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  1. As stated in the title the PC turns on and after a couple of seconds it turns off, its on a cycle of turning on and off. A bit of context this PC (built in 2013) used to work back on December of 2019, then it just suddenly turned off by itself. I ran it with only the PSU, MOBO and CPU with the fan, but it only got me to the BIOS, the turned itself off. Currently (July 2020) I'm still trying to figure out whats wrong, as of now I'm still only testing it with the PSU, MOBO and CPU it does stay on, but doesn't display anything to a monitor MOBO: ASUS Maximus VI Form CPU: Intel I7-4770K @ 3.50GHz RAM: Corsair Vengance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 @ 1600MHz GPU: GTX 780 PSU: Corsair AX1200i UPDATE: *SMH might as well commit sudoku, forgot to connect the 8-pin CPU connector, also it does get to the BIOS and stays on, will try to connect more components and see if they are the problem
  2. @TwentyOnePenguins i think i did try that but it still gave me the same problem, still im going to try again later since CMD is still doing the chkdsk /r command... Just tried it and didn't do much, gave me the same error, but still tanks for the help UPDATE I'm planning on plunging in my old HDD to see if the old HDD with windows already in it will run or something else, just gonna hope for the best... Solve the problem by repairing Windows, but at the same time all the software(except files) got deleted from the HDD
  3. I'm pretty sure it has to do with either my HDD or my windows install -Error code- inaccessible_boot_device -SPECS- MOBO: ASUS Maximus VI Formula CPU: i dont remember RAM: 2 * Corsair Vengeance 8GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 780 PSU: Corsair AX1200i Storage: 1 * 1TB WD HDD and 1 * 2TB Seagate HDD -Description- So about a couple of weeks ago i did a fresh install on a new HDD (1TB WD HDD) because my old HDD where making weird sounds, everything was great until about two hours ago, i had to restart my PC because of a software update, when my PC went past the BIOS it went directly to Windows blue screen, then it tried to do the Startup Repair but it failed to complete it, currently in doing some commands in CMD also searching for the USB stick which i used to install windows
  4. So as we "speak" my main PC is dead af, my C: drive disk just died on me(it was around 10 years old or more), so im currently looking for a replacement for it also since im going to upgrade my HDDs(since my main one and another one where showing signs of failure) im wondering what the community would recommend me to get as replacement, im currently thinking of a standalone SSD for windows and other HDDs for everything else, also checking which SATA cables would you recommend(i know i can use the ones that came with my MOBO but i still want to get some new ones)
  5. so i just recently moved and i been looking into some cloud gaming solutions since, my ol' overpriced Mac bookpro 2010 cant even play 1080 videos without getting hot, so i found LiquidSky, but for me to get into the "beta" that was supposed to end on fall 2016 i need to get 3 peps to sign in and register their phones, but since i'm forever alone i cant do it and since i need to wait like 100 days, so i decided to create some disposable account but i need some phone numbers to get the SMS, so i was wondering if anyone know of some sites that sell some phone numbers since every site that gives them for free has been already used
  6. Sorry for not explaining, when I meant chip I meant the SIM card, where I live they call them chip
  7. So I'm planing of buying a new phone since my old iPhone 5 isn't just doing it, it's breaking down slowly and going slow asf, I'm planing of replacing it with either the Oneplus 3 or theZTE Axon 7, but since where I live there's only one phone provider and he doesn't sell either one of those, can I use the SIM card that on my iPhone 5 and put it in either one of those and buy them unblocked?
  8. Well well well, a projector that is Full HD 1080p and it can go up to 100", my house isn't that big for a 100" screen but this would greatly replace my old projector, i might not use the smart TV function because of *cough *cough TPB * cough but still this projector is just great.
  9. done that, but it seems that if i close razer synapse everything gets fixed
  10. Well when i lower or increase the volume of my computer with the keyboard, the sound just stops working, so i tried going into regedit.exe and changing the ~RenderMute from 1 to 0, when i do this the audio comes back but when i lower the audio it just turns off any help would be great. i can still hear the sounds that the Pc makes, but if its anything that's not from windows i cant hear the audio UPDATE: when i try to lower or increase the audio even without the shortcut from the keyboard the sound just goes off.
  11. So I've been thinking of upgrading my PC, but since I'm still a PC noob I'm still not sure what to buy, its good and everything but on somethings it lacks power, any ideas? Here are my current tech specs: MOBO: ASUS Maximus VI Formula CPU: Intel I7-4770K @ 3.50GHz RAM: Corsair Vengance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 @ 1600MHz GPU: GTX 780 PSU: Corsair AX1200i
  12. thx for the help, but the thing is that, the CMOS battery is under the mobo's armor
  13. by any chance do you know how to replace it on a Maximus VI Formula motherboard?
  14. So recently I've seen that my PC clock is not keeping up with the real time, for example when if I turn off my PC at 10PM the next day it keeps showing that its 10PM when its actually like 2PM, its not a major problem besides the fact that if I don't sync the clock I can't use some websites, but it annoys me, I've tried various methods of trying to fix this but none have worked, I read that it could be a virus or that the CMOS battery on the mother board could be the problem. So if you know a way to fix this it would be a great help.