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  1. Thanks for your answer. Plex sounds really nice, but you have to constantly have your PC running if you want to access the data. Is there another cheap method which is always accessible? I have an old PC that is not used anymore, so I could just install Plex on it and have it running 24/7 right?
  2. Hi, so my father is looking for a Nas/home server for his data such as photos, movies, etc. SInce i have no idea about servers and all that kind of stuff, I thought I might ask you for help What kind of Server connection would you recommend? After reading myself through some posts I think it would be convenient to have a VPN, so you can access the data from everywhere. Is it cheaper to build the Server yourself or to just go ahead and purchase a NAS (any recommendations are welcome)? Thanks in advance
  3. Personally, i would love to have money My budget is more made for MS Paint ^^ Thanks for the advice tho
  4. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do that... And I mostly want to get rid of the blurr around the edges that appear when printing such a small .jpeg in A4...
  5. Hey guys, I have a .jpeg that is fairly low quality (309x401px) that is mostly lines and so on (no photo of anything). Is there any program to make it bigger while keeping a decent quality? It would also be fine for me if it just makes the picture bigger so I can then later correct the edges in paint (which is highly professional software btw). Thanks in advance
  6. I would suggest to go for a soundcard and n nice pair of headphones. I personally use the Asus Xonar DX and can recommend it. As for headphones you should check out the Audio guide of this threat.
  7. Thanks for your help but do you really think we would need 5 of them? Wouldn't 1 or 2 be enough at first since for the beginning we expect ~100 people use the system per hour. I am not an expert but that doesn't sound like too much stress for 2 of these server. Also even if it would take a few seconds for the order to be checked and processed, it would still be fine. We will have the money to upgrade further after 2-3 years (if it works :D)
  8. In what country was that? Because the laws differ from country to country. Also we already talked to a programmer and he said it would cost ~30.000€ to programm the apps and the server's programm.
  9. Thanks! We have to watch our budget (50k € total, and that includes someone to program the App and so on), but we will definetly consider it
  10. In Germany it is already possible for a patient to go to a pharmacy and show them your prescribtion and if the pharmacy doesn't have the required medicine in stock, they order it and deliver it to your house around 4h later (via a transport system by each own pharmacy). Our idea is to make that first step via an App, so that you wouldn't have to go to the pharmacy to order it. You would scan your prescribtion with your smartphone and the App checks if it is in stock at your local pharmacy (If not it orders the meds). Ether way you will have it delivered in 1-4 hours. The courier of the pharmacy could then bring the invoice with the medicine. I hope that answered you questions on the idea?
  11. We thought of that, too, but unfortunately we might run into a problem with privacy when it comes to clouds... We will have to figure that out first. But if it is possible, that might be the best solution.
  12. Thanks for your help do you have any idea what that would cost? I am pretty new to servers and stuff ^^
  13. Hey guys, so my friends and I take part in a competition in which we have to work out a start-up company. For our idea (an App that improves the dialogue between a pharmacy and its customers) we need a server to house information on the customers and their former orders (which have to be saved as a photo of the prescription for ~48h and can be deleted afterwards). Pharmacies from all over Germany would have to reach these data (or every pharmacy gets its own server, we don't really know what's best). Long story short: We need a server! So would you recommend one big server for all pharmacies together or one for each pharmacy? We are leaning towards multiple servers so that the pharmacies would have to rent them and pay extra money ^^ (yes we are evil) And how much would these different servers cost? They don't need to be extremely fast. Thanks for your help (and you won't help an evil company, since this is just an idea. So don't worry about that )
  14. I think you can set a core clock for each card, so you can get the most out of both cards
  15. Idea: You could maybe use two partially reflective mirrors, while the one on the inside is more reflective. Combined with tons of LEDs on the inside of you could (maybe) get an "infinite" mirror through which you can still slightly see your PC-parts. I have no idea if this could work, but it might be cool. It came to my mind because of this video, because it also uses a pretty dark panel. But with enough light you can still look through it. Might be hard to find the sweet spot between lightning and infinite mirror though ^^
  16. OK thank you, I might look for someone who can borrow me a Dremel then
  17. Hey guys, Since I am going to mod a window into my case I was wondering what tool is best. After some research I learned that a Dremel/Rotary tool is best, but I was wondering if a Bosch PMF 220 CE could get the job done? I would use a U-Channel and sand the edges down, but that tool still looks a bit rough. So if you have any ideas/experience just let me know
  18. Thanks for your help. I read your Modding FAQ over and over (great job btw), but I still wasn't quite sure what would be best for a u channel. Can you recommend any good RGB kits? My initial plan was to have an rgb strip of at least 2m lenght, so I could also make a rgb kit for my brother and father (2x30cm each). That would cost 10€ total, so ~3.5€ per kit, what is hard to beat. And the only problem I see with that is hiding the wires and potentiometers, and since I am planning to make a PSU cover in the future it shouldn't a problem. Also I want to gain some experience in soldering and stuff ^^
  19. Thanks, but I don't feel like buying a new GPU yet. Also I wouldn't buy another sff card for my case, since it looks ridiculously tiny
  20. Hey guys, I am planning to do a side panel mod in april and I am currently looking for the right products to pick up (shipping to germany). First of all my specs: Corsair 200r Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3 Gigabyte Windforce 2x OC GTX 960 (sff card) 1. U channel: I am not sure yet if I should go with 7x3mm or 6x4mm. The problem is that I am not sure if my side panel (~1mm thick) will fit in the 7x3mm channel. But I have to watch out with thicker channels since I have only ~7mm clearance from my side panel to my cpu cooler, so I want the products to be as thin as possible to aviod scraching the window with my cooler. I was currently looking to buy one of these two (if you have other suggestions just let me know): 7x3mm 6x4mm (I might look for a shorter and cheaper one) 2. Acrylic: I think I am just going to go the safe bet and buy it from a big online store in germany, which prices are not too bad. However, I am not quite sure if 3mm thickness is good? https://www.caseking.de/acrylglas-gs-transparent-farblos-in-400x400mm-mowi-028.html#comments 3. LED's: Since I am a poor student I am planning to buy every part for an RGB kit seperately and solder it together. But I am not quite sure wich one to buy, since one is 2m and the other one 5m, but they are both the same price (if you have better suggestions for an led strip let me know): 1. Option 2. Option I will use potentiometers to control the RGB and hook them up to my PSU. Thanks in advance
  21. Hey guys, so I got my pc a few years ago and never had any major issues, but a few weeks ago it started doing some things that made me think that there could be something worng with it. So I always had the problem that my PC returned from standby all by himself, sometimes after just one minute, sometimes after an hour. But now this got even further. When I wake my PC up, it sometimes has to load the BIOS and takes as long as if it was completely turned off. But it doesn't stop there: it happened lot recently, that my PC goes into standby by himself. Not like autostandby, but while listening to music (via Spotify if that matters) and after different periods of time. Did anyone of you experience similar things or do you have a way to fix it? I already scanned for malware (with Avira), but it couldn't find anything. Thanks for your help
  22. Hey guys, I recently saw a Youtube video in which there was an interesting game running in the background, that I would love to try out. Unfortunately I don't know the name of it, so I thought you guys might be able to help me. If you have played it, some thoughts on the game are also appreciated Here is the video I was talking about: EDIT: I AM AN IDIOT, THE NAME IS GIVEN IN THE DESCRIPTION
  23. It's an AIO and not a tower cooler but the results should be identical