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  1. I think you dad might want to right the pc off on tax that probably why he asking you to wait an till next year also it not a bad thing because Nvidia come out with a new chip set with there cards and it be interesting to compare and price might be better.
  2. All I say is a lot of deep cleaning with isopropyl for the laptop and good wash for the bag. If mister or miss cat has not been seen to then do that to.
  3. Why not use hyperx fury white ram ddr4
  4. Well fell like opining can of worms. Over here you are normally hired on what you skin cooler is and what minority you are from it all done on points system this what we call BBE there are different stages. Our minimum wage is about 1.70$ hour so yea I can open anther can worms.
  5. And to quote you again I said good service not exceptional service they are to different meanings. Please don't let me open the can of warms.
  6. I am just going to smile and wave. I could open can worms but I won't
  7. Ask your school they might have some old parts ling around witch you can use to build a pc you might get something good might come out of it
  8. I tip 10 % if the service is good but if it terrible then I don't tip.
  9. Please don't try anything on this video you will probably do more damage.
  10. I would say Nas but I am worried you might out grow it you probably looking at a 16 or 12 bay storage server in the long run also to back up your work.
  11. This is not one question fix all. What are you running at the moment spec wise and how much storage you want for the years a head.
  12. If you going to use it a lot go for it. if you only going to use it once in while you be of going to the hardware and buying you self a small screwdriver kit and wire cutters if going to use cable ties
  13. Have got licence key for windows ?
  14. Here nice drive https://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-External-Optical-WP50NB40/dp/B011327QXC/ref=sr_1_14?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1523001657&sr=1-14&keywords=external+blu+ray+drive or are looking more expensive.
  15. Well there are lots out there what's you budget?
  16. OVM is lighter but they say 4 GB of ram as minimum and to run Plex they recommend a I5 or amd equivalent Rizen 5.
  17. I think it 1 GB of ram per 1TB on freenas if no mistaken ?
  18. What are you going to run as a OS ? on you NAS
  19. I might have something might help you have to read though it though https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757254520
  20. And your video drivers all up to date and nothing missing in device manger ?