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  1. snortings

    1440p vs 1080p Ultrawide

    I'd get the ultrawide over the 1440p. I always show these pictures to people that ask this:
  2. Not a problem, glad I could help Yeah I just uninstall most of the software that comes with laptops (from dell etc).
  3. Yeah if your laptop supports it (my old school laptop didn't but my new one does). I'd just let the laptop handle it with its powermodes because I'm lazy
  4. snortings

    Add or change RAM?

    Since you already have a 4gb stick, just get another one. Simple EDIT: Providing if it's the same stick it should be alright.
  5. Ah alright. Well if ya want it to "reduce active power to deliver better battery life and allows deeper lower power states to be reached," then keep it Tbh I wouldn't worry about it. I'd just uninstall it cause I couldn't be bothered to use it and its just taking up space so
  6. snortings

    Cpu motherboard compatibility.

    Link to the pcpartpicker?
  7. Did a quick google search and found this: http://www.shouldiremoveit.com/Intel-Collaborative-Processor-Performance-Control-89126-program.aspx -- To the person that edited my post, it was perfectly fine from the beginning. --
  8. snortings

    PC Gaming (Building my own)

    You have many threads, why do you keep creating more?
  9. snortings


    Computer name says "DESKTOP-xxxxx" but has a battery? Killed myself laughing at this
  10. snortings

    Remove computer from domain

    Did a quick google search, not sure if this would help. You could change the admin password and then remove it from the domain. http://www.top-password.com/guide/reset-windows-domain-password.html
  11. snortings

    i7 6700k overclock

    What cooler do you have?
  12. snortings

    First from Scratch Build Planning

    You don't need an i7 for gaming.. he would be fine with an i5 7500/7600/k
  13. snortings

    Lightning Broadband - A Competitor to the NBN

    That's from 2006.. regardless not going to get into an argument here. FTTP is achievable in NZ due to of it being smaller than Australia. Sure it is still achievable in Australia, but it will cost more.
  14. snortings

    Lightning Broadband - A Competitor to the NBN

    While that's good and all, when you look at the stats it's a bit of a different story. New Zealand has a population density of around 15 people per square kilometer whilst Australia has 2.91 people per square kilometer. New Zealand has made the right choice, but with Australia serving so many people that are vastly spread out.. it's a bit hard to achieve. Though I still think they should've stuck with Labor's plan of FTTP.