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    asrock sli extreme sli
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    crucial 16gb 2400 mhz
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    msi geforce gtx 1070 OC
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    windows 10

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  1. I plan on building a live streaming rig that is going to do a lot of GPU encoding. I do want a GPU that supports more than 5 monitors at 4K @ 60Hz. the reason for 5 monitors is that i am going to have alot of programs open and i don't like alt tabbing to find that one hidden window. the livestreaming rig is going to stream 4K60 to Mixer or Youtube. once Twitch supports 4K60 livestream i will start streaming to twitch.
  2. jordan_gaming385

    8 monitors on sli gpu

    i want to hook up 8 monitors to a single computer with two gpu's ( gtx 1080 or gtx 1080ti) and i want to know if this is possible if the two cards are in sli thanks
  3. jordan_gaming385


    16 or 24
  4. jordan_gaming385


    yes for link aggregation but one with more than 4ports i am talking about a 16 or more porrt switch
  5. jordan_gaming385


    well i want a quad rj45 network card. i will be running a few computers and a few servers running of this same network.
  6. jordan_gaming385


    1000mbps down/up no $1000 budget for the switch
  7. jordan_gaming385


    a few computers and and the server of course
  8. jordan_gaming385


    what type of switch do i need for my server
  9. jordan_gaming385


    yes i do plan on having my room dark if i do this
  10. jordan_gaming385


    what if i do a multi monitor setup but with a twist using projector and projector screens not monitors