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  1. Was just on my way to post this. They cast a wide net with this, but were apparently only looking for about 600 machines?
  2. Athan Immortal

    Halo MCC finally on PC

    I'm really excited this is finally happening, but god damn that was a ridiculously long wait. I think Microsoft are making some moves to cosy up to PC and Steam. I honestly think all of this is a prelude to whatever ecosystem they think they can build for the next Xbox Generation, maybe something a lot more closely tied with PC, blurring the lines a bit.
  3. Source article from Tech Power Up Overclock3D.net article Quote from Tech Power Up
  4. Source article Anandtech have condensed most of Intel's performance slides into an easier to read table. There's no power figures with these either, and as the article notes We're still waiting for reviewers to get their hands on Zen2 Epyc and these new Intel chips, but I did think it was interesting to re-watch the AMD event where they showcased Epyc2 against 2 of the top Xeons (in a favourable benchmark). Of course in both cases they are vendor numbers. As a side note, this slide of partners is lacking Amazon Web Services. AMD made a big point of showing their new partnership for Epyc2, I'm not sure it would ever be an either or scenario though.
  5. Original article from UCR website Research paper: Rendered Insecure: GPU Side Channel Attacks are Practical Toms Hardware article about the vulnerability. From the University of California, Riverside article: So as of this time, the vulnerability is only known in Nvidia GPUs, however AMD and Intel have been notified to check. Nvidia will be releasing a patch, I just hope it doesn't require mitigation like the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities did, however it seems a more straight forward fix.
  6. True, but as it's a new threat we've not really seen GPU side attacks like this before, and something to be aware of as there could be a period where anti-malware and spyware software isn't looking for this.
  7. From one Internet user to another, thank you buddy
  8. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    That new vulnerability that was found and the researchers recommended doing away with SMT and Hyper-threading as they are inherently a security risk. Watch as Intel starts to include it in their slides as a "feature".
  9. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    Out of interest, do you think it will actually take until Holidays 2019, I was hoping for a first half of the year for Ryzen on Zen2 7nm
  10. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    This drove me nuts. I got a 2500k about midway through it's lifecycle, and the performance jump was so much from the previous gen. Then Ivybridge came along and didn't offer that much of an upgrade and of course the infamous switch to toothpaste thermalpaste inside meant it was hotter. The next gen required a new motherboard and I kind of got landlocked in, and so on for the next 5 years, and what I really wanted was a 6 or more core processor with a good uplift, but Intel locked that behind HEDT requirements. Ryzen comes along and yes, suddenly Intel could find it in their hearts to offer 6 and 8 core processors to the main stream. Jumped on Ryzen as soon as it came out for so many reasons not least of which they promised AM4 would be compatible to 2020, and looking at how they managed to double core count on Threadripper2 while maintaining socket compatibility was really impressive.
  11. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    Aw I fucking love it so much. Inconsistent supplier indeed.
  12. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    I'm honestly more excited about technology and to see this battle over the next few years than I have been since Sandybridge was rocking the performance boat.
  13. Athan Immortal

    Intel Offers More Cascade Lake-AP Performance Numbers

    Watching Lisa take a shot at Intel for that during the AMD Next Horizon event was quite vindicating. As time has gone on, the true reasoning of scaling and yields behind AMD's method has become clear. They're knocking it out the park at the moment. I do worry for them once Intel does get it's 10nm and beyond sorted out, but hopefully they've got the momentum now to keep going and not hit another brick wall like they did with Bulldozer. I really like the scalability of AMDs approach.
  14. Athan Immortal

