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    G.Skill Aegis 2400MHz 2x8GB
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    NZXT S340
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    Windows 10 + Linux Mint 18

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  1. IP address, provider (ISP), sometimes browser settings... you know For example, imagine an IP like this XXX.YYY.ZZZ.001, Google would analyze it like: (general-use).(Europe-Country).(Country-City).(City-Center) and thus knowing more or less where you are
  2. Not enough arguments for her to be in more videos. Informative, funny, entertaining... That's what LTT used to be, but only cute? No way. I'm not saying she shouldn't be more active in the videos. but it shouldn't be just for that [sexist] reason, like you wouldn't ask for James or Nick to be more involved because they "are cute", c'mon
  3. I'm 23, basically I'm an extended teenager and I still overspend on things I need, like my laptop or my smartphone, but luckily I managed to stop spending on stupid things (a.k.a. recently I was checking the Sony WH-1000XM3, and I don't need a $300 headphones even if I can get them for $200) But yeah, sometimes you just have to go through the same things as the rest to understand some things the "correct" (at least for us) way No probs mate, this is a general discussion, we can have any kind of conversation in here
  4. You are replacing the whole device which should be awesome (if not damaged) just because that little b o i called battery can't (obviously due to its nature) hold the charge. I'm not a fan of this, it's harmful for the planet and for the customers since from 2013 to last year nobody really got their phones for more than two years. Not a fan, and I wish there were more smartphones with removable batteries out there, specially for those non waterproof (anyway, the Samsung S5 was waterproof and still got removable battery)
  5. And I used to be a teenager too, and regret every single compulsive purchase I made I just told you that if you are asking that you don't need neither of them and thus you don't have to nor need to spend so much money on unnecessary stuff. That's just a suggestion, you can either take it or leave it lol
  6. If you are asking whether you should buy expensive earbuds or expensive watch, my answer is don't fall for the consumerism meme and save money for the things that truly matter or you truly love.
  7. First of all, if you are comparing a TV with a ultra gaming monitor, then you are obviously not asking the real questions. Is this what you want? Doesn't look practical at all, I'd dare say you'd be better off with a cheap 4K monitor at this point since OLED displays for computers are not... Well, reliable after all. When you use an OLED display on a TV you are expected to change images continuously, so the risk of pixel burn is really, really, really tiny. And at this point it's not that good for gaming either. What you are asking is, "should I buy some sick 200hz ultrawide high resolution monitor or am I better using a huge TV?" And honestly, that's something only you can answer.
  8. Yeah dude gimme that overpriced piece of shit, I need to shitpost faster!!11 Does it come with a reCaptcha solver too? I need it for 4Ch... I mean, for general purposes. Now, seriously. All the i3 8th gen laptops I've seen so far are fucking overpriced compared to any i5 8250U, And no matter what people say, 2c/4t aren't any good for 2019, even if you are just shitposting or writing assignments. I'd rather go for any 4c/4t Pentium at that point, at least those are dirt cheap.
  9. They are exactly the same thing phones have built-in (as long as you don't buy it from Aliexpress and such) So go for it if you really want it
  10. Yeah, so... why do you need the "lightest laptop"? What's your daily use? How much are you willing to spend? Why is it okay 700 grams but not 965/1300 grams?
  11. What motherboard? Also, did you upgrade your BIOS? What do you want us to do, dude
  12. Dismount the cooler and repaste. Also, check the manual/instructions of the cooler, and a few videos mounting it. Also, from a 2600 to a 3600 wtf??
  13. Jesus man, the chimpanzee scream really got me, unexpected. It's a cool song tho.
  14. This question should have been asked before buying it. Now if that weren't a great deal, what would you do? Always ask those kind of questions before buying things.