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  1. I've just read a post from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/a5gszl/after_2_years_of_hard_work_our_youtube_channel/ Here is what he said: "After 2 Years of Hard Work, Our YouTube Channel Got Terminated. Hello guys, I decided to post here because we are not sure what to do, and we honestly don't trust the YouTube's ban/review systems, because i am 99% sure they are automated. My situation is a weird one, because i feel like we know what the reason of the termination is. We had over 500 tech review videos which took us over 2 years of work, and countless hours of research, script writing and video preparation which contained Top 5 lists of products in different categories, such as "Best Gaming Monitors", "Best Keyboards" "Best Air Conditioners" etc. We've been running the channel for over 2 years and never had any problems with it. Recently, someone started re-uploading our videos to their channel(s) using bots, and that was done in a massive scale. If you search "10bestones" on YouTube, you will see that there are more than 100 channels with randomly generated usernames that have re-uploaded all of my videos. Normally, i went and submitted copyright strikes to these videos daily. This month, i had been granted access to the YouTube Copyright Match ID, and my job became easier because i could strike them down easier. Now backfired on me, because after getting their videos removed, the next day my account got banned. Now what happened is that i received threats on my e-mail stating that if i dont stop copyright striking my OWN videos, he will send spam and mass-flags to my channel and take it down. I Ignored it, because i thought it was a blank threat, but apparently, he did what he was threatening to. Yesterday, our account got banned because of violating their "Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content" without a warning, and without ever having any strikes or copyright strikes in the channel before. We are a team of over 6 people that work on a physical office daily for this channel to provide reliable and trusted content for our viewers, so having this happen is extremely disappointing and a huge loss of motivation. We sent in an appeal, but it got rejected today, stating that they decided to keep the account suspended. The worst thing is that the guy that did this, still has over 150 channels with over 500 of our videos uploaded to each of his channels, so basically he reached his goal and got rid of us, now he can use our hard-work to earn money without having to worry about getting copyright strikes. Any idea what i should do? We worked extremely hard and made each video carefully, and went as far as making sure every inch of the product we talk about is correct, so losing all the hard work just because some spammer decided they don't like us is really unfair." The Youtube bot is really stuppid. Just like the one from Facebook.