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  1. Q about my rig

    The 4470 will likely be fine though upgrading it and the ram should be happening soon. Personally, 8gb of ram isn't enough gotta have 16GB.
  2. Q about my rig

    Yeah, you will most likely be able to game at ultra 1080 easily. Also, I would recommend getting a 1070 instead of a 980 ti but the performance would be similar.
  3. Chrome OS

    Ahh okay. Thanks for your help!!!
  4. Chrome OS

    A majority of my homework is word processing, PowerPoint's, resarch, 3-d and 2-d design, graphic creation and python programming. I need techsoft 2-d, something similar to sketch up, photoshop and wing ide for python programming as well as basic software like word PowerPoint and excel
  5. Chrome OS

    Homework machine and one of the few devices that will get the plesure of visiting my nan's house every couple of months.(They have the best wifi they could buy,thank aunt Naima)
  6. Chrome OS

    Ahh. Okay. So which version of Linux would you recommend I messed about on Ubuntu tobseebifni could use it but I couldn't get anything I usually need running how it does on my main windows pc.
  7. Chrome OS

    I really can't use Linux I find using it really hard for some reason and it just doesn't work with me.
  8. Chrome OS

    Around £250 to £300
  9. Chrome OS

    I am getting a laptop and I don't know if I want to get a normal windows laptop or a Chromebook. I want to know how the os is supported and how effective it is, as this laptop will only really need to be done for homework and basic web browsing.
  10. PUBG

    How do you guys view player unknown's battlegrounds as an esport? Will it just be charitable invitational like the recent match or will it be able to have matches with multiple teams trying to get to the final. It's definitely an enjoyable game to watch.
  11. English Homework

    Yeah sorry about my grammar and sentence in the first post. I was on my phone typing that, I generally have better grammar.
  12. English Homework

    I'm trying to get my A's but a lot of the stuff we have to do in English is really annoying me. I can't figure out how I am supposed to get better grades.(I have tuition but I just can't get any better)
  13. English Homework

    I guess I am but this post is really just me venting my frustration.
  14. English Homework

    How do I deal with the godforsaken task of homework? I cant deal with the repetitiveness of memorising poem quotes, trying to know how to use colons, semicolons, and hyphens my English teacher doesn't make it any better saying some of my best work is only a level 5(C+), I just can't deal with her shit, the schools shit or this new godforsaken new GCSEs with their stupid fucking numbers and making me feel like shit for not knowing anything. I wish it was like maths computer science and all 3 sciences when there is only one right answer no "you need a flare to your writing that is developed for years". Fuck I hate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. £1000 System

    The amazon reviews for the case are excellent and its relatively cheap and I can always upgrade my case at a later date to a silencio.