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  • Birthday September 23

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    In a pool, chilling with Elephant Seals
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  1. Chatzev

    Galaxy GTX 780 Ti Hall of Fame

    I hope it has a backplate
  2. Chatzev

    Club 3d throws their aces into play(literally)

    That is one big-ass card!
  3. Chatzev

    The kings and queens of LTT?

    Unfortunately some of the people I would have voted for have left....
  4. Chatzev

    Bored on the week days. Any ideas?

    If you are at school and bored afterwards with hours of spare time, you aren't doing enough exercise/sport.
  5. Chatzev

    Titanfall beta codes

  6. Chatzev

    How many hours of exercise do you do every week?

    Everyone that does 12+ hours, what sort of sports do you play and what is your routine?
  7. Chatzev

    Project: Cristal Toxin (Completed)

    Amazing!Dammit, now I'm jealous
  8. Chatzev

    PC Gamer Plays Elder Scrolls online. **sneak peek**

    I still think Bethesda should have made Fallout an mmo as opposed to TES
  9. Chatzev

    How many hours of exercise do you do every week?

    Why wouldn't a UK techie be doing that much exercise?
  10. I think it would be interesting to know how much exercise members of a tech forum do. Just out of curiosity.
  11. Chatzev

    My official goodbye :)

    Damnit, sorry dude. It was nice having you here and I wish you luck on your future internet adventures. You'll be missed
  12. Chatzev

    What have you ever won? #Win

    I won 25,000 GBP, according to a text I got
  13. Chatzev

    Which olympic sports do you prefer watching?

    Women's beach volley ball