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  1. No, I havent bought any crypto currency ever. Look at my signature.
  2. Okay thats my bad, i thought win32 meant windows 32 bit. However I still stand by my last two statements. These UWP means are meant to run on older system, and in theory, cheaper "PC's." Windows UWP seems comparable to Chrome OS. The idea is its meant to be used for browsing the web, checking email, and other basic functions. And I'm sure browsers will follow suit for UWP, as @vorticalbox stated, this is a great way to reduce the unnecessary space usage and resource whenever an app updates, etc. This is ideal for people away at Uni (college) that dont care about playing pc games by night, or for business who would love to save a buck or two while also being able to send emails to clients, updating client files, etc, all in one mainstreamed place. This is ease of use, more then it is a lock down. Like i said earlier, if you really want a windows 10 pc, theres a good chance you can just wipe the drive and reinstall the full OS. UWP isnt going to replace windows 10 as a whole, Microsoft's market shares would plummet and it doesnt make sense, logically, or business wise to completely disassemble their entire business model for the last 20+ years for some new OS version. That's just asinine.
  3. And of course you can always buy a UWP machine, which i imagine will be cheap as hell compared to the rest of the market, and then just load it with windows 7, or what would be, at the time, an "old" win10 32bit install.
  4. I shouldve clarified what i mean by systems that cant run full windows, meaning systems that can only run windows 32 bit. Essentially you went into detail of what i was saying. Im not sure why anyone has an issue with effectively replacing 32 bit windows as it makes up less then 10% of the eco system. Most people with 32 bit systems have them because they dont know they have the option to upgrade, eg: elderly consumers that only use their computer for email, solitaire, and light browsing, which UWP will be able to do.
  5. As someone stated earlier UWP on full windows 10 desktops isn't going to completely close all loose ends. UWP is focused more towards lower end systems that can't run full windows OS, and the UWP in windows 10 full desktops and laptops is purely to sync between devices and run smaller apps on the larger platform.
  6. That, and the fact that getting more then 4 Vega cards to work together is more of a bloody pain then it should be.
  7. Never have I ever thought that the usual "adblock bruh." comment would be so irrelevant. The internet ads are advancing!
  8. In the video he says he ordered them, which means he paid for them. There's a chance he would've received a discount, as he ordered from a sponsor, but he's very specific and particular with this stuff. If he buys it, he'll say he ordered it. If he got it for "free," he'll either say; "I reached out to____" or "fortunately, ____ reached out to us."
  9. I think whats actually happening here is OP is genuinely 15 or 16 years old, and saw that daddy linus doesnt like UWP so he sought to create a petition so senpai will notice him. Seriously tho, UWP is a great idea, but it isnt being executed as proper as one would hope.
  10. Then, might i suggest reposting the updated one on reddit as well? Too many flame wars are being started because no one knows the differences with the things that you've highlighted here and I love it when people realize they're wrong.
  11. Bitcoin has been passed the "bubble" stage for awhile. The demand is now higher than the supply, no where but up from here. Give or take some dips.
  12. @Glenwing Would you mind if i copy/pasta your post here to reddit? Giving you credit of course, and also posting the link to this original post.
  13. If i ever go intel again ill probably end up with sand bridge.