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    electronic/acoustic engineer


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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 2x8GB
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    Asus 1080 Ti Strix OC
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    In Win 303 NVIDIA
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    900p 280GB, SSD 512GB+1TB+960GB, HD 1TB
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    Corsair HX750i
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    Acer Predator XB241YU
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    Noctua D14
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    Logitech G213
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    Logitech G403
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    Cheap Amazon speakers that aren't bad at all
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. I'll have another poke at it later. It was crunching the whole time anyway. Think I saw somewhere that firewall rules could cause funny things so I could check that.
  2. Rebooting doesn't help, and neither did turning off adblock on browser just in case that was interfering in some way. I just tried Edge, and that worked 1st time. So there is something about Chrome... I don't have any plugins other than ublock origin, and that was disabled for test.
  3. I just installed FAH onto one system (6600k, 1070). Install went ok, retrieved my passkey, entered LTT team, and away it went. I had stats in the web view, and of most interest was that the CPU was estimating around 1/1000 the PPD of the GPU, so that's not going to continue after the existing unit runs. That's after increasing it to use 3/4 cores. I left it for a while, and wanted to see if anything had changed. Now when I try to open the web interface, it constantly refreshes without showing any of my data. In the bottom of Chrome I see "waiting for". Any ideas?
  4. AMD cut down the size of the bundled cooler with some of its 2000 series CPUs. The stock cooler that comes with the 2600 is more Intel-size. At stock it will not give sustained maximum turbo and will thermally limit.
  5. It'll be fine, especially if used with a solvent which will help things stick together. You can visually inspect for anything left behind.
  6. Bleh, finding the various core turbo speeds of mobile processors isn't proving to be easy, and that's without taking into consideration the mobile parts are more likely to go into thermal limiting. My gut feeling is still that CPU would be limiting if you part it with a higher end GPU. If you use a lower end GPU, it would be GPU limiting. The bandwidth is probably not as significant in either case. Quick question, where exactly is the thunderbolt controller connected? To the chipset?
  7. 7300HQ is typically paired with lower GPUs and not high fps displays. It's ok for that is it will be more GPU limited. 8250u us intended to drive iGPU, it is ok for that. If you pair either with a 1070 or higher, it may start to limit the GPU putting aside bandwidth concerns. Any gaming laptop with faster GPUs would more likely have 7700HQ.
  8. You're trying to use an ultra-low power mobile integrated-everything CPU to drive a fat external GPU? Lack of CPU power is probably worse than the connectivity bandwidth.
  9. I hadn't... but... new badge! I don't do folding much these days. GPUs run way too hot for 24/7. Let's see what the weather does, although I'll try to put at least one system on 24/7 for it. It's all relative. People prioritise different things in life. This is one of mine currently.
  10. I'm using a Noctua D15 and that is more than enough to hit my 8086k's limit of 5.2 GHz after delid. Temperature is not the limiting factor, as I'd need to push into unsafe voltage after that point. Maybe one of the lower ones in the range?
  11. Not a good thing either way Since it sounds like you're in way deeper than I am, are there any UK OC events as such? Be interested to see LN2 use in person.
  12. Initial results: Y-cruncher (AVX-512) - previous watercooling got me to 4.3 needing 1.225v for stability. With chiller, I already forgot what voltage I needed to get 4.4 stable-enough, but 4.5 wasn't having any of it and CPU temps were already into the 80's at that point. I didn't undo some limits in bios at this point, so it might be worth a revisit. Cinebench R15 - previous watercooling got me to 4.9 at 1.35v. With some bios tweaks, I was able to run 5.0 at 1.40v. 5.1 wasn't happening. Temps again were well into the 80's. I was able to improve times on the above two but 100 MHz isn't much. I also had a quick go at Cinebench R11.5 but wasn't able to beat my previous sub at 4.9. Because liquid metal solidifies at low temps, I had swapped to Kryonaut under and over the IHS. I was generous in application, but I always have concern about if it might have pumped out especially as I had to slide the IHS back into position when fitting it into socket, so could some have pumped out? Min-max core delta under load was ball park 13C. So I could re-apply Kryonaut in case I had pump out. Another alternative is to go back to liquid metal, but limit the chiller to ~11C or so to prevent LM freezing. It'll be an interesting tradeoff... cooler liquid temps but worse TIM, or warmer liquid better TIM. As for the chiller, set to 2C target temp, it never reached it and turned off. It was close, but not quite making it, especially once I turned on the PC, then floating around 3 to 4C. It might be more energy efficient of me to regulate to 6C, so I lose a few degrees but I'm not draining 500W in the background and dumping it into my room continuously... if I went for the warmer water + LM route, this would obviously not be a problem. But... then I can't see the RGB It's only for benching, not going to run 24/7. Done enough for one day now and need to have a think about improving the setup.
  13. Isn't the way the condensation is lit up by RGB beautiful?
  14. If the oil is open to air, and it gets cooled too, water could condense onto it and go... who knows where. Oil sounds far too messy for me, so not really a consideration. The only thing down from the tube is the wood floor. It's already ruined from spills when I was more active in fishkeeping, so a little chilled water isn't going to make things worse.
  15. Just getting started... need to install GPU driver as had to switch cards then I'll start overclocking. Probably should add a fan for the VRMs at some point... In case anyone is wondering why the board is that way up, that is my anti-condensation precaution. If any forms I hope it'll drip off before it does anything else.