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  1. jocke92

    We're Building a Gaming LAN Center!!

    From a networking perspective I would put the LAN-center on a separate vlan that is not able to access the regular LMG-network. And you might use deepfreeze or similar software on the computers to have settings reset on reboot.
  2. jocke92

    Ikev2 remote ID and server iPhone 5S

    I don't think direct access is iphone compatible. It's a Windows pc-thing
  3. jocke92

    OnePlus 3 Review

    I'm used to a phone with wireless charging.The oneplus 3 looks pretty good but as it doesn't have wireless charging I won't buy it. It's a step in the wrong direction
  4. I thought the SSD-array server was running at least nightly backup to former freenas server?
  5. jocke92

    Server Room Updates

    I don't think it look that bad with the kvm on the wall. Also a 1u pull-out drawer takes up space in the room when you are doing work there. As there is redundant power-supplies in the servers make sure they are on separate UPS:s
  6. jocke92

    100TB Storinator Server

    One thing not mentioned in the video is that regular raid cards usually needs to be flashed to HBAs as the raid cards disrupts ZFS in-depth communication with the drives.
  7. jocke92

    Linus' Browser Approach

    Chrome doesn't handle the amount of tabs I use. Uses more than double in ram and the tab-bar gets crowded. So I stick with firefox:)
  8. There is freenas, nas4free and some other distributions (forgot names) which is built for nas usage, but not for htpc without huge modifications. I think you need to find loose packages and build a custom solution.
  9. jocke92

    Windows 7 Aero lag on new computer

    Might be a graphics driver issue. 770 is fairly new and dual-monitor puts an extra variable into it.
  10. jocke92

    Windows vista admin password recovery

    You could do the sticky keys to cmd replacement and change password that way. Follow this guide if you got a Windows CD otherwise you could use a Linux or whatever filemanager. http://www.howtogeek.com/96630/how-to-reset-your-forgotten-windows-password-the-easy-way/
  11. jocke92

    Why do buisnesses use windows xp

    Small business don't understand why too upgrade because they don't know much about IT. They are used to their old programs and if they upgrade OS the need to upgrade/change that software. Those will upgrade when some hired techsupport says your old W XP is like a swiss cheese of security holes or the computer dies. Bigger companies gets huge loss in productivity with new software and OS. Also their helpdesk gets increased workload. So prior to upgrade they need to educate the staff. They need to plan and test so every singe software they use works, if not find another one or a workaround. License fee is often the small piece in the upgrade. They need to upgrade old computers that is incompatible with the new OS. But there is also future investment as they often bring in automated and/or network based installation, which is near zero touch for the IT. Some networks is closed from internet, emails and USB-drives and uses a fully custom Windows image and if they installs like Windows update they lose support from the supplier.
  12. jocke92

    Linus' Browser Approach

    I don't like Chrome because of Google. If I started to use chrome it would be chromium. I understand why Linus got all browsers, and if I where in a similar seat I would do that too. My main browser is Firefox and then on my secondary monitor I put up opera for grooveshark, youtube and random stuff.
  13. jocke92

    how to make two computer work as one?

    I think most clustering solution don't work well on such small workloads as loading webpages and doing regular office work. There is a huge delay handing out the workload compared to the communication going on inside on computer. The best is as said before to use something that is already build into the software like network-render for vegas, premiere etc. If you want to just control two computers (and share copy paste) on your physical desktop there is a software called synergy that will do the work for you.
  14. jocke92

    Using new VDSL2 gateway with existing DD-WRT router

    Maybe you could buy a replacement vdsl-modem and use instead. Or let the sagem do all the internet stuff (nat) and have the dd-wrt as accesspoint, dhcp etc.
  15. jocke92

    2 LAN Networks 1 Computer Possible?

    You have connected your Cisco to the verizon via Ciscos WAN-port? That means the Cisco router will perform NAT and create a separate LAN. You could Connect it to the verizon via a regular LAN-port and now it won't perform NAT but continue to handle out DHCP-address leases. So you want to disable that in the Cisco router and also set an IP of it in the same Subnet as the verizon, but not overlapping (so that you will be able to easy administrate it). Now the Cisco serves as an accesspoint+switch. I haven't checked the manual but sometimes you can convert the WAN-port to a LAN-port or convert the whole router to an Accesspoint + switch via a quick setting. Your issues doesn't need to be because of N-networking but could be the encryption WPA2. Sometimes if it uses a higher channel over 11 or something. Also make sure your routers/AP uses the same channel for wifi as that will degrade performance.