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  1. elexi0s

    Can't remove gpu

    Trying to remove gpu from freinds pc not built by me, and i can't figure out how to remove the gpu cus i can't pull it up out of the pci slot as the metal tabs in the way. And it can't come up because the case is in the way and it can't go right to pull it out because it's still in the pci slot. Any ideas sorry if it's just my retarded drunk brain not seeing the obvious
  2. elexi0s

    Pc not turning on when you plugged in

    Don't have another gpu to test but onboard runs
  3. So recently my entire pc died and after replacing the motherboard and power supply I've got it up and running. But when i have the gpu in the PSU fan comes on then the PC just switches off when i turn it on. This is a power error right, like when the powers not plugged in, but nothing's coming up no error nothing. Mobo is Asus prime z270 a and gpu is 980ti. Any ideas?
  4. Need a new mobo and switching to mini itx for size sake, any mobo recommendations?
  5. elexi0s

    Is my Pc dead?

    Yeah I got a spare PSU but not motherboard or CPU and I'm 99% sure the memory is fine so I'll hope to God it's PSU
  6. elexi0s

    Is my Pc dead?

    Yeah I think so gonna test out a friend's now
  7. elexi0s

    Is my Pc dead?

    As said in the post originally it was just crashing the game then crashing the computer now it won't turn on at all
  8. so firstly, apologies if this turns out to not be cpu mobo or memory relted but i have no clue what the issue is and these are the most likely culprits. so ive got a self built system with a 7600k a msi z270 A pro 16gb corsair vengeance ram a 980ti and an ssd and other unrelated stuff, the normal, and importantly ive got an 800 watt power supply that is a little old honestly. so over the past few months ive had issues where playing csgo the game would just suddenly crash, but after upgradig my system from win 7 to 10 it got worse (or atleast it seemed to line up exactly with this. it now just hard rebooted my system out to the bios, and after playing a few other games ive noticed it happens in them too although the only stuff i can consistently get it from is csgo and rainbow 6 siege which are fairly cpu intensive games. anywa today i was playing with a freind when this occured so i went to reboot it and ... nothing. no response, no mobo error post, no nothing just a dark unlit pc refusing to turn on. now im pretty sure as the pc novice i am this is either a cpu issue motherboard issue or power supply issue (which is most likely i think ill explain) but then why then did the bug get worse when i changed to windows 10? weird huh? so i have a terrible habit of leaving my pc on sleep over ngith because im used to the molasses startup speeds of a hdd, which is why i thik its a power supply issue. although it definately could be cpu or motherboard which i bought a year ago so they are much newer than the probably 3 or 4 year old power supply. ive obviously tried the basics like a different outlet, cable, starting it with a screwdriver instead if the power button, the basics. but now it doesntevene boot i have no idea what to do. do i just buy a new psu and hope for the best? any help appreciated cus im broke and cant really afford to spend $500 fixing this <3
  9. weird, not installed or changed anything. at this point i'm just assuming its the same ghost that takes my socks and makes my code break without touching it. just gonna move to fresh win 10 install and hope that works as it gives me an excise to move to 10 anyway
  10. i dont have my drivers auto updating so thats not changed since it started
  11. i'm running windows 7 so no update for me. but i'm about to move to 10 for compatibility bullshit reasons, should i just move to 10 and reinstall stuff hoping that fixes it?
  12. so i just got back from a weeks vacation and tried playing the forest, no mouse locking. ok weird i guess its just the forest. then rust, strange. but today i sat down to get back to work (im a game developer working in unity) and the unity engine and any games i run in it or export also have this problem. spent a few hours looking for the problem but i have literally no idea, any idea what i could do to fix it or at least diagnose the issue?
  13. have tried firefox and restarted, an no luck
  14. yup, but the pc is connected via ethernet