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  1. intel teases new dedicated gpu

    Why not both? Assuming their eventual cards are somewhat competitive...
  2. The video editing software I know how to use is old. They did add multi-track support to it but I have to pay for an upgrade to get it. I tried other "free" editors previously but I never got used to their interface.
  3. intel teases new dedicated gpu

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics They're measuring in different ways, and it could be argued what's relevant here. Steam is likely biased towards gamers, so maybe more indicative of discrete GPUs, although there is likely some integrated GPU/APU in there also. The 2nd chart, I presume would be heavily skewed by the GPU built into most Intel consumer CPUs. I think the first is probably more interesting to the context of this thread. Intel are moving into discrete GPUs, so that is the pie they want a slice of.
  4. Got my "free" upgrade to 100mbit internet. Upload still a bit lacking...



    1. Br3tt96
    2. WereCat


      Same as mine

    3. Br3tt96


      Wish mine was that fast. I work at TAMU and that's what my work pc is at those speeds. lol

  5. Ok, I gave in and learnt how to use ffmpeg properly, as the "default" was doing a conversion in approximately real time. The problem being, the file I was using it on is around 90 minutes... The command I had to use was: ffmpeg -i test1.mp4 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -c copy test2.mp4 The map function selects what I want to process, with those two being the video stream and the wanted audio stream. The -c copy means copy the stream, don't recode it. This ran at an average 60x real time and didn't push the CPU.
  6. mp4 container can hold multiple separate audio tracks, but not all software supports it hence my problem. The thing is, I don't want to edit the sound content, but to select one track. I just did some testing with ffmpeg. In reading up on it, running it without parameters other than input and output will copy only the "best" single video and audio track. By chance, it seems to pick the track I want to keep, so it is doing a copy/conversion on the full file now. At this point I wish I didn't run it on my 6700k as I have faster systems, but moving the massive source files would negate any time savings from that... at least, I thought it was doing a copy, not a convert, but it is taking its time and using a lot of CPU... If I were more advanced, I believe I can set up a more specific mapping scheme with explicit copy, but for this one-off task I'll make do with what it does...
  7. 4x16gb vs 8x8Gb 3200mhz?

    On my X299 system I only had 3000 ram since it was far cheaper than faster grades, which is all the more important when buying 64GB of the stuff. In general, I also find higher speed ram compatibility rather hit or miss depending mostly on the mobo and bios. I note you have Threadripper? While I don't have personal experience of that, on other overclocking forums I'm on the general consensus is still that Intel IMC can hit higher speeds than Ryzen ones. Rank also plays a factor, with higher rank negatively affecting how high the ram clocks can go. Look at the guidance issued at the initial Ryzen launch for example, where either dual rank modules, or using both slots per channel cost you a speed grade in official support.
  8. Whenever I see your avatar... I think of this version: 


    1. WereCat


      Hmmm, I haven't seen this one! 

      Unfortunately, I can't check it out right now :(


  9. 4x16gb vs 8x8Gb 3200mhz?

    I'd disagree with that, but am open to more details why you claim such. Assuming the modules are the same speed and timings, the difference will come down to rank. Most modern 8GB modules are single rank. I don't have experience of 16GB modules, but suspect they are still dual rank due to density of individual ram chips. The overall effect is the same, you will have dual rank per channel and performance will be essentially the same. If the 16GB modules are single rank then there could be more of a difference between them. What's the difference in rank? In my own testing, comparing dual rank per channel to single rank per channel, dual rank has slightly higher bandwidth, at the cost of slightly higher latency. For my use cases, I'm more interested in bandwidth so would lean that way. Unfortunately it generally isn't easy to find out what rank modules are as it isn't usually specified on manufacturer pages.
  10. 4x16gb vs 8x8Gb 3200mhz?

    If you decided on looks, go for it. My X299 has 8x8 of RGB as it looks better with all slots filled. Assuming you don't intend to add more ram later on (without having to replace existing), 4x16 would leave that door open.
  11. For proof-of-work crypto, the work can be whatever they want it to be so maybe this can be used even if in part, maybe as an additional step for the ASIC resistant ones. If it could be used for existing cryptos, that is less clear. It is intended to do a certain type of calculation quickly, and it isn't clear to me if this could be utilised to give a tangible boost to more generic tasks. Steps required to use it may negate its speed potential.
  12. To kinda answer my own question, it looks like some combo of ffmpeg commands might do it. I'll have to give it a try later. Ref: https://blog.nytsoi.net/2017/12/31/ffmpeg-combining-audio-tracks Still open to any potentially easier solutions.
  13. What I have are some mp4 files with multiple audio tracks. Some older software I'm still using only supports a single audio track, and they pick the wrong one. I know, I could update them to something more modern but that comes with a degree of pain too. Is there any free tool that would allow me to losslessly remove one of the audio tracks for example? Is there something like an mp4 equivalent to virtualdub for avi? Basically copy the wanted audio track and video data, without the unwanted audio track.
  14. SSD continuing to corrupt

    It might just be the SSD is failing. If you run CrystalDiskInfo does that report any warning signs? Or is there some OCZ specific diagnostic tool available? Check also if it is within warranty. At this point, it is probably just safer to replace it with something new.
  15. Character gender choice in gaming

    That's in part why I had to explicitly exclude those from the question. Thinking more, that may affect certain genres more than others. My main timesink is FFXIV, so MMOs in general, you will have that choice. I recall GTAV allowed you to create a character, although on that occasion I was unable to find anything I'd consider cute. Pokemon Go? The young son (<10) of a relative was rather confused to see my character was female. Unfortunately I can't play many games that feature cute anime girls. Like Touhou, love the fanart around it, but the game itself is not something I can cope with. Maybe I should expand it further. When characters are fixed, does that impact your choice of game? For example, FFXV I think is the end of the road for me on the offline FF main series. I bought the game but didn't get into it. I didn't connect with the bromance (or Cindy), and the combat style didn't help either. I did watch gameplays on youtube and enjoyed the overall story, but it didn't make me want to play it myself. On the other side, I'm curious about Blue Reflection, but I'll wait until that goes on sale I think... I also wonder if I should start in the Atelier series. There are "don't have particular preference" options.