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  1. Pkelex


  2. Pkelex


    So I bought some mechanical switches from kbdfans like 2 days ago and although I received my tracking number when I put it in the tracking page it says the following(picture) I've contacted the site and they said I have to wait but it's been 2 days like this should I be worried?
  3. Pkelex

    desoldering switches

    its a 3 pin switch kailh blue from a tt esports poseidon z
  4. Pkelex

    desoldering switches

    they are kailh blue from a tt esports poseidon z
  5. Pkelex

    desoldering switches

    So I desoldered my switches but I cant for the love of god remove them from the board. Any help?
  6. So My friend suggested I use 60/40 solder for soldering instead of lead free. So as far as the soldering iron goes do I need a particularly expensive soldering iron or will a 30w one suffice? I just need it to solder in mechanical switches on my board thanks in advance.
  7. Pkelex

    legit mechanical switch post?

    It's for my tt esports poseidon z the kailh ones died
  8. Pkelex

    legit mechanical switch post?

    Thank you all for your help I'll use your links
  9. so is this ebay listing legit im trying to find some gateron blue switches https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mechanical-Switch-Keyboard-Blue-Brown-Black-Red-Replacement-for-Cherry-MX-Kit-FT/142931238033?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=441906393534&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  10. Pkelex

    black widow 2016 broken 0 key

    on the left its the key stuck down and on the left is a normal key
  11. so i dont know what happened the zero key just fell in its switch case. and it doesnt revert back. My assumption is that the spring somehow dissapeared? it doesnt click no nothing it just falls in when i press it and needs a pair of twizers to bring it back up only to fall back down again. Any help?
  12. Pkelex

    Hot swapable switches

    So I have a genesis thor 300 TKL mechanical keyboard with red outemu switches. I was wondering if in the future I could hot swap these switches for something else if I ever get tired of them. I'm trying to see if I can avoid soldering. Thank's for your help in advance.
  13. So i have an i3 6100 8gb of ram and want a gpu which one of these 2 will be better for me? the gtx 10502gb? or the rx 460 4gb?
  14. Pkelex

    poseidon z

    So i got this keyboard like 4 months ago very nice keyboard but since then i've been having this issu when my E wont reeegister or will be pressd 2 times is this covred by my warranty?(5 years warranty)
  15. Pkelex

    will this fit?

    so im planning to buy an rx 460 sapphire dual fan version but i have an asus h110m-kd3 motherboard and the ram slots are really close to my pci i would like to know if the card will fit without any problems or if i should go for the 1 fan version