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  1. On Dec 28th 2019 I received an email saying "We’ve just migrated your Minecraft account into a Mojang account". However, I did not request this change, I haven't logged into my minecraft account for a while. When I went to the website and the game to log in, both places would not let me log in. When I tried to reset my password, I never received any email. I also tried to migrate my account, but that wouldn't work either. From this I'm guessing that my account has been stolen and needs to be recovered. So on Jan 1 I contacted the "Minecraft Help" Zendesk, and received a confirmation email that they had received my support ticket. Since then I've heard nothing back. I reached out to them on Twitter and on their Jira, the only other two points of contact I could find, and they simply respond with a boilerplate response that their support team is behind and responds to tickets in the order they are received. Someone else responded on twitter saying they have been waiting since Nov 24th. I also tried calling Microsoft phone support directly, and they were unable to help either. So why am I sharing all this? 1. Is there anyone else who is in this MASSIVE queue waiting to be helped? What have wait times in the past been like? 2. Anyone know of any way to actually get them to look at my request? 3. Is it just me, or is this absolutely an unacceptable wait time for a multi-billion dollar game development company? The first week I was wiling to give them a little slack, after all a ton of people probably had just gone to play over the holidays but new years was over 6 weeks ago. 4. Is this tech linked news story worthy? Maybe a little quick bitz ?
  2. When I talked to them on the phone to complain my order had been canceled, they told me by the time they caught it they had had over 10'000 cards ordered, and that they would go out of business if they tried to fill the order. Lets Say $250 loss / card shipped, thats $2.5 Million, might not put them out of business but it would probably be pretty close to enough. I wonder if they fired someone over this? I only bought 2 cards and only told my close friends, figured I could install both of them for a 3 way SLI, just for fun, then sell one of them to earn a little profit. But apparently some of you out there bought 100, so they caught on