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    i7 6700K
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    Asrock Extreme 7+
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    Kingston HyperX 2666mhz
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    MSI 390x 8GB Gaming
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    Thermaltake "The Tower"
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    Samsung 950 nvMe 512GB SSD , Samsung 850 512GB SSD, Seagate 2TB SSHD
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    BeQuiet Dark Power 11 850watt
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    ASUS VG278Q 27inch FreeSync 144Hz Gaming Monitor
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    NZXT Kraken x62 280mm AIO
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    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
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    Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB FPS
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    on-board & Corsair 2100 Vengeance USB Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Update: I changed the IP addresses on the 3 LAN ports and now now I can see the NAS again just need to get the shares working
  2. Not Sure what I did as I was half asleep 10.GBe IP 1.GBe PC-1 IP Subnet No Gateway Gateway PC-2 IP Subnet No Gateway Gateway NAS IP Subnet No Gateway Gateway Switch ---------------- IP ---------------- Subnet ---------------- Gateway PC1 & PC2 can see each other and themselves but cannot see the NAS on the IP as you can see the program called I.P.Scanner can see PC1 , PC2 , NAS & Switch Not Sure WTF! is going on.... any help will be appreciated DasVON
  3. Help... I tried something at 4am ( half asleep .. bad Idea ) but now I can only get this PC1 can ping PC2 using the 10GBe IPs PC2 can ping PC1 using the 10GBe IPs I cannot ping the NAS with PC1 or PC2 using the 10GBe IPs
  4. I use \\\Applications\All Files = 1GBe Connection \\\Applications\All Files = 3GBe Bonded Synology Connection both work from PC1 & PC2 . The ASUS card does 10GB, 5.0GB, 2.5GB, 1.0GB & 500mb, so I was thinking I could transfer to NAS at 2.5GB from both PC1 & PC2 but also be able to transfer at 10GB from PC1 to PC2 or PC2 to PC1 using the 10GBe NIC as stated it's a LAN connection there is not a connection setup to access the internet on the 10GBe setup
  5. G'Day , I am trying to do this for surveillance backups ( I have 13 IP Camera's taking snaps every 30 secs & Movement Vids when movement is detected ) anyways thats why I want a 10GBe LAN (File Transfer Connection ) so there are no slow downs on my primary 1GBe Connection. hope this makes sense its my 1st network diagram .. * PC1 can ping PC2 & NAS using the 10GBe IPs * PC2 can ping PC1 & NAS using the 10GBe IPs Just cannot get folder or drive shares to work ( Windows 7 was easier to share ) using the 10GBe NICS thanks
  6. 1/. Primary 1GBe network is in the - range with a subnet of and a gateway of and I am setting up a second 10GBe network using ASUS 10GBe Areion NICs with a Netgear Prosafe 10GBe XS708Ev2 Managed Switch. 2/. Secondary 10GBe network is in the - range with a subnet of and a NO gateway ( LAN Only for file transfers ) I can ping all of these Switch: 10GBe IP Address - ( Running in DHCP ) PC 1: 10GBe IP Address - ASUS 10GBe Areion NIC PC 2: 10GBe IP Address - ASUS 10GBe Areion NIC NAS: 10GBe IP Address - (Synology 814+ with 4 x 1GB ports ) I bonded 3 ports for a 3GBe connection I cannot seem to work out how to setup shares on PC1 , PC2 & NAS hope you can understand all this I am a Noob at networking Any Help or Idea's would be greatly Appreciated DasVON DownUnder in Australia