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  1. If you looking for a water coolers have look at the corsair rang.
  2. Yes it is Z170 is the best for the 6600K. If you are going to SLI later both those boards are not going to work that you have posted.
  3. If you have the extra money to spend go for k and good cooler. if you don't then play it safe and go non K.
  4. Stock clock's on both CPU are the same. If you are not going OC then the stranded cooler that comes with the CPU will work fine.If you are going to OC get a good cooler and only OC when warranty is expired on CPU. It up to you there prose and cones on both sides.
  5. Yep it does matter when you OC but you only relay overclock when your warranty ends on CPU. If you are not going OC then go with a non K CPU and H motherboard also both those boards only support Crossfire. If you going to get new GPU wait antill the new series of nvidia cards comes out then go for the 970 save yourself some money.
  6. Sounds like the power supply has gone in the laptop witch means only one thing the laptop has gone to heaven and it not coming back the only thing can do is selvage from it is your hardrive and SDD if you have one in laptop and ram. It no worth fixing unless it under warranty
  7. But bear in mind it what your PSU can pull on the 12V and 5V rail that what counts not the full vol tech of the PSU.
  8. Reading some articles on Skylake CPU'S DDR3 long term can damage the CPU. DRR 3L will work on Skylake CPU it just finding board that can take it.
  9. Not relay the only thing is you will have to do uninstall the drives probably when you get your new card.
  10. I think I know what you mean does your board have power button on it ? if it does press it if it boots up then you wired up your case buttons and led lights rong .
  11. If you have video editing software you could always mute the songs or cut out the songs.That YouTube has problem with and then you can post your video on YouTube .