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    Asus Z170-E
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    G.Skill Aegis 2400MHz 2x8GB
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    Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070
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    NZXT S340
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    SSD 120GB + HDD 2x2TB
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    AeroCool KCAS 800W Bronze
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    BenQ XL2730 1440p 144Hz
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    Cooler Master 212
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    NewSkill Hanshi Brown switches
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Philips SPA5300/10
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    Windows 10 + Linux Mint 18

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  1. PacketMan

    My girlfriend's birthday present.

    Yeah I read your post above Again, I repeat that her girlfriend got her laptop for 7 years, 7 fucking years, and OP claim that without problems Do you think a Chromebook won't throttle? Just take a look at any normal Chromebook, shitty SSD, shitty CPU, shitty RAM, shitty screen; if OP wants a nice laptop then let him get a laptop, any problem she goes by, OP will surely come here and ask, do you really think that with a desktop the non-techies won't have any problem? I don't know why you are splitting laptops and desktops, those are almost the same: non-techies won't upgrade, won't know how to solve a problem, won't know how to almost anything, it doesn't really matter if it's a desktop or a laptop, Windows computers will have the exact same problems wether it's a laptop or a desktop Plus, having everything in the same machine is always better than having to switch between two different machines, I start to swear every time I have to turn on my laptop to pick a file because I forgot to upload it to the cloud. TL;DR: windows laptops and desktops -> same problems and same knowledge for a non-techies; 1 device > 2 devices for work; a laptop CPU won't degrade faster than a desktop CPU, so the performance loss is the same in a laptop than in a desktop; needless to say a chromebook is a joke for kids and students who just want to edit a few papers file I'll stop replying here because I'm not sure if you are trolling me tho or if you are taking this seriously with real experience.
  2. PacketMan

    My girlfriend's birthday present.

    You are kidding me. Are the 4th gen Intel laptop CPUs outdated? No, we are not talking about gaming performance here where you have the fps counter to show you the "real" performance, we are talking about accountant stuff and that's just about CPU power and RAM. Tell me about a 3 year old laptop that is already outdated (not for gaming). Here you have the performance comparison between the i7-6700HQ from 2015 and one of the most used CPUs for Chromebooks N3060 Yeah, I clearly see what you mean by outdated while recommending a Chromebook lol
  3. PacketMan

    200-300$ phone?

    dude, before posting take a look at the relevancy or at least at the last comment, just a tip OP surely got a phone back in october lol
  4. PacketMan

    Walmart Gaming PC Good?

    I would too sponsor Walmart if they paid me
  5. PacketMan

    My girlfriend's birthday present.

    We are not talking about buying an iPhone 7 for cheap, or getting a brand new car which will drop nearly 30% of the price once you set a plate on it, we are talking about real products and it seems like you don't understand what "outdated" means. "Outdated" means "obsolete" that is no longer relevant nor functional for nowadays work, you claim that Windows laptops are outdated once you buy it and @SGBudgetGamer girlfriend is doing almost fine with a 7 year old laptop with the only con that its screen is too small. "You can do everything with a chromebook" HA. You can do everything with a Chromebook but a modern laptop (i7-8550U/i7-8750H) is already obsolete? Are you a troll? OP has enough money to buy a nice laptop (a nice laptop for her GF could be anything from $600 to $1200) and even a nice monitor for work
  6. Manufacturers trying to copy their competitors, what a surprise /s We all know that there are very few innovations and, almost every innovation we recall I'm sure it wasn't an "innovation" of them, I remember the LG Flex, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't an innovation of LG lol
  7. Did you know that the are many types of HDMI cables? The one you need, IIRC, is the HDMI 2.0 for 4K@60hz Not only the HDMI port has to support it, the cable too.
  8. PacketMan

    My girlfriend's birthday present.

    Is it her own office? If not, then her boss should probably buy her a bigger screen or something I'd go for the laptop if she works at home and at office I'll summon the Laptop Genius here: @GeneXiS_X
  9. Google charges you 30% of the total cost, that's why Fortnite didn't list on the store and you had to install it from the browser, something really dangerous. You are telling me that not supporting SD cards is greedy? Okay, that's why you bought a Google Pixel, right? The Pixels don't support SD cards neither, and you can't replace easily the battery in almost any phone nowadays. That's a PERSONAL opinion, my uncle thinks otherwise tho, so don't blame Apple if YOU don't like the contact list. That's a PERSONAL opinion too, my father thinks otherwise and he has around 5 entries everyday, and we are talking about a man that kept his Nokia C7 because of the great contact list and calendar. https://www.imobie.com/support/how-to-make-google-maps-default-on-iphone.htm https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8328628 I can't say much about that, never had that problem with my iPad Air 2. Apple's Philosophy, if you hate it and need a real file system, then don't go for Apple, man. I want a flying car but I won't throw shit to Toyota for not making one... Again, that's not Apple's fault. I found it really helpful most of the times. It's up to each app developer to define the settings you can change in-app or in settings. I don't think you got the point on buying Apple. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Always throwing shit to the brands you don't like. I had a Samsung S5 and it let me down so many times I won't trust Samsung anymore. But because for the 700 euros price (compared to my old Xperia Z1) its camera was shit, its building quality was shit, its battery was shit, its speakers were shit. I bought an Android phone and I can compare it with Android phones, and only with Apple devices if I'll do the same with them.
  10. PacketMan

    What's everyone opinion about having 2 accounts here?

    Sounds pretty stupid coming from a newbie (thought your "main" account would have at least a thousand posts, first build your reputation then think about getting a second account maybe...?) Not critizising, just giving the opinion you asked for
  11. PacketMan

    Top money spent by TTL, no good gaming PC

    How about watching other channels? You know, you are FREE to watch Paul's Hardware, TwoCents and Bitwit These people asking youtubers to build the exactly PC they want just to see if it's worth it shake my head
  12. PacketMan

    Is it worth getting RX 570 over 470?

    But do you NEED that 0.5GB of VRAM? I mean, look at the benchmarks, it will tell you the benefits of 0.5GB VRAM more If you can sell your GTX 970 for a fair price (here in Spain you can find the 970 for around 140€, A LOT in my opinion but there are people who still buy it) then well, go for it if the used RX 570 is in very good condition and the cooling solution is good enough
  13. PacketMan

    Is it worth getting RX 570 over 470?

    I don't think a RX 570 is a replacement for the GTX 970, looking at benchmarks those two are really the same (some games the 970 is better and other games the 570 is better)
  14. PacketMan

    Half of Samsung TV's to be 8k in 2019

    I totally forgot about that, anyway for the cost of a 8K panel I can't see any benefit for a few videos per week at 8K resolution, if you are a content creator well, it... could be beneficial... I guess? But it's again the "content creator" bull$sh!t manufacturers say For 65" a 4K panel is totally fine, even for 80" 4K is tooooooooootally fine, I can't see almost ANY scenario in which a 8K TV is worth half the production of TVs
  15. PacketMan

    Half of Samsung TV's to be 8k in 2019

    There is no content in 8K on PC neither nor GPU to run any kind of game (worth it) My thoughts here is: Samsung doing marketing instead of useful technology once again