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  1. I have a PC that one user is unable to connect to, and I am befuddled. I shall list the circumstances: The user can connect once, but upon reconnect the host computer locks up and has to be rebooted. If the host computer is joined to another network, the user is able to connect repeatedly just fine. Other users are able to connect to the computer without issue, regardless of its network. We've done a complete OS reinstall on the computer, and it still has the same problems with the one user. This user has tried three different computers on their home connection, and none of them can connect more than once before failure. We've tried putting the host PC into a DMZ, changing the RDP port, and even disabling the software firewall to no avail. When checking the RDP logs in eventvwr, it shows the user connecting fine, but then never has a disconnect. I don't know if this is caused by an issue with incorrectly disconnecting, or because the computer locks up before it can record a disconnect event. I had the user use their cell-phone hotspot and one of their home computers, and the issue persists. We've tried creating new RDP shortcuts, and have also tried changing color-depth, and also tried disabling Persistent Bitmap Caching. The user can connect to other computers on the trouble-network without issue. We're all at a loss as to what the issue is. Both computers are Windows 10 1903, as are the computers that successfully connect. I feel like I've ruled out every potential issue. The user is able to connect to other computers on the trouble-network, but not this one on this one particular network. The user is on another ISP, if that has any bearing on the problem. But again, this user can connect to other computers on the trouble-network fine. It's just this one computer. comment edit share save hide delete nsfw spoil
  2. I believe I was able to find the problem. Auto-Tuning was disabled on my desktop, which is curious since I never touched that and it's supposed to be on by default. I kindly asked my computer to netsh interface tcp show global and it showed Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level was disabled. Upon suggesting that netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and rebooting, I've been able to reach my desired speeds.
  3. If it helps at all, I just connected my desktop to my laptop using the ethernet cable and was able to transfer a file between them at about full speeds (~900Mbps). *Edit- And in fact the internal network is working at full speed as well, if I do the transfer that way as well. So it's only my desktop and only on internet traffic that it's slow. But my laptop does indeed get the full gigabit on the internet.
  4. Yeah, Installed Vivaldi on a RAMDisk, and that didn't change anything either. Darn.
  5. I'm running a 1TB Samsung 860 Evo, but I'll give it a shot. Will report back.
  6. Indeed. Both 64 1809, both in Chrome 73
  7. I'm running the Speedtest at https://dslreports.com/speedtest I run it on my desktop, and get ~400, unplug the cable from it and plug it into my laptop. Run the same speed test and get 800-900. This is a new NIC. My onboard was getting around the same speeds as well.
  8. I have a computer on my network that isn't getting full gigabit speeds. I've tested this same cable on my laptop and am getting 800-900, but on the desktop its hardly pulling 400. I'm running the same dslreports speed test on each computer. I tried installing a new gigabit network adapter (Intel I210-T1), and it got a little better than my onboard gigabit, but it's still not even half of what it should be. I tried swapping PCIe slots, but they're all the same. New drivers too. I tried changing speed/duplex from Auto to 1gbps full duplex, but that didn't do anything. Is it maybe the age of the device? It's an FX-8350 @ 4.4ghz, 16gb of RAM. It runs fine with everything else, I can't imagine it would be limiting on this. Specs: 64 Windows 10 Pro 1809, AMD FX-8350, M5A99X Evo BIOS 1708, 16GB PC3-17000, EVGA GTX 1070, 650W Seasonic PSU