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  1. Going back to the store on saturday probably and just trade it in. I'd rather just avoid doing that though and get it working.
  2. Threw it in a few different pcs, all pcs booted, none of them gave vision though. So I remoted desktoped to them with my phone and the screenshot is what I found. I tried all kinds of different things. Updated BIOS, reinstalled drivers, messed with safe mode. Triple checked all my plugs. The thing that makes me think that it's really DoA is the fact I never get to see a BIOS screen. If anyone still has some suggestions on stuff I can try, you'll have my eternal gratitude. Thanks regardless. Edit: forgot my language was set to dutch: The comment in the device manager translates to: the device has stopped working because problems were detected. Not that useful unfortunately.
  3. Hello everyone, Ok this is maybe a little weird question but I can't find the information I need about it. First a little background. I have a Dell U2412M and I own an Asus Sabertooth Z77 which has a high power usb port which you can use for charging tablets fast. This fast power charging can be enabled with the asus software. This way the port doesn't work as a USB port anymore but solely as a charging point which can deliver up to a few amps (I'm not sure how much precisely). My question is can I connect this port to my Dell monitor and turn the charging mode on? I know it's some sort of usb-hub in the monitor. But can it handle the high current? Will it burn a circuit? Or does the hub draw it's power from the monitor's power supply and not from the 5V from the USB port it's connected to? Regardless, thanks for any input Mooru
  4. That looks reazlly damn good. Never thought I would like a pink even if it was for a girl. Really nice job on that sleeving
  5. Mooru

    Title pending.

    Looking forward to this!
  6. Thanks man. I'm looking forward to that Hoping it will be awesome. Just a shame bitspower angled fittings are so expensive. I took regular bitspowerfittings and EK angled adapters. Luckily the colours match very nicely.
  7. Thanks! I share the hate with deep passion! It's a shame, the shop I ordered my watercooling parts at didn't have any lose 6 pin connectors. Bit of shame. Dying them is still on the table
  8. That is very very awesome I like!
  9. Curious to see what you're up to this time
  10. You're right. Our loops are extremely similar. I actually wanted to do my loop in the same order you did. But when I started installing everything I ran into the problem that the reservoir made it impossible to get fittings on my radiator. I decided to turn the rad around instead of cutting up my case. Still a bit too conservative to start doing that just yet. I really like what you did. I personally think a few extra angled fittings wouild make it look even cleaner but it is really cool your sleeved tubing looks awesome
  11. Thanks man, took a bit of effort. I straightend up the reservoir aswell because it was bending a little too much as you can see on the picture. I'll have a look. My original idea was to watercool my 2 660 ti's aswell. But as they're only 660 ti's I changed my mind and in a year or 2 I'll get some higher end cards that are actually worth the extra cost of an expensiv waterblock. And for the people who care, I'm actually gonna try to sleeve the sli bridge and see what it looks like
  12. Mooru

    The Bee

    sorry - double post
  13. Mooru

    The Bee

    Looks pretty awesome
  14. That's fair enough I suppose. I just want to know if it's a built in safety or a malfunction. I like to know how things work or why they don't
  15. I am actually currently drawing a small PCB for an adjustable power supply because I don't have one. And unfortunately no old PSU's available. I am sending a mail to Be Quiet!'s customer service. Very curious to their reply.
  16. I had a D5 pump and 4 fans attached. My first guess was that I didn't succeed the minimum power draw. But a D5 pump and 4 fans at 12V should be enough for atleast 20-30 watts I thought.
  17. Connections are ok, socket is ok too and unfortunately I don't have another PSU. Ok that's fair enough. It is annoying because it made filling my loop a lot riskier in case of leaks.
  18. Hey everyone, I have a Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 750 Watt PSU. When I watercooled my system I tried to jumpstart my psu by shorting the green and a black wire. It didn't work. So I assumed I was being an idiot and was doing it totally wrong and bought this: http://www.xs-pc.com/accessories/atx-psu-bridge-tool-24-pin It's still not working. The only thing attatched to my PSU were a D5 pump and 4 fans. I have no idea why it doesn't want to jumpstart. I've been using that PSU for a year now without any issues. Anyone knows what's causing the problem?
  19. Thanks all! I actually don't mind the look of the sticker on the PSU. It looks white on the pictures but it's actually chrome looking and I personally think it matches the heatpipes on the graphics card. But it's hard to argue about tastes Ok so the loop is done and up and running. There's a little bit of white stuff floating in the reservoir though so I have to drain the loop again and clean the reservoir but fortunately that's not a very big deal. The biggest problem I currently have is that I can't actually find a proper way to capture the way it looks in real life on picture. There's a red led on top of the reservoir and the camera just doesn't want to capture the glow of the led into the reservoir. If people want I can borrow my girlfriends proper nikon camera and try with that. Anyways here's the final pictures of how it looks. I really enjoyed working on this. Can't wait to do my next loop which off course will take things a step further I know! Still need to go get my black SLI bridge from a friend but it will be sorted This is a poor picture but it was the best one I could get. The lighting in my room just sucks balls. Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed my work
  20. This for me personal the best looking computer I have ever seen. Ok the desk pc's are cool and all but I prefer this by miles. I take my hat off to you sir!
  21. Thanks man. It is indeed getting good Ok so things I learned while installing the watercooling equipement: 1 Short runs are a pain in the *** 2 Sleeving your tubing is annoying as **** 3 é"'(u&"'(pué"('uopé'"( There were some pretty frustrating moments but it turned out ok. Not the loop I had planned but all is good in the world now. So here are the pictures This is the pump top on which a reservoir will go My 240 XT rad There's a clean waterblock now without the circles but I think that looks a bit too sterile if you understand what I mean This was my original plan to do with the 45° angled fittings but had to change this because I received one that didn't rotate around the little part at the bottom. Waterblock installed Reservoir installed This run took me an hour and a half to get right. I just couldn't get the compression fittings to close. I was pretty stressed out because I had to apply a lot of force and was scared of leaks. All runs done And ready for leak testing I tried to jumpstart my powersupply but that didn't work. Anyone knows why? I was impatient and just took the risk and filled it and turned it on with a lot of paper towels and no leaks so that is good. More pictures will follow later when it's up and running in its final form. Thanks for viewing
  22. Just go to imgur and upload your pictures there. When it's uploaded click on the image and copy the url. Paste the URL between this [_img_][_/img_] (remove the underscores in between) I like it. Curious to see what you're up to.
  23. And this is what arrived like 30 minutes ago. Finally my watercooling parts!