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  1. I clean install my main rig but laptops are usually what people bring me to fix and having a general image is great. Windows 10 does most of the drivers now so I don't even have to hunt for them. Clean installs are definitely optimal for performance but eventually I got tired of doing it from the ground up.
  2. Its not too bad when you ignore certain functions for a while. I don't really use it for back up at all. I just use it to easily resize the image when doing fresh installs. The back up options do work well if you use them. The image compresses pretty well so it doesn't take up too much space.
  3. Thats fairly true for some software but Ive definitely saved a lot of time having windows updates already installed by having an image.
  4. Laziness led to me using the first program that worked lol. I already have the license so at this point I might stick with it. I'll look into DISM and if it ends up being easier then I'll switch to it.
  5. I use Macrium Reflect to make the image. You do have to use the program to write the image so after the trial a license is necessary. But it makes it easy to adjust the image for larger or smaller drives.
  6. Over the last little while I've had to setup windows for a few machines for me and for some friends/ coworkers. While I was doing so I decided it would be easier to just create a disk image with all the programs I wanted already installed. As I started working on this I wondered what other programs might be useful to have. So my question to everyone is, what programs do you have on all your machines? Currently I install these programs on every machine I setup: utorrent Adobe Reader AVG Eraser ( A secure file wiping program ) ImgBurn Java Mozilla (with NoScript addon) PDFCreator Steam TeamViewer VLC WinDirStat Office (Microsoft office for my machines and OpenOffice for general installs) Macrium Reflect ( Personal machines only )
  7. I opened up my Lenovo x240 to replace the stock thermal compound and found something that confuses me. On the CPU chip there are 2 dies. The smaller of which is not being thermally cooled due to the heatspreader having a cutout so it does not contact the die. Does anyone know why this is and if I need to try cooling it? It did not have any thermal compund on the second smaller die so it seems like it does not need cooled. If you know what this die is and why it isn't cooled I would love to know.
  8. This isnt an issue with any games I play. This limits some older software to 15% utilization of the cpu. Ill post another screenshot to show you what i mean
  9. You don't seems to understand what I'm saying then, Let me spell it out for you. Windows sees my maximum cpu frequency as 800Mhz. This causes certain programs (mostly older ones) to not utilize the cpu at 100%. Nearly all games are not restricted by this. But any software that looks at windows to determine its maximum cpu utilization sees this as the limit. Thus certain programs only use 15% of the real performance of the cpu. So I would rather say that you don't understand what software requires of the pc.
  10. Ive got my 4790k running at 4.6Ghz on an Asus Z97-A motherboard currently but windows only sees 800Mhz. While most games and programs will still utilize the cpu to 4.6ghz, other programs will cap themselves at what windows believes is 100% utilization. This causes some programs to bottleneck to about 15% usage of the cpu which is not very fast. Ive tried disabling various power states in bios and locking the cpu to 4.6Ghz but nothing seems to stop the cpu from registering 800Mhz max to the system. Does anyone know how I can get windows to recognize that the cpu is running at 4.6GHz?
  11. Hmmm never used frontier so I cant say if they have any specific issues, but your speeds aren't an issue. Sorry but from where I stand I dont see anything to be done other than switching your ISP and hoping its a better connection. Only other thing I can recommend is making sure you or someone else on your network isnt doing large file uploads while your trying to play any online games.