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Paramour: The only Exception - A special live version that happened when performing at the Reading Festival in 2014 when the sound system broke for about 10 minutes. Hayley was handed a working microphone, and it resulted in a really intimate performance with her and the band members sitting on the side of the stage. About half way through you can hear the crowd cheer as some of the sound came back online, from the video's perspective they still had a working line to the mix, it was just the crowd couldn't hear it.
  15. US customs have seized 20 batteries that were headed to Louis Rossmann's shop just days after the CBC video on Apple's dubious repairs aired. (See note in edit below regarding timing). Here is a screen cap of the notice of seizure. EDIT 19th Oct 2018 - Some users pointed out that the date of seizure on the letter above is 6th of Sept 2018, which is technically before the CBC piece aired, however as LTT forum HashBrowns pointed out, Louis said on Reddit that Apple were informed of the story two months ago, long before this seizure, which is why he is still referring to it as suspicious timing in the video.
  16. Athan Immortal

    Louis Rossmann just had 20 Apple batteries seized by US Customs

    Thanks, edited this into the original post as well for clarification.
  17. Athan Immortal

    Gaming screenshots

    I think it does, obviously without some of the depth of field I'm playing with in those photos. I live in Scotland, and honestly I've had so many uncanny valley moments with this game, it is just spectacular looking. I love the changing seasons as well, they change the season every week. Here's some 1080p flying a drone around one of the villages in Summer. There's also a pretty substantial demo on the Windows Store if you want to see how well it runs on your system, this footage was all done with a 1080ti, but the game works well on a wide range of GPUs, so just search youtube for the game and your gpu. I've got some 4k files uploaded to youtube, I'll link a few below and you can skip around and pause to see the game in action. Here's a cross country race in Autumn Here's a nighttime street race in Winter Here's a Dirt race (like Rallying) in Winter And here's one of the more whimsical races, between the Flying Scotsman train and a car And here's one of the longer races called The Colossus which covers quite a bit of the map in Autumn, Sorry I don't have any Spring or summer race footage yet, I think it's just changing to Spring today
  18. Athan Immortal

    Louis Rossmann just had 20 Apple batteries seized by US Customs

    A similar thing happened in Norway where customs intercepted refurbished screens for iphone 6, The level of government co-operation Apple gets is scary.
  19. Athan Immortal

    Louis Rossmann just had 20 Apple batteries seized by US Customs

    There's also the issue mentioned in his video that even if he wanted legitimate parts, apple refuse to supply this part anymore because it's considered "vintage". They're literally stopping people from even getting 3rd party batteries for a laptop that they refuse to supply parts for.
  20. Athan Immortal

    Gaming screenshots

    I'm loving Forza Horizon 4 and it's fantastic photo mode.
  21. Nvidia it would appear is now requiring AIBs to request names, e-mail and phone numbers of who will be reviewing the graphics card so that Nvidia can approve them. https://www.hardocp.com/article/2018/08/28/nvidia_controls_aib_launch_driver_distribution/ EDIT: Some bullet points: NVIDIA has demanded that its AIBs tell NVIDIA who will be reviewing the AIB's custom RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti cards. Reviewers are required to sign a multi-year NDA in order to get access to drivers for new cards According to HardOCP attorney the NDA " is intended to provide a strong control over work product of the reporters. The definition of confidential information is way too broad." HardOCP asked to modify the NDA and has received no response since last week from Nvidia.
  22. Athan Immortal

    NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution - HardOCP

    This is exactly it. As the HardOCP article mentions, in the past AIB partners were left to their own marketing, but now Nvidia is making sure that they can't just send those cards out willy nilly. They're not allowed to include the drivers, you have to get them from Nvidia, for which you need to sign the NDA or tough luck.
  23. Athan Immortal

