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  1. As you may know, Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has gone through a long and winding process to get this far. While some minor changes have been made, they will still vastly affect large swathes of the internet, including this forum and potentially even LMG as a whole, entrench big players like Google and Facebook, who can afford to make robust filters, and hurt independent creators by making it significantly harder for them to distribute thier content. Article 13 basically requires that sites remove any possible copyright infringing content, or get licenses for that content, even if the content would likely fall under fair use exceptions. Indeed, one of the groups lobbying for the bill, along with the legacy music and film industries, was Audible Magic, a company who sells filtering software. However, you can still do something (besides getting the word out) about this poorly conceived law if you're in a member of the EU. Look at the article below to see your options. https://juliareda.eu/2019/02/eu-copyright-final-text/
  2. alex_theman

    Microboard Korean Curved Ultrawide 100Hz Gaming Monitor

    It has a higher refresh rate (meaning more frames can be displayed on the monitor at one time) and is cheaper.
  3. alex_theman

    Handy Tech Under $100 - Sticky Stuff

    Should I put the thermal adhesive on an old gpu that used thermal epoxy and some kind of glue? (Voodoo 3)
  4. alex_theman

    Canada asking feedback on expanded surveillance powers

    Sorry, I accidentally posted this before I was finshed with it.
  5. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/canada-software-encryption-backdoors-feedback,33131.html In the wake of both the U.S and the U.K expanding their surveillance powers, Canada is asking feedback from their citizens on expanding their surveillance powers to include mandatory decryption, software backdoors, and access to basic subscriber information without a warrant. I feel that personally, as an American, that mandatory decryption is going too far, as well as instituting backdoors. However, I do like the fact that the Canadian goverment has allowed its citizens to comment on these important issues.
  6. alex_theman

    good editing pc?

    Get a cryorig cooler.
  7. alex_theman

    Budget 4k mobo bundle and 1080

    Yeah, but you should look at the non corsair brands as well.
  8. alex_theman

    need opinions for build

    You quoted the wrong post.
  9. alex_theman

    need opinions for build

    Look into the 6 series cpus.
  10. alex_theman

    Planing on building Gaming PC need help!

    It needs to be the same model. Not the same brand name, not the same series, same model. So you need to buy the same one you originally bought for the system.
  11. alex_theman

    Planing on building Gaming PC need help!

    The main problem with getting a second 1x8 is that you need the module to be the same or else it might result in instability. Also, the price difference is small enough to make it worth getting a 2x4, even if the performance increase is small.
  12. alex_theman

    Planing on building Gaming PC need help!

    The RMx is pretty good. Can you get anything from XFX? Also, get a 2x4gb kit as opposed to a 1x8gb kit.
  13. He linked a new one because you didn't say what model it is.
  14. alex_theman

    I need some help :/

  15. alex_theman

    Laptop or Bust Season 1

    Next Episode Tech Support