMan

    Buying new graphics card

    For what I've heard, you can get similar performance of a 1660Ti with a overclocked 1660, but you have to win the silicon lottery And the RX 590 for 290€ is just a nono I recommend the RTX 2060 or Vega 56 if you want to play at 1440p 60fps, Vega 64 or GTX 1080 if you are lucky to find a good deal The 1070 Ti is similar to the RTX 2060 so if you can find it cheaper, go for it If you just want a bang for the buck for 1080p gaming, get the RX 580 8GB
  18. PacketMan

    Regret with 2080ti SLI!

    Well, you should have done a better research if the many horror stories weren't enough, next time think twice
  19. PacketMan

    2080ti worth it currently?

    Worth if you have the money, want to spend it on the GPU and want to get pretty good performance in every game in the next few years (and if your system is good enough, don't waste $1300 on the RTX 2080 ti if you are still with an i5 or a Ryzen 5) Yes, it would be ridiculous to get the RTX 2080 ti for 1080p gaming when the 2080 is better suited for it, but the 2080ti will do the trick at higher settings and higher fps, and could survive the monitor upgrade too, if you have the money and want to spend it, knowing what performance you'll get and having a good overall system... I will definitely get a top GPU once I get back from my trips (if I have enough money after getting my car adjusted), because $1300 is nothing if I can spend it and be happy with it for the next years
  20. PacketMan

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    Nice country, we'll see how EU ends up with the raise of far right this May 26th
  21. PacketMan

    Game storage

    If you want to... Don't expect extra performance from the SSD, not even faster screen loadings, the HDDs work just fine for emulators Specs? Do you have your OS installed on your SSD too?
  22. PacketMan

    What do you guys spend your time with?

    Looks like you want to move to Switzerland lol Where do you live to want to move here?
  23. So China has the power of shut down all the production of US products (those produced in China) and US doesn't give a shit? Mixed feelings here, while China is one countries that pollute the most and I'd like more eco-friendly production even if that means paying more, I can't stand the orange man fucking US citizens just because his pride and little understanding of economics and how hard China can hit directly and indirectly the US (and the rest of the world). Time to set new alliances, EU-Asia-Latam-Africa-Australia-Canada FTW
  24. PacketMan

    Google blocks Huawei

    Anyway, if that affects the whole world I hope Google still manages to get around that crap New Google Inc in Europe? I hope so, at this point Trump will manage to make their tech companies go to other countries (I hope so)
  25. PacketMan

    Google blocks Huawei

    I'm not going to get anything from Google if they just shut down Google services on Huawei phones, I just won't Lets see what happens in the next months, if they end up banning Gapps on the Huawei devices I'll have to use my Mate 10 without Gapps (the real spyware, oh hi NSA)