    What are the best multiplayer racing games

    Wreckfest is a lot of fun. I was a huge fan of Flatout 2, and this really feels like a Flatout 2 proper successor. The way the cars handle, the racing and destruction is all just right. I bought this when it was first in alpha, and then left it for a few years. I reinstalled it a week or so ago when I heard it was leaving early access, and holy cow what a different game. I have a few unlisted bits of gameplay and a replay that I uploaded to show some friends to show some of the carnage from typical races. A mixed dirt and tarmac track with some high speed sections Another mixed track with a more fragile car A full replay from a 100% tarmac closed street circuit The crashes are a bit more spectacular when there's no grass or dirt to run off on to. Also I have no shame in how I won at the end... ------- I would also say that I love the Forza games, for less serious more fun racing including some fun events the Horizon series are full of them, and you need to race through the open world to your next destination in mp lobbies. And here's a race Forza horizon 4 will be out later this year as well, set in Britain.
  24. UPDATE: Other websites have now weighed in saying they got the same NDA and were not concerned. GamersNexus also got on the phone with an attorney to talk over the points, and while he found some of the wording maybe open to interpretation, the actual NDA seemed quite normal. I'm sure this will still make some people uneasy, but ultimately it doesn't seem to have been outside of normal practice. --------- ORIGINAL POST. The German site Heise.de has refused to sign a new NDA that Nvidia sent out to hardware reviewers, and instead published it in full on their website. Link to article: https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/In-eigener-Sache-Nvidia-NDA-als-Maulkorb-fuer-Journalisten-4091751.html Link to NDA: https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/In-eigener-Sache-Nvidia-NDA-als-Maulkorb-fuer-Journalisten-4091751.html?view=zoom;zoom=1 Under section 3 ""The recipient uses confidential information exclusively for the benefit of Nvidia" This seems very vague language in a way, but after the GPP program, I'm not sure why they thought this wouldn't leak and how it would be interprited as anything other than an attempt to muzzle the press in exchange for early access. I know NDAs are a common practice, but this seems very restrictive? --------------------- Rough translation to English: In their own right: Nvidia-NDA as a muzzle for journalists Nvidia requires the signing of a very extensive confidentiality agreement before submitting information on future products. There is an issue that journalists seldom talk about - the so-called Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Especially in technical journalism NDAs are quite common and useful - for example, to gain access to early test copies. This allows journalists to take measurements in peace before the market launch and to get a sound idea of the new product. Many companies only issue pre-trial copies if the journalist has approved an NDA or at least a blocking period. Heise scrutinizes every NDA and only agrees when it comes to a specific product, a clear and not too far-away expiration date is specified and the text of the contract contains no passages that could affect our journalistic work. However, some companies also use NDAs as weapons. Not only do they want to get journalists to stick to release dates, but they also want to enforce cheap reporting with far-reaching agreements and horrendous penalties. Those who do not bend are cut off from the flow of information. Attack on the journalistic work Sometimes companies clearly cross borders. On 20 June, for example, Nvidia USA sent a large number of journalists - including us - a request to sign a very extensive confidentiality agreement "by 22.6.2018 at the latest". The NDA should apply to all information provided by Nvidia, so it did not refer to a specific product or information. There was also no concrete expiration date. It was also full of conditions that ran counter to journalistic principles. Our legal department clapped their hands over their heads as they read the document. Thus it is translated (in German translated): "the receiver uses confidential information exclusively in favor of Nvidia". In other words, journalists are allowed to write only what fits Nvidia in the junk. In doing so, Nvidia downgrades the independent press into a marketing tool. And further on, "Notwithstanding the expiration of this Agreement, the recipient's obligations with respect to any Confidential Information will expire five years after the date of their disclosure to the recipient." Anyone who signs this Nvidia NDA has to bow to the will of the American manufacturer for five years - if something is released without permission during this time, the plea is threatened. But Nvidia goes further: "The protection of information, which is a trade secret, never goes out." In other words, if Nvidia thinks that information is a trade secret, then in the worst case, the journalist is never allowed to talk about it. We do not sign It goes without saying that an independent media company can under no circumstances sign such an agreement. Nevertheless, Nvidia let us know that "many journalists" have already signed the agreement. No wonder, in the future only journalists should receive advance information and pre-test copies, which sign this NDA. We make it clear: This and similar held NDAs are not signed by Heise online and c't - no matter which company they come from. Rather, our journalistic principles dictate that we create transparency and publish Nvidia's NDAs here in the original. ( The editors of heise online and c't ) / ( mfi )