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  1. Yes I did, I tried for a long time, but still the effect was nowhere close to acceptable
  2. Hello! I have 2 monitors, both are the same model - LG 27UD68-W, and I noticed that the colors displayed are different quite a lot. The main (in front of my eyes) display has much more green greyish color and the side display has more white, "filterfree" look. Naturally I thought that these displays are just not calibrated properly (although they come in a box with a nice certificate of factory calibration results and LG lets reminds you of that everywhere), so since I cared more about the monitor in front of me I just simply switched the side one with one in the middle. I was quite surprised to see that it didn't matter. I switched the ports/cables/graphic card outputs, changed which display is my main one, checked in Nvidia panel for any differences and so on and could not find any reason at all for that. It weirded me out a lot, to a point where I thought I am so stupid that I screwed back the same monitors, but my older one has a sticker on the bottom and now it is my side one and it was the middle one, so that's not it. It clearly seems like some system/graphic cards settings, but I just can't figure out what is it. I even tried to use screen calibration (windows and others), because I was thinking "hey in the end it matters that the middle screen has nice colors" and although I could fix some display aspects it was breaking the other ones. I tried multiple times to reset all the settings to default, reinstall drivers, switch cables and so on, no luck. ANY help/suggestions will be really appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Pretty sure all fans are PMW and pins are good too. But I even checked with using DC only to control them and it did not help. I do not have any junk, and like I said - even clean Windows still has the issue. Previously I had it in BIOS and now it's UEFI, didn't change anything. Right now I have the newest BIOS version, after 2 upgrades over time. I know it looks like a I have a faulty sensor somehow (although if you don't put the PC to sleep it works without any issues), but there has to be a way to solve this.
  4. @NrKj105 @dragoon20005 Did not help. I am quite sure that even on completely fresh Windows install it still does the same.
  5. I am doing it right now, but just FYI these fans are connected to mobo directly, technically CAM does not control any of my fans, even the CPU ones. And I think I had the same issue on a brand new install of Windows. Uninstalling now and going to update you in few minutes.
  6. Exactly. This kind of software takes control nicely over my fans, but when I wake the PC from sleep it no longer matters. I think it sees the negative 54C as the critical state and spins as fast as it can.
  7. I have done all of the above. Couple BIOS resets. I didn't have Gigabyte software in the beginning but I installed it to see if that would solve the problem, it did not so I uninstalled it.
  8. Just in BIOS itself. I have this issue for 4+ months and 2 months ago I got a nice, new PSU (Corsair HX750i) and that did not help either.
  9. I tried and it did not work. Program has the control of the fans as expected, but after waking up the PC from sleep they will still spin at 100%.
  10. Hello everyone! Since months I have a problem that is driving me absolutely crazy. At this point I lost almost all hope of fixing it. Every time I wake up my PC from sleep the 2 system fans run with full speed and will do until I restart the machine. I have a total of 4 fans mounted, 2 for my CPU cooling in front and one system fan on the top and one in the back. Every time it happens it is also associated with TMPIN2 to be -54C (which is what is causing them to spin at 100%, I believe). There are no exceptions - it happens every time. I have flashed BIOS twice (from F2 version to F6 and then F7), changed every low-power state, turned off OC completely, restored default BIOS settings. Tried using either DC or PMW to steer fans. Tried different fans (currently I use beQuiet SilentWings 3 - HiSpeed, but I also tried with standard NZXT fans. I tried modifying the fan curves so only 80C or more would cause them to go above 50% I used different Windows programs to control fans. Every thing has failed. My gut tells me that there should be a proper setting in BIOS or Windows, but in my mind I honestly tried everything I could - anything I could find on Google for many days plus all my ideas. I am at the point of looking forward to buy new mobo/CPU just to get rid of that problem. Multiple sleep and waking up during the day is simply how I use my machine. If someone is good enough to solve this, I will be very, very impressed and extremely grateful. Thank you!
  11. Thank you very much, that explains why I was unable to find a way to switch to another BIOS. I believe the topic can be archived. I hope you guys have a great day!
  12. I get the idea and I really like it and thank for your answer. But I am still not sure if in current situation (not corrupted main bios just working) a not updated secondary BIOS would have any influence on the machine behaviour/performance.
