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  1. Yeah the weird yellow piece. But I’ll do that right now and redo all the standoffs and screws
  2. So I took the mobo out of the case with the gpu and the display turns back on. Maybe the gpu isn’t fully in when in the case?
  3. There’s no gold showing other than the end of the gpu. But that’s normal. I’m probably going to take it out of the case and reseat all my standoffs.
  4. I’ll do that soon. I’m not home atm. But I was thinking that maybe the gpu isn’t plugged into its pcie slot all the way. Because the “lock” that clicks in the gpu is broken off. I’m not sure how I’d fix that or if that is even the issue.
  5. Even when I use the gpu output it still doesn’t show display
  6. I should probably also mention that I’m also not getting display from the onboard graphics and my keyboard and mouse aren’t getting any power
  7. Hello. I tested a GTX 1060 6gb, a Ryzen 1700x, 8gbs of ripjaws ram, and an MSI B350M Gaming Pro mobo outside of its case (Coolermaster Masterbox Q300L). And it booted right up to the bios. But once I put it in the case i don’t have a display anymore. The only addition is an ssd that I put in. The motherboard also came in slightly damaged from shipping but again, it worked when tested. I’m not really sure what to test or do to get a display at this point.
  8. Okay awesome. Thank you! Otherwise it seems to be in good condition
  9. And the bottom left pins are for HD Audio are bent. Can I bend them back?
  10. Hello, I ordered a used motherboard. It was a B350M MSI gaming pro motherboard. And it was delivered great. Except the cmos battery popped out of the motherboard during shipping and was rolling around. I just popped it back in. Will it still work? Or is a CMOS battery being popped out and in make it non usable?
  11. Right I knew that part. I just got a mega deal on the MOBO used so I went for it.
  12. I have had some goofy problems with Realtek. I actually ended up buying an external Roccat Juke from best buy and just plugging it into a usb.