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  1. resolution changes after a while when i turn monitors off

    Not sure if this is the same problem I have, but when monitors go "off" Windows can drop to a lower virtual resolution. There is a registry key you can edit to increase the size of that virtual display to match that of the physical one, so things stay in the same place. I don't know the specific key off the top of my head and I have to search for it each time I encounter it on a new setup.
  2. oscilloscope any one ????

    Nice. Looks like something out of Superposition benchmark
  3. When you have to improvise to fit things that don't normally go together. Am I a real overclocker now?gpumount.jpg

  4. JAPAN

    Will you get much free time there? Tokyo area is pretty big already. It's been a long time since I was there so can't give advice on the specific question of PC parts, but Akihabara is interesting to explore. I was last there before maid cafes were a thing though... spent too much on anime and music related merchandise though, along with a Laserdisc player and speakers (if that doesn't age me...)
  5. How to overclock Ram?

    Download CPU-Z if you don't have it already. Post screenshots of mainboard, memory, and SPD tabs. Note on SPD tab you might have to select a different slot to get something to show up.
  6. Simple question, long answer. It can be as simple as setting a higher speed than rated, but if you get into adjusting timings and voltages, it might never end... what exact ram do you have? In general, I found modern low speed rated kits have a bit of headroom in them, but higher speed kits might take more work unless it's Samsung B-die where it is party time.
  7. Prime95 is fine as long as you have adequate cooling and you're not going for a silly overclock. There is no problem running recent Prime95 24/7 as that is what is was intended to do for its original purpose. If there is a problem, it is not due to the software, it is 100% due to inappropriate settings and/or inadequate cooling. I routinely use current version (29.x) for stress testing and they recently activated AVX for Ryzen also, although Ryzen is so weak in that department it isn't a good stress for it. I also run other loads which use the math library written for Prime95, so it is essentially the same loading. Anyway, back to the question on hand, see examples below for where to look at. This is for my 6700k so you should have same or similar on 6600k. Above section deals with temperatures and thermal/power throttling. If it says no, you're fine. Also look at this section, which shows other types of throttling which you might encounter, and may need to work around. For example, if you trip the lines which contain ICCmax, you've probably activated a current limit. If you want to get around it, need to relax the limit in XTU or bios. Note for non-OC processor, it is normal for the turbo to limit as shown. I'm not currently OC my 6700k, so I'm a bit rusty on what it looks like when it does throttle when OC'd.
  8. Been gaming all evening and only just noticed I left power limit on GPU at 65% from earlier mining. Didn't notice any performance difference!

  9. Memory Overclock Failed

    Does the room temperature vary much? Heat can affect stability so that is a random thought. Don't know where you are but 8 months ago would have been cooler. Also try giving the system a dusting if needed.
  10. If you're doing a high end build, there is no good excuse NOT to have a SSD. Pricing per capacity is lower than ever, and if you can't afford the £50 (don't ask what that is in USD) or so for 240GB you're not building a high end system. While a 120GB is cheaper, it is worse per capacity and I'd only consider it now for budget builds. No SSD is not an option.
  11. Gpu pricing is okay again?

    Most nvidia GPU pricing in the UK has been comparable to pre-mining levels for many weeks now, at least in the upper mid range where I've been looking (1070, 1080). 1080Ti is still elevated. I'm not sure about the lower end 1060 and below. Whatever the reason is, I assume Europe in general is similar. AMD GPUs are still elevated though.
  12. what is JEDEC?

    JEDEC is an industry body that sets the standard ram speeds and timings. No more, no less. It doesn't dictate what the CPU supports, although the CPU will officially support some speeds, not necessarily all of them. It also doesn't dictate what the ram supports, again the ram will have certain standard speeds and timings in it. DOCP or XMP are extensions to that, outside of JEDEC. It is basically overclocking, even if the case where some of those speeds or timings might be similar to actual standards. Generally speaking the CPU will operate ram outside the CPU officially supported speeds, but there is no guarantee it will work.
  13. "Audio device unplugged error" over HDMI

    It's not detecting the sound on the TV? If you have another cable try that.
  14. I've been using MS' speculation control setting powershell thingy. It's even more confusing in another way. I demonstrated on two Ryzen systems with previous Win10 (fully up to date with Windows Update, with Spectre patch explicitly installed manually if needed). They were showing as patched but without the microcode update. Install the latest Win10 release, they were indicated as having that microcode. I did not update the bios in between. Are MS pushing the software microcode load too now? I heard they were looking at that for Intel systems but didn't follow on their progress as Intel have been faster than AMD are releasing microcode, and my modern systems were already bios updated by that point. On another note, is variant 4 what was previously unofficially called Spectre-NG?
  15. Done right I don't have a problem with it, and generally they do it right. Who here watches LTT for entertainment, and how many for detailed in depth analysis? I'm guessing not many in the latter camp. In a parallel way, I don't watch Top Gear Grand Tour when deciding what car to get next. You know Linus and the crew, and what they get up to. Sometimes silly, sometimes worse. If you like it, stick around. If you don't, other 'tubers are available.