  13. You mean a physical switch on the motherboard? Also, is that true that it is important to update both BIOS? It seems to me if only one is being used then the other, unused BIOS would not affect the work of my computer running on updated BIOS.
  14. Hello! Some time ago I purchased my first motherboard (GA-Z270X-Gaming K5) with dual BIOS. I am actually a little inexperienced in this topic, but I have successfully updated BIOS from version F2 to F6. What I have heard though is that you are supposed to upgrade both BIOS you have, but I have no idea how to switch BIOS or how to upgrade the other one. I did Google but did not help my case. I would be very thankful for any help!
  15. I will try that, thank you! But wouldn't changing settings in BIOS also use different sensors? Options like System_1, System_2 and PIC and so on, I would imagine that uses different sensors (especially that it even shows different temperatures for them), and still that thing happens, although according to HW only TMPIN2 is the faulty one.
  16. Hello! This is my issue: few weeks ago I have noticed that after I wake up a PC that was asleep for approximately more than 1 hour one of my fans (SYS_FAN_1) spins at maximum speed which makes it a little annoying and loud. I first thought it is a faulty fan (although all 4 of my fans ar beQuiet PMW Hi-Speed Silentw Wings 3), but I have changed the fan and the same happens. yesterday I have discover by using HWMonitor that when this issue happens the TMPIN shows exaclty -54C, which of course is wrong, causing the fan to spin at 100%. I thought to myself, "ok, not a big deal, there are other sensors and although I can I will not return the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming K5) cause all the time and energy and thermal paste is just not worth it - too much trouble". This fan was the only one based on System 1 in BIOS so I thought that I will just change that in order for the mobo to use different sensor. Unfortunately it did not help. I tried basing the fan on System 1 and System 2, PCIx16 and one other setting, I didn't try the CPU yet, but I wanted the fan to react more or less on the temp in the case (since it is a rear fun) rather than on my processor which probably will make it act a little crazy. I did update BIOS to the newest version, but that was long before this issues started to happen. Any thoughts, ideas? I would really appreciate any help since this is driving me a little crazy already.
  17. They were not, now it looks like everything is all right, I shouldn't have started this topic without researching more. Thank you for your answer! Actually 970 did not. I did not modify anything and by default the temps were below 40.
  18. Today I got and installed new Aorus 1080Ti Xtreme Edition from Gigabyte, and I noticed very high idle temperatures, constantly 54 or 55 degrees. If I run this card fans at a 100% it will go down to around 37C but I still have the feeling something is not right. I am familiar to proper ventilation, I have 4 bequiet Silent Wings 3 hi-power with a nice, custom curve, nothing is obstructing the air flow and the Gigabyte 970 G1 I had used until today had around 35C while idle. The CPU is water-cooled by Kraken X62. Where I live it is rather cool today, so that also can't be the reason. I did (and made sure) not OC this card at all yet. It has the newest BIOS installed (came that way). Should I be worried? Benchmarks and stress tests seem to work really fine, but still 55C idle? EDIT: Of course I did a clean install of new NVidia drivers.
  19. I am looking for an alternative for this: http://us.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-digital-music-premium-hd or basically any DAC+AMP combo that has microphone input and connects to PC via USB. Microphone quality is very important to me - my job involves talking to customers via Internet 99% of time, so also I do not need studio quality since program is compressing it anyway, but I need clarity - and I will be getting modmic 4.0 or 5.0 soon with some (most likely) Sennheiser "regular" headphones. I do not want to spend crazy money on this audio card (max 200$, more likely 100$) but after trying Razer Manowar, Logitech G930 and G933 I decided to forego my wirelles dream and prefer simple wired modmic + headphones combo. Right now I am using my old Razer headset (forgot the name, got it 8 years ago) that connects through regular jacks. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you!
  20. I have found it (95%, but since 2 days there have been no wake ups). It was the application called GoToMeeting running in background that for some reason was waking up my PC. What a surprise that the app is made by Citrix This is the program I use for work and by narrowing it down step by step it boiled down to that. Now I just exit it before putting to sleep and seems to be really good. Thank you for all the help.
  21. I have disconnected all of the cables and disabled all of the setting mentioned above in BIOS and still the PC wakes itself up