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  1. I 3 have 220 mf 16v with 10% tolerance. What is the orignal cap values/ what unit are they ? Please help me without saying they aren't necessary as that is not the point. Sincerely, Futiles
  2. Does anyone know what the in cable cap values are on EVGA T2 1600 stock cables are? Pretty please help me out
  3. Is it actually a tighter hold when melted like that the cablemod method ? and I colored meant sata molex connectors. Thanks again
  4. What about colored molex connectors with pin receiving no ez-crimp >? Did you guys find that ?
  5. So if my molex ones that I bought like 1000's of that are gold platted will work with my wire with an OD of 1.9 or not. That only leaves 1.1 for the MDPC-X sleeve.... ?! or am I wrong...
  6. Can you offer any advice for cable diameter, vs. MDPC-X sleeving vs comb ... on a side note .... I think that is going to be my sleeving choice but Im worried to make big purchases as I pick them up at a PO box over the boarder an hour away. It takes time and money so I have to get it right the first time and even get everything into as few shipments as possible. With that said I have bought molex premium crimpers 1000's of terminals and 440 ft 16awg silver plated teflon cable. So I want to maintain the highest conductivity and quality throughout. I am building very expensive cables for a very expensive once in a lifetime build. Its been 2 years in the making and I am about to finally finish the job. I just need this last details and I am finally done !
  7. I appreciate all your hard work to find that old receipt. I still need to find; the 8 pin pcie from JMT. Reven654 said from JMT ... Ok but where at JMT their datasheets are even harder to make sense of as they have less graphics and are even more ambiguous. Plus it says minimum of 500 for order !? I need literally 30 so I need to order but 500 is a lot. Regarding MDPC-X , do they literally design and distribute the paracord because I would like to make a lot of long cables of different varieties and I want to pay quality and the best rate. I see how things are getting resold and I am fine with it. But for those who have the time, perhaps we can just find out the real source. Because craft stores seems to sell it on par with yarn! If MDPC-X is the premium product because they make it then while I guess they own it ! I went for brass for higher conductivity; though should I have gone phos bronze for better temp tolerance ? Will I regret my decision ?
  8. I was able to order the pins but I am so confused why I can't find the needle in the haystack regarding the housing used anymore. I spent 6 hours looking through PDFs yesterday. I was hoping that someone was able to say conclusively the part numbers. Octopart or other can't be utilized to discover them. And although I appreciate your time and lengthy guide. The most conclusive and accurate for me and everyone in the future would be to include the 5 different parts and close the case once and for all. I bought offical molex crimpers, 16 awg silver plated wire, stripping tools and the best pins I could find, all that's left is these housings and get a paracord sleeve. Though I honestly don't know if it worth paying for premium paracord or not. It's just that I tend to be a moron and needed to make 2-3 purchases with things like this. And like I said I have to order to a US PO box to get it in the weeks instead of months. So can I buy you a beer to find your receipt? Using your method I was able to find 469921810 / 039013085 for black x8 contact and 469921010 for black x10 contact and 469921810 for the black 18x contact. but now how do I source the 8 pin PCIE 3rd party ? Can I get a different color / quality ; because I want to make 27 of the PCIE, Wow Reven654 can you get these in different colors; so I can sort them... I wont be picky though were can I buy this ? I want to get 50. Where oh where are these precious connectors ?
  9. Sorry for being vague. I am trying to mod my EVGA T2 1600. I want to get the parts from mouser or otherwise. I am finding the Mini-Fit Jr. receptical housing part numbers nearly impossible to source. If someone has completed this incredible task I would love to know the brief list of pn's for connection at the power supply. I am in Canada and often go to US to pick up my orders as it can take weeks to arrive here. I need to get it right the first time and it would seem as though someone else here has actually completed this feat. That is the ; 8 pin vga pn : 8 pin eps pn: 6 pin sata pn: 18 pin ATX pn: 10 pin ATX pn: Thank you anyone that can help; Also what crimping terminal pn for sata power connectors do people use. It seems better to crimp them directly to me 16awg silver wire. instead of inline connectors as i want the ultimate current capacity.
  10. I also have a evga 1600 T2 mini-fit jr. receptacle housings from mouser etc. I have all everything else and I am having a really hard time getting the right part numbers. Thanks either way
  11. The latest PCI 3.0 cards must exceed the 8x bandwidth I would assume. I am also commenting on the 16x spec btw. In my notes I have highlighted how 3m is only rating it at half speed on the 16x version. I am not sure if I get 4 pcie fury x cards and these risers. Buy an expensive build that will need to consider that and then be frustrated by cutting my performance ceiling in half. Likely no point then right ? That's the question I pose.
  12. Had to make an account to chime in on this one. After carefully reading of the 3m specs it states : Cable Assy, PCIE X16 Paddlecard by PCIE X16 Edge Mount Connector Assembly PCIe 2.0, PCIe 3.0 Using 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology High-bandwidth Flexible Data rates up to 8 Gbps 8 Channel PCIe 85 ohms For more information refer to Customer Drawing 78-5100-2520-4 This poses a question because I am reading reports of the fury X and 980 ti / titan(ish) results breaking 10 GB/ps and PCIE 3.0 x16 caps at 16 GB/ps now ... I too am making a VERY expensive build all kinds of parts waiting at a PO box at the boarder etc. I want to make something very exotic with cooling chambers and uber sanctioned components encased in a 2000 dollars flight case not intended for this. That is why I am going to use tech bench parts and try and keep everything in 4 inch separated barrier including every single card. Can you imagine :).. but what would be the point if the risers would not transmit anything better than 8x ... What is the point in my double PLX controller if it isn't going to get used... Anyone out there see my point and offer any advice to save me a fortune to find out it does nothing. I would be so great-full you have no idea.