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  1. TestedMATTIA

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    In my opinion one of the best looking and with the best hardware projector out there, LG has done a really good job with this one
  2. TestedMATTIA

    Roccat Giveaway

    I would love the Kova but even the Kiro is nice ! Currently my old mouse broke so i would love one of these and thanks for the giveaway !!
  3. TestedMATTIA

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    Would love to get this for my dad, he is using an old laptop which doesn't cut it anymore
  4. TestedMATTIA

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

    Absolutely Love the Slow Motion Videos !! thanks for the opportunity
  5. What if i upgrade now to w10 and then i change pc ? What key would i have to use ?
  6. but the back where the sata and power cable are is made out of plastic
  7. and what version of windows it is ?
  8. but is is it a student license ?
  9. usually optical drives are made out of plastic, which doesn't short
  10. Hey guys, i was looking around the internet when i found that kinguin is selling a Windows 8.1 pro copy for only 28 euros. Currently i am running windows 7 non genuine and i cant upgrade to windows 10 for free. should i buy that and not spend 120$ for windows 10 when it comes out ? another question: if i buy the windows 8.1 pro key can i use it on another pc ? Site: http://www.kinguin.net/product/97210/windows-8-1-professional-oem-key/
  11. TestedMATTIA

    do you think i should get more Ram?

    i would buy another 8gb kit and make sure they are the same timings
  12. TestedMATTIA

    do you think i should get more Ram?

    your SSD will not be used as a virtual ram, but it will be used as a Cache. when you reach the 970 maximum memory, the extra file will go in the Ssd cache and not in your ram. but if you usually keep chrome ecc while playng gtav, i will absolutely get more ram
  13. TestedMATTIA

    Huawei G620S Blocked (not remember gesture lock)

    because he actually said that before and i didn't notice it was the + volume button, but i give to you all the karma points i have <3