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  1. Oh.. too late. just flashed it, and it works! hahaha
  2. Alright ill try to revert the bios first then if it doesn't work ill reinstall windows 10. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Oh nice, but i have another problem with ati flash. It only detects this not rx 560, is it the same?
  4. Do you know how to revert the bios for rx 560 to normal?
  5. No i only changed the max temp for it. Really? but it is detected?
  6. No it was a new one, well if it is the last option, ill reinstall windows
  7. Well i was waiting for my cousin pc parts to be completed, so while waiting i thought i should use it for mining. i tried to do it in another pc with windows 7 64 bit and it was completely fresh install with a6 7400k. Still the same problem, but it had the problem from the beginning after installing it, but in this pc it didn't have any problem before i updated the driver.
  8. I got this problem since i updated my amd driver to the latest one. It has worked for 4 months or so, it was used for mining. I have tried to uninstall the driver with ddu and also tried to install 17.7.2 driver My system : Windows 10 64 bit Gigabyte z170x-gaming 3 GTX 1070 asus strix 8 gb Rx 560 4 gb sapphire i5 6600k and 8 gb of ram
  9. trying to mine... while waiting for the budget to build another pc for my cousin
  10. update, i bought it and it runs just fine. My main gpu is 1070 asus strix, and the second is rx 560 sapphire, the length between these two cards are pretty far. so i need to extend the cable for a temporary time until i build another pc
  11. Oh okay thanks, well my psu is seasonic s12 620 W and the vga is rx 560 so i think it's okay
  12. In my case, i need to extend my 6+2 pci cable so i can connect it to my other different vga because my current cable cannot reach it. So is it safe if i use an extension?
  13. How About GALAX GTX 1060 OC 3GB? Is it any better? it is the same price with sapphire rx 470
  14. Yes for the price, sapphire is pretty good right? and my friend just now wanted to buy 1060 3Gb GALAX... Is it better?
  15. Alright, its just because my friend has a fanboy of nvidia so yeah, he's worried over his friend who used 1050 ti.