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  • CPU
    intel core i7 3930k - Noctua NH-D15S
  • Motherboard
    Asus P9X79 Pro
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Gainward 1070
  • Case
    Fractal Design C
  • Storage
    1 x 480SSD 3 x WD Red - 8TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000i (1000W)
  • Display(s)
    Asus 1440p - 165hz - 1ms
  • Mouse
    Logitech G100s
  • Sound
    Yamaha NX-50
  • Operating System
    Win 7

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  1. MatsNorway

    (video) What do you folks think?

    uh. Thanks?
  2. MatsNorway

    Need a Case Recommendation

    Can you even get a case for 30 pounds? I guess used is the way to go.
  3. MatsNorway

    If you woke up next to the above posters avatar...

    i would jump the fuck out of bed.
  4. "Your school is probably using deep packet inspection which detects and blocks VPN traffic."


    How does that work? blocking VPN? the software states that i am online and connected to Turkey right now.

  5. MatsNorway

    VPN and piratebay these days

    So i have accuired a VPN and i am trying to get onto piratebay.org but it fails for me. Same for tor browser with and without VPN. what kind of wizardry is this? I must admit i am on a school net of some sort but in my own flat. So what kind of wizardry are they pulling to deny me entry?
  6. MatsNorway

    A "simple" question

    Hi folks. I have not yet done the jump to modern hardware and Windows 10 but i am about to and with that a bunch of questions arrives. Back when i knew what i was doing i used a win 7 CD to format the drives before a fresh install++ was done. So how do i do that with a Memory stick and windows 10? i have prepped a memory stick with a.. ISO? of win 10 so i got the installation going on my old hardware but it stops working at some point on my LGA 2011 socket mobo. Will it work better on AM4 mobo (X470)? am i doing it right but on the wrong platform? I really do need the functionality to clean install and organize from the ground up. Looking to buy X470 and 2600X with 16gig ram (2800mhz+)
  7. I would rather buy memory that does it out of the box. I have very little skills doing these things. I asked because the mobo states that it does support higher as a overclock, but I have no clue how that works in BIOS. I find the B350, X370 and X470 very confusing. The 2600X can run on all three.. why would i not go get a B350 if i can get it confirmed to be updated in bios allready. I saw bitwits video and it seemed to minizcule differences in performance.
  8. Hi guys! It is time to do the deal. AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Prosessor I am looking at the MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON. It has 8 SATA ports and is somewhat affordable. Any need to look at DDR4 with more than 2600Mhz?
  9. MatsNorway

    Worth I7 990x with LGA 1366 mobo

    What. Is the question?
  10. Doctor strange is great as a standalone movie. Perhaps my personal favorite of the bunch. Cpt America the first avenger is also fun. The later ones did not really catch on for me. Prior to infinity war you should at minimum see: Cpt. America the first avenger The first Avengers movie The Thor movies (they are all ok or good) Dr. Strange I would recommend them in that order too If you enjoed the first two you watch more avengers (age of Ultron was and is good fun for me) Deadpool was underwhelming for me.
  11. I have a 165hz screen.. I was going to wait for Zen+ but getting a bit inpatient
  12. I run 165Hz screen and 1440p. Should that have any effect on what i buy?
  13. So recently my GPU drivers are crashing and on occasion the mobo claims overclock error even when i do not run overclock. Now the tricky bit is to not downgrade without breaking the bank. I am aware of the i8400 but it lacks hyperthreading. Does anyone have a comparison chart for the i7 3930k and a i8400? Does AMD go higher than 4ghz on their 1600/1700 CPUs? I mostly game, with some super rare rendering. What would be your pick for a value upgrade. ( currently running a Gainward 1070 i believe)
  14. Phones will get more features not less in the future. In the beginning they did not have MP3 player, cameras, MMS, internet, flash, touchscreens, vibration, calendar, alarms, apps, email, 3.5mm jack, USB connection, bluetooth, wifi, stereo, subwoofer... and projectors to mention a few.. built into them.. I expect that trend to continue.. more stuff not less. Also.. jack/3.5mm++ is not really just a Data thing.. it is also a hi-fi thing. And the hi fi industri moves at its own pace. Making headphones for just one phone is not something most companies is going to bother with. Not with the high end stuff. So they could force apples hand.. Especially when you know apple has an affinity to chance things every few years.