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  1. i would say if you are building the pc in 50 weeks time then wait to see what is avalible then. save your money then buy all the parts at once when the time comes to build. then you dont buy say a GPU now and find out in 50 weeks you could have got a much better one for the same price

  2. also what is nvm express. it says i have that "supports nvm express"
  3. ok. i am sorry then i can't help. i hope you find the solution
  4. will a sata ssd still offer me great improvements over my wd blue 1tb hdd?
  5. this is a mistake my mate made twice. make sure you plug the cpu power in to the top right of the mother board. could be 4/6/8 pin. easy to forget i guess.
  6. this is my mother board: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B150-GAMING-M3.html#hero-overview (bad choice, i know. should have got a better chipset) i want to get an ssd with around 240GB of storage for my pc but i am not sure as to what one will give me the best speeds. my mother board has an m.2 port but to quote msi's website "M.2 6Gb/s (SATA mode only) + SATA 6Gb/s" i am not sure what this really means but there is a handy image lower on t he page that says i would only get 6gb/s over m.2 on this motherboard. it does say i can get up to 16GB/s over sata express. i don't know if you can get an ssd using sata express though. for all i know none of this matters. please help me out and point me in the direction of a great ssd. thanks
  7. ok, thanks so much anyways. i have sent a message to sapphire on facebook to see if they can help me out
  8. same thing happened when i clicked thaht link it just loaded a blank white page
  9. yes but tbh their website is very basic and seems unfinished to be fair. some pages just wouldn't even load