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    East Coast USA


  • CPU
    Intel i7-3720qm
  • Motherboard
    Dell THJRV (Precision M6700)
  • RAM
    16GB (2x8gb) HyperX Impact DDR3L 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    MSI Armour RX 480 (4GB)
  • Case
    Uhhh, Precision M6700
  • Storage
    2x 750GB Toshiba drives in RAID 0, 2TB WD Black
  • PSU
    EVGA 80+ 500W PSU (for just HDD and GPU)
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG248QE 24", 2x Dell SE2417HGR 24"
  • Cooling
    Stock Laptop Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 LUX RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech Wireless Mouse
  • Sound
    Stock Laptop Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional (Modified)

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  1. Mnky313

    RAID 0 Is it really that risky?

    I'm running raid 0 on old laptop HDDs, as long as you keep a backup of important data, if your only storing game installs I feel like you could just re-download it, but if you just keep a relatively recent backup it should be fine. I did have an issue where windows broke my raid array, but because it was a windows software raid I just went into a recovery usb and could copy data off it just fine.
  2. minor thing: I wrote a simple script that uses devcon (you will need to have devcon and grep for windows) to detect when my laptop is undocked and disables the eGPU for hotswapping (windows doesn't like it when you just rip out a graphics card while using it), this can be adapted to detect different devices, mine is set to run at startup, figured if anyone else is having issues with hot-unplugged gpus not coming back once re-connected it might help. (it needs to be ran as admin in order to disable devices) Undock.bat
  3. I made some changes based on what I have found, my original method of plugging the eGPU in after the driver loads does not work anymore, I fixed it by changing the order of things, its in the post and the quote above, I also did a DSDT override but I'm not sure if that actually matters as plugging it in after boot even with the DSDT override still yields error 12...
  4. Mnky313

    Weird Thermal Throttling

    I agree, changing laptop thermal paste for higher end stuff like IC Diamond, NT-H1, or similar can sometimes drastically drop temps.
  5. Glad to hear error 43 *seems* to be an easy fix (was this with the latest driver?). I personally didn't have any issues with the system not booting while monitors are connected but maybe try plugging it right after hitting the power button. (Unless that causes it to just shut down, did you hotswapping the GPU cause a BSOD or did it just immediately reboot?)
  6. Mnky313

    PS2 High performance PC Build

    I think that even with the 65w tdp chip and the 1070 it could work, but at minimum the internal PSU would have to be replaced with an external one and the Optical drive would need to go, moving the GPU to that side. Running Cinebench with just the CPU running and the 92mm fan removed (which was the plan) resulted in the CPU hitting 93+ degrees after only 1 run of cinebench... The GPU even with the 92mm fan sitting on it still sat around 85-90 degrees...
  7. Mnky313

    Planning a Gaming Laptop "One Wire" Rig

    here is a list of the laptops I could find that meet (most) of the requests https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CkFaSBpVecwWY4fjQOdM9ghPMxsn2gzWdLkLxbLebOQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Mnky313

    Planning a Gaming Laptop "One Wire" Rig

    I actually cant find a laptop with thunderbolt 3 and an RTX 2060 is it just me or are they not a thing yet...
  9. Mnky313

