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  1. I am so dumb I should have realized that my self. Yes the problem was power cable coming from psu to gpu it had to sharp of a bend and I barely touched the cable and the screen went black.
  2. So recently my computer and monitor started to acting weird. At randomly monitor says ''no signal'' and turns it self of in games, watching movies or just browsing. But when it happens the computer works just fine just black screen. I tried turning power for monitor on and off and unplugging display port cable and nothing helps unless I restart whole computer. And earlier today all the gpu drivers just disappeared. I did DDU and no changes. Any ideas what might be wrong ? Ihave i7 8700k, 16gb ram, gtx 1080ti and everthing is water cooled. Monitor is Acer Predator XB271HU A
  3. I'm looking for 1440p 144hz monitor at least 27 inch or above any suggestions ?
  4. no everything was gone and I had to install fresh windows on my other ssd. That intel ssd is just broke ass you can see in the screenshot it only shows 8mb of unallocated space but there should be 160 gb
  5. Is there any way to fix this SSD ? Before the partition disappeared I used this ssd as mine C drive and had windows and couple games on it. Then one day windows crashes couple times and the the partition was gone. The ssd should be 160 gb and it's intel 320 series.
  6. no it is to expensive there 60 € difference, but tnx
  7. I am just gaming and i have I have fx-8350 and I have experience building pc's for my self and others.
  8. it is not my fist build its an upgrade from fx-8350
  9. So I live in Sweden Stockholm and i ordered I7-8700k + ram + motherboard from https://www.elgiganten.se. Today they delivered motherboard Asus Prime Z370-A but ram will be next week and the cpu next year in the end of January. Or should I just swap motherboard and get I7-7700k ?
  10. thank you for advice tomorrow going to take everything apart and give an update what i have found
  11. looks like that's the thing i have to do because the pump is not pushing air fawor only barely, but how long can a d5 pump last
  12. i know how to get air out of the system it's been three times i have rebuild whole water cooling system for this pc