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  1. I have some server boards, supermicro specifically, and attempting to put GPUs in the PCI-E slots does not result in anything other than then fans spinning. The manual says it doesn't support GPUs but I'm kinda surprised it just doesn't work nor do OSs show anything installed. (Other things like lan cards work fine) Where and what is the likely limitation that prevents me from using external GPUs?
  2. They would need to be on the same screen. It would be more work to combine the streams then to just run them on the same port. I will be running 4 instances of a custom game with a four way split on a large monitor. Players will each have their own gamepad.
  3. Do crossfire and SLI scale pretty well when running two separate games?
  4. Keeping write once, read never (except for use in recovery) data from rotting on magnetic storage. I'm talking about over several years of non access.
  5. Windows is giving me a corrupt signature warning. First time I've ever seen such a message. Maybe they're downloads have been infected?
  6. Have a template of copy-pastable strings. Look at AutoHotKey
  7. I like what I see in unRaid but unfortunately it doesn't seem it will run with a single drive
  8. Hardware: 24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5649 @ 2.53GHz (2 Sockets) RAM: 24GB (6X 4GB DDR3-10600R) [Tripple Channel] MX300 525GB SSD [it's going thru a raid card and doesn't show up properly but ehh.] Currently using Proxmox, which is great but doesn't feel perfect to me without docker integration. I was hoping to use Xenserver + XenOrchestra but could not get a simple VM running on Xenserver. I tried setting up Citrix Xenserver but was not able to get it to work with local storage. Are there any good tutorials for setting up Xenserver on a single disk? Also I noticed unRaid might fit my need.
  9. What virtualization software is being used? How could I replicate it?