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  • CPU
    R5 1600
  • Motherboard
    Msi B350m Pro-VDH
  • RAM
    16gb Ripjaws V
  • GPU
    GTX 690
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core V21
  • Storage
    240gb MP500 SSD + 500gb Hdd
  • PSU
    EVGA 750w
  • Cooling
    Cryorig R1

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  1. I have a Gtx 580 in my rig. I want to upgrade my graphics card to something newer, but I don't have the money for everything past that. A free graphics card would be nice. I might even consider switching to the red team for the free Polaris. Maybe.
  2. This is unrealisticHonestly, why is this a thing?
  3. CPU: i5 3450 3.1ghz GPU: GTX 580 RAM: 8gb I don't understand how that works. But that is what it says.