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    MSI x99a gaming7
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    Hyper X 8gb 2133MHz
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    2x gtx 1080
  • Case
    Obsydian 750d airflow edition
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    smasung 120 gb ssd , Segatat HDD 320 gb , Toshiba from apple 17 inch laptop 600gb
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    Be quiet 1000w bronze
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    3x Asus 1080p 144Hz 1 m/s response time
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    Be quiet Dark Rock 2 , 2 x silent wings 2 , 3x standart case fans from corsair
  • Keyboard
    Razer blackwidow classic
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    Razer Ouroboros
  • Sound
    Razer kraken pro , Blue Yeti Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64 bit

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    Łódź (Poland)
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    Shooting , Guns , Computer , Planes , Bikes.
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    Nothing interesting
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    Student, It asistant

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  1. New light Laptop

    Leighter better . comman sens
  2. New light Laptop

    I like big display 15-17 inch
  3. New light Laptop

    I like plain looks of laptops . Keybord led will be nice but no super fancy stuff like MSI . Think pad Carbon i was thinking of
  4. So im really struggling here . I need a new laptop as my Alienware 17 R1 is 4 years old it is super heavy and battery lasts 3 hours tops . It did a great job back in the day when i played more games . Now this much power and weight is just frustrating and useless for me . The first priority is weight , the battery life , performance . It would be mostly used for Exel and Browser. I would also want the laptop to run some medium demanding games such as Cs go . no more than 1000 $
  5. GPU LED how to turn off

    i dont want to avoid my warinty just cuz i this. I found this http://international.download.nvidia.com/GFE/LEDViz/ but this only disables lights under the funs so i guess i can use black electrical tape now
  6. GPU LED how to turn off

    I heave this big problem , So i need to turn off My Gpu LEDS . I heave. GTX 1080 Windforce from Gigabite GTX 1070 tI iCHILL aIR BOOST FROM INNO 3D they both are in a single system im runing windows 10. The software from gigabite dose not work when i connect the 1070Ti and the led options dissapears . I need to be able to turrn them off and heave them conected into one system . Tape dose not work as led are under the fans in the inno card . Is there any software wich will turn off all LED . Please any help will be appricieated . I wish they where desabled from defult and that i can turn them on when i want to from manufactures software
  7. vega 54 x3 power ?

    for a single or both rigs that would be good ?
  8. vega 54 x3 power ?

    So what is the best psu (cheapest ) which can run 3x Vega 54 at full load non stop. . I heave two rigs with 3x Vega 54 what is the chepest way to power them . any help is apprecieted Amzon uk links would be very good . or newsegg
  9. Budger Laptop 1500 $ Max

    Thanks allredy got a Alien 15x cuz i got a good deal and 1070 240 Gb ssd 16 Gb ram
  10. Most effective card at mining

    I think i will trust you and go with 1060 . or i will do a mix and see wich ones are most profitable for me then keep them for colection purpuses
  11. Most effective card at mining

    ohh i was loking at the 8 gigs version that explains a lot . Is there any difference in mining between 8 gig and 6 gig ?
  12. Most effective card at mining

    Give me a link plz , It will be a great option form me .
  13. Very simple . You guys are expers at this . Curently i want a laptop for 1500$ no more . With a 1060 GPU preforemnce . Wich is portable not necessery super compact . But prefebly a good quality build that will last . So anything good with GTX 1060 or better Gaming preforemnce . Any help will be appreceited .
  14. Most effective card at mining

    Mybe somthing wich is easier to find . They are out of stock everywhere . I can only find 1070 1080 . This is not good
  15. So long story short . I heave +- 4000$ to spend on GPU . I heave fairly cheap power . So I was thinking of team read . What would u recommend with the best power to price . Any comments will be helpful