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  1. The newer B450 Mob's have the updated BIOS for rizen 3 Cpu but if you go for the older B450 Mob's you can always ask them to update the Bois for you at the retailer.
  2. Get your self a fan control a it worth while in vestment for future builds as well.
  3. Yes you can it should work but you can't have to OS ruining using the same key though.
  4. If you have the cd key you should be good to do a fresh install of 10. Just select windows 10 home 64 bit windows will diced if the key is professional or not. Here the link to download windows 10 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10. Just make sure you have a usb stick 8Gb.
  5. I think you might have to speak to your service provider about that they have to setup something up there end for message forwarding and sending if they can ?
  6. B450 board will do you good just make sure you go for the bigger Bois chip version and you are good with your r5
  7. Have you got your headset drivers and utility installed because it might be a setting on the headset and you might just have to a change a few settings. I rather like here my self through the mic to make sure I am not to loud lol..
  8. HI if you don't have the money to upgrade to a I5 or I7 have look at old 4 or 5 gen i3 build that would be a better choice. To answer you question yes it work but I would recommend it for a daily pc. https://youtu.be/NSYVkit0-nY
  9. What might be good idea is if you ask pc shop near you how much it would cost to update the bios. I am sure they have open cpu laying around
  10. Good Board yes would need anther CPU to update board bios Gen 2 or 1
  11. Just a suggestion also make sure all your voltage is correct on cpu and ram in the bois. I dont if they fix that bug yet.
  12. You looking at about 700Watts PSU if you want to OC these day. But yea go for a mid or top rage PSU.
  13. Thanks for info 1. Yea the two front fans will be intake fans. 2. Fan bracket on the back will be a exhaust fan 3. And the two brackets on the top exhaust fans.
  14. Going with what been said yea you going to have to get a better PSU and you have to get a short graphics card or it block your ram slots.
  15. Go with 16 GB of ram it save you form replacing it later. If your running programs that you need in the back round that you need it help.
  16. You have to manually set every thing with these Ryzen 3 cpu some bios throw the voltage total out.
  17. What power supply do you have in your system ?
  18. What the BIOS chip size on that bored. Because I know some of the new bios updates might be to big for your board.
  19. It might be a better to upgrade your mob for the new Ryzens chips.
  20. Or what you could do if you have the power supply for it is .move 1050 ti in your system that you have now and stream off one of the video cards.
  21. Also what do you want to do with NAS ? Because if you want to do video encoding on it. Eg plex cpu is no going to cute it.
  22. Normally I find with older Games 98 up I can run on windows 10 I use a no CD patch and patching it to the latest version. It the 32 bit games that I have problem with witch is not much games. I was going to do a guide on how to do it with the files you need but of course you will need the original game. But with most site you get shot down before you even start?
  23. It probably windows 10 does not support it. I had that with one of my old GPU.
  24. Just try one thing turn the volume nob on the speaker down to the lowest it can go and see if your head seat still sounds good.