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  1. His phone is already on koodo and no contracts, and has the cheap 60$ 10gb plan which is one of the reasons can't take advantage of getting tabs etc
  2. Sorry forgot to mention More support would be better since one of the reasons I was telling him to get a unlocked phone was can freely move between carriers as deals arise. Freedom mobile support definitely isn't a requirement, I doubt it will come out here to the Okanagan
  3. My father is looking at trading up from his iPhone 7, and was starting to make some Recommendations like the Honor 8x on Amazon, wanted to ensure also bands were well supported I believe the 8x is the L23 model covers most of the bands at least the important ones as well as my Canadian flagship phone does at least. As well of course if there is oppertunity to actually get warranty with them etc, since for whatever reason can't seem to purchase a Honor 8x with warranty in Canada, from Huawei etc. He is largely a Pokemon Go player so having something with good battery life or very least good support for battery extender cases since thats what he's been using on his iPhone. and around 300$ CAD pricepoint plus/minus There's pretty massive selection and I honestly haven't dabbled much in the phone space I only get a new phone every 4-5 years Network is Telus Based, so Big 3
  4. Largely I'm concerned if there are any security exploits that may make browsing various sites dangerous. Besides obviously going out of my way to try and install malware isn't something I'm likely to do being very tech/computer savy. And haven't had any notable adware/malware issues on PC/Android for 10-12+ years Part of that at least I've attributed to improved security with browsers, how flash/java works now, and much more aggressive malware/virus detection with Windows Defender now days since early days of Windows 7 or Windows Vista. I don't really care if the UI changes I'm not looking to get any of that the bigger thing would be knowing that my device is still safe to use for sometimes sensitive things like logging into bank app to check accounts, logging into paypal, etc. And if I would be putting myself at a great risk having a phone outside of the security updates possibly hitting a land mine of malware/virus just by browsing a website etc.
  5. ya which sounds unfortunately while that is fantastic that apple does offer support that long I would not be caught dead using one for number of reasons, user interface being #1 among others. Well thanks for help on this subject anyway
  6. ya unfortunately these roms people are making and supporting are not for the canadian baseband version so I don't believe I can use them any rom support for those is very limited. Thats just another issue with how Samsung made like 7-8 different baseband versions for North America alone. (by no means a expert on Android roms, just my understand that they have to support my baseband in the rom which basically none of the ones on XDA do they support the USA basebands)
  7. Still a clunky iphone that will be honest I wouldn't want to use
  8. I don't know I'm just old fashioned gotta realize I still have a tactile ACTUAL home button, physical. And the back button and menu button to left/right of that. Nothing on screen which I'd argue is still superior. My phone screen is plenty big as is I don't need it to go an extra 1/2 inch and get some hideous notch and lose a physical button instead.
  9. I'd give a hard no lol as well to a Iphone but after talking to some people about it ya that seems to be one of the exceptions however then have to weigh if worth switching to a iphone. No back/menu buttons, all gesture stuff, no removable batteries, expandable storage, devices are basically made to die as other people have said. If you take care of your phone and it isn't prone to some sort of manufactured flaw that is meant to kill most devices after about 3 years of use then ya they do last longer. Which is a bit sad, so maybe I misunderstood like how at risk I am using the phone on HTTPS sites for login credentials etc like how vulnerable my phone actually is, when only download apps extremely infrequently and usually extremely trusted ones only these days
  10. I bought this for charging my laptop, this is far above what your asking but I can recommend it as its only one I have experience for. Can't seem to find it on US Amazon however. Its extremely sturdy and decently heavy, but can power laptop+phones for days https://www.amazon.ca/MAXOAK-50000mAh-Portable-External-Notebook-Most/dp/B00YP823NA
  11. So noticed in recent Wan show this was talked about and never really thought of it but its true that haven't had a update pushed for a very long time, Late 2016 is the last security patch. And here's the thing like there's zero issues with the phone (its basically a Note 4) Have had to replace battery once on it, the case that used for 4 years now just starting to show wear, absolutely 0 damage/wear on screen or really anything else to mention and has been my daily driver. Now I only got security updates for 2.5 years after purchase, that seems very minimal considering phone certainly has alot of life left, I really haven't felt at all that purchasing another 300-500$+ phone would improve my user experience as I only use it for browsing internet, checking things, checking emails, alarms, normal stuff (I don't mobile game its all trash sorry) So while I understand there isn't much I can do to fix this device as also frusteratingly Samsung made like 8 skews for North America and Canada got its own version so custom firmware support is non-existant and many people don't patch their versions to support this Canadian version. So honestly it feels a bit cheated, The phone performs great, hardware is great, still got nice tactile buttons I love, replaceable batteries I love, an edge screen still yet to be replicated with Pager like memo's. And yet basically I can flip it after I have to get rid of it but ultimately its not a good phone for someone to use anymore. And whats frustrating is I had no idea the support would be so short lived on the device as 2.5 years of Security updates is not very much. So moving forward I have no idea what to get that will actually be supported for a long time and not taken off security updates while phone is completely and perfectly usable. Because if companies like Samsung do business this way, Honestly I'd prefer to bring my business elsewhere instead of feeling pigeon holed into purchasing a new device because of incredibly short software update commitment from the company.
  12. Neokolzia

    Chilling Threadripper 2!!!

    Ahhh said same thing every time they've done Sub-zero stuff, why can't they just make a Chillbox setup, solves the Condensation issue, and even can pair it with Phase change! Chillboxes for the uninitiated https://www.overclock.net/forum/133-phase-change/1533164-24-7-sub-zero-liquid-chillbox-club-84.html Closed Sub-zero loop in a SEALED insulated box, running off the Evaporator of a Home AC or something similar. This keeps the air below zero so any condensation that was in the box to begin with freezes on the Radiator inside the box
  13. Neokolzia

    Buying GPU's off ebay?

    people will be offloading GPU's soon for 2XXX series so just wait a bit
  14. Neokolzia

    Private Internet Access (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    I tried it wasn't that impressed with the speeds, have a 330/330 fibre line in BC and even at best settings that got cleaved down to 100/100 Ended up returning it, as without a pfSense router or other methods to increase the speed it just wasn't happening. Also data tests to their network was 320/320 in Vancouver, and was a 70% performance loss
  15. Neokolzia

    SCIO handheld molecular scanner is a scam?

    A little constructive criticism goes a long way, but when plugging click-bait snakeoil non-sense. Why would a journalist/creator bother putting any criticism right? Sensationalization is what makes $$