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  1. To my knowledge XC cards use a reference PCB. If the FTW3 is using a custom PCB I'm gonna assume it has better performance in temperature and clock speed. Would that be a reason to spend $20 more for the FTW3 model?
  2. any other difference other than that? different heat sink, pcb, clock speed?
  3. As title says. Whats the difference between EVGA's XC Ultra and FTW3 graphics card? There seems to only be a $20 difference.
  4. I guess the better comparison is MSI Gaming X Trio vs EVGA XC Ultra. Both cost exactly the same.
  5. Well I do care about customer service but I also question how useful it would be when I'm in Australia. Also the EVGA FTW3 Ultra has a price premium of $75 compared to Gigabyte and $30 compared to MSI. Just wondering if that price premium is worth it over something like the MSI Gaming X Trio. I've never used either Gaming X or FTW3 series so i have no clue regarding their build quality. I'm mostly concerned about Gigabytes card as there seems to be many people reporting problems especially problems with its fans.
  6. So I plan on getting a new graphics card and I am currently looking at two cards in particular, Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2070 Super ($635) and the MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2070 Super ($680). The MSI one does cost about $50 more but it seems to be a higher quality product. I want to know if Gigabyte and MSI makes quality, trustworthy graphics card. I've read many reviews saying the Gigabyte Gaming OC are very good cards but I've also read many comments about them having issues with fans breaking, fan rattling, coil whine, just overall quality being poor. I've also read people warning to avoid Gigabyte 10XX series card in general. I haven't seen many reviews of MSI though so I am confused. So I would like any thoughts, comments, opinions of these two GPUs. I wouldn't mind paying $50 more for a much more trustworthy, higher quality product, but only if Gigabyte cards aren't as trustworthy as people say they are. Edit: Theres also the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2070 Super for the exact same cost as MSI X Trio as well as EVGA FTW3 Ultra and ASUS Dual RTX 2070 Super for $30 more but preferrably choose between the Gigabyte and MSI. Gigabyte vs MSI. Which brand is better for GPU in terms of quality?
  7. Is windforce not a good series or something? I was just mainly thinking about the $50 increase from a high end 2070 to a low end 2070 super but still a 2070 super regardless. Can a higher end 2070 can come close to a low end 2070 super in terms of performance ?
  8. I was looking at the 5700XT as it only costs $470 but I really hate the blower style fan and thermals are important to me. I've used a MSI Aero GTX 1080 before and as a blower style fan it would hit 94 degrees celsius relatively easy even in PUBG. I would definitely consider it it there were aftermarket dual or triple fan builds but sadly I can't find any. Using Ryzen 3600, Samsung 970 Pro SSD, ASUS ROG Strix-F X470 mobo, 16GB HyperX Predator Ram at 3200Mhz. EVGA Supernova G3 750W.
  9. Apex Lengends. Monster Hunter Online. Sid Meiers Civilisation. Looking forward to CyberPunk. I do play some triple A fps games quite often.
  10. I'm currently wanting to purchase a new graphics card. I will be using it to play games at 1440p and would like to achieve closest to 144fps as possible. I am in Australia so prices are definitely higher than US. I have narrowed down to a few options but honestly can not decide which is best graphics card for me for its value. For simplicity sake everything will be in USD. Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2060 Super - $512 EVGA XC Ultra/Ultra Gaming RTX 2070 - $516/$531 Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2070 - $547 EVGA FTW3 Ultra Gaming RTX 2070 -$553 Gigabte Windforce OC RTX 2070 Super - $594 I am currently mainly looking at Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2070 and the EVGA FTW3 Ultra Gaming RTX 2070 but am open to new options. If anyone can tell me which is better between the two, pros and cons of each, it would be very helpful. First thing is do I even consider a RTX 2060 Super when a RTX 2070 is only $4 more? Also do I consider a RTX 2070 Super when its $47 more than the Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 2070?
  11. Also adding, just found another keyboard that fits the bill. Magicforce keyboard using Gateron switches.
  12. I want to purchase a 60% mechanical keyboard and I've basically cleared my list to 2 final keyboards, both pretty different. I've picked these two because of availability/accessibility (i.e shipping internationally). So My choices are either a Vortex Poker 3 which has no LED backlit, PBT keycaps, Metal casing, uses Cherry MX Blue switches. The other keyboard is the AnnePro which is an RGB backlit keyboard, wireless (couldn't give a damn about wireless tbh), apparently has PBT keycaps which allows the RGB light through, uses Gateron Blue switches. Vortex Poker 3 costs around $130 USD whereas, the AnnePro costs around $90. I've heard Gateron's are superior to Cherry, especially since I really like that tactile click (more clickier tactile bump the better), but i've never used them so I can't really say. For the price, which keyboard would probably better overall.
  13. But aren't they important? Since I think realtek is my main software for sound output. And some of the intel software seems to be for my wireless/bluetooth as well as for framework
  14. I'm feel like I'm having problems with my disk drive. The drive is my SSD where my Windows and all other apps like skype and my games are installed. Recently, I've been having problems with some apps having problems starting up and updating, but updating fine when installing on my other drive. I'm not sure if my drive is failing because there isn't any errors when scanning the disk. So i want to try a clean restart of my computer but I'm not sure which one would be better. While I do want the cleanest of reinstallation, "Fresh start" says that it will not include certain apps that came with the computer such as certain NVidia apps like PhysX software and 3D software as well as Audio software from Realtek, some Intel software as well as ASUS System Updater, (software where I have never downloaded as it all came with the computer, but they sound important). Would just resetting my PC be enough or is it better to do a Fresh start?
  15. By under 20%, that is when its idle correct?. Also should the occasional spike to 40-60% be a concern?