    Planning a Gaming Laptop "One Wire" Rig

    Im checking out some laptops, are the features you need: thunderbolt 3 120-144Hz 1080p panel 17-17.3 inches SSD i5 (preferably i7) GPU??? Price range??? Ill export a list of all laptops with these in a few after I narrow it down
  10. yeah, the best option is to go with a 980m but they are still ~$325
  11. Update Final: This will (probably unless I make a new discovery or something goes wrong) be the last update to this thread. I have been finally got this build to a point where I am comfortable to say that it works fine and is ok for daily use. The rest of this will be divided up into things that could be done better and information about how to resolve of the issues I was (and am) having. Notes: If you are planning on going with an eGPU setup (these are not just M6700 specific and could help with related issues on other machines): From what I've experienced AMD works better and i easier to set up, their drivers usually install with no modification and no problems (except for 19.1.0 caused BSOD but rolling back to 19.0.0 and then later updating to 19.1.1 fixed that), I've had issues with old quadros and error 43 and have heard about error 43 being an issue for new cards. If you are going Nvidia and are gettings error 43, @Ross Siggers pointed out apparently it can be fixed sometimes by simply modifying the device IDs in the driver (a process that you can find out how to do with a quick google search) If you are using Expresscard (which I recommend over mPCIe because of convenience and no different performance (on EC 2.0 vs mPCIe 2.0) I have tried several combinations of things, here are most of them: connecting the eGPU before boot allows it to work without error 12 BUT if it is disconnected the laptops internal display wont turn on. connecting the eGPU anytime after the laptop is turned on results in error 12 or it just refuses to work. however, turning on the laptop with the eGPU connected, entering BIOS password and DISCONNECTING the eGPU before Windows starts loading, then reconnecting it after the login screen appears allows both GPUs and the internal display to work fine including hot-swapping the GPU! If you have awful GPU performance check task manager, if dwm.exe (Desktop Window Manager) is using a lot of GPU (more than the 3D application) the only solution I found for this was to either disable the laptop's built in GPU or set the internal display as 'Disconnect This Display' in display settings, this is true EVEN IF you aren't running the application on the internal display! If you are experiencing random eGPU disconnects the only solution for me (as weird as it sounds) is to ground myself to a nearby PSU case using one of those anti-static bands, any combination of desktop PSU, DA-2, shielding, switches on the dock, whatever had no effect for me. Laptops may seem similar, but REALLY CHECK components: the M6600, M6700, and mostly the M6800 look VERY similar, however that does not mean parts are interchangeable! This is especially true for trim pieces that might change very slightly, the bottom panel on mine that I ordered was for the M6800 but it didn't fit without some modification, the keyboard surround from an M6600 or M6800 are NOT the same as the M6700 and do not stay on correctly. The GPU Heatsink from an M6600 is VERY slightly different from the M6700 and probably wont work. It's things like this that were annoying to deal with Check items when they arrive: This might seem obvious to most people but I'll point it out anyway, when a part arrives inspect it and MAKE sure it's what you ordered, I had the wrong screen show up and make me think there was an issue with my board, but it turns out my board was fine and just the LCD was wrong. I didn't have many issues with this, just the screen being wrong, the keyboard shroud being refunded because they didn't have it and the battery being DOA, all of which were resolved (except that damn keyboard shroud) Things That Could Be Done Better: I recommend if you have some extra cash or don't have a desktop GPU already and have an MXM slot, try and find a compatible GPU for your laptop, BUT if you want to save some money an eGPU is a more permanent solution that seems to work fine in most cases, the performance loss that people talk about isn't too bad (for me it was about 10-15% and I hardly noticed a difference day to day (though this could be because I have a way better CPU in this machine) Old laptop HDDs are SLOW AS ****, my laptop has a RAID 0 of 2 750GB toshiba drives and they only get ~3MB/s random read and writes, make sure you get an SSD for your OS or else even a powerful machine will feel super slow! 120Hz displays on laptops are AWSOME, but keep in mind this isn't really a useful option if your laptop doesn't have a good GPU (NOT eGPU because the performance loss for me was awful, I went from 140-150fps on an external display to like 25fps on the internal display...) Old 'Mobile Worksations' are big, heavy and have a TON of screws and fragile ribbon connectors, my Precision M6700 has ~70 screws holding it together total and ~40 that you need to remove to get to the internals which fortunately are only a few different sizes. There are also 8 connectors that are attached to JUST the top keyboard portion, be careful to not rip these when disassembling, fortunately the only cable that was damaged was the speaker one (a small 4 pin picoblade style connector) but it still works just the plastic is broken. Some General Laptop Things: Replace Thermal compound! It helps keep the laptop quieter, cooler and even faster in some cases, I recommend NT-H1 but any high end thermal compound is leaps and bounds better than the included paste. Make sure you have compatible charger! If you are going Dell almost all dell chargers will be able to power their laptops but old workstations draw a LOT of power for laptops, mine will not run at full speed without a 210W charger. If you aren't going with dell make SURE to not just check the connector BUT CHECK FOR POLARITY AND VOLTAGE OUT! Plugging in a charger that fits into a laptop that is expecting a different voltage or polarity has a HIGH possibility of killing the laptop! (This one is more just windows, less laptops specifically but they are moved more so I'm including it) Set a BIOS/Boot password, pretty much every computer has an option for this is the BIOS and it could help if your machine gets stolen, its common knowledge that Windows passwords are NOT secure, if you want to you can also use secure boot to protect data on the drives, my laptop even has an option to password protect specific drives in the BIOS. Power on passwords wont stop someone from just ripping parts out (including the drive with your data on it) but it might stop simple thieves from easily accessing your laptop and gives you some piece of mind. This was a long one! If you have any questions (or notice something I did wrong), feel free to point it out/ask. I'll probably check back on this thread every so often, thanks!
  12. Mnky313

    PS2 High performance PC Build

    sorry for lack of updates, I'm not sure how much longer until an end (I don't know whether it will be a good or bad ending). But everything seems to mostly work, the USB connections are wired in and the wires mostly fit ok, but thermals are still a major problem... even with the top off the CPU gets to TJmax within a minute and throttles back, the GPU even with a fan attached to it hits 80+ C, here are some pictures... I have no doubt with a few compromises *cough* useless optical drive, external PSU *cough* and more time it could probably get done, but we are running out of time and he kind of needs a PC so we might just end up building it into a mini itx case.
  13. I finally got to 10k in firestrike! w/ the GPU core @ 1378Mhz and Mem @ 2100Mhz!
  14. Update: So, I guess it's done, the only part I don't have is the keyboard bezel, but I can't even find one so I'm just going to leave it for now. The eGPU works great, I got the internal display working by disabling the dGPU in task manager (by accident, I need to disable it in order to fix DWM.exe from using 70+% of the GPU). I might update later if something arises but for now that's about it.
  15. Some Photos (The internal display does not even light up with the eGPU plugged in, this causes some issues where neither GPUs start up meaning that there is nothing on the screen, but rebooting without the eGPU plugged in, then plugging it in and rebooting fixes that)