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  1. I would never recommend a Acer, but a comparable Lenovo ThinkPad is the best quality you can get. My X230 can easily beat up somebody because of it's amazing quality
  2. I like the bloatware part I would suggest formating it and install a clean Windows 8.
  3. I don't even wanna know the price when I've seen the prices for 1/0,1 in NZ
  4. Du har jo reklamasjon på 5 år!!! Sorry for the Norwegian
  5. Sorry, my bad. SMB would be the correct way to say it. I'm using Samba myself so I am just mixing it up a bit...
  6. You know how network drives work and how to set them up? That's basicly Samba. By connecting to the VPN you setup up you can acess your files from everywhere as if they were on your machine. The VPN can also be used for safer browsing on public network like for example on your school. About OpenVPN if I was you I would set up a VM (virtual machine) with OpenVPN server for doing this easier. http://openvpn.net/index.php/access-server/download-openvpn-as-vm/202.html?osfamily=Virtual%20Appliance%20Windows%20(VHD)&ex=1 Tell me if there is something I explained bad, English is not my native language
  7. Fun fact. Nobody have mention Google in this thread. Youtube isn't developing Youtube, Google is.
  8. Set up a PC with pfsense and use traffic shaping.
  9. Remember that raw power isn't everything. The OS on consoles is optimised for gaming and the games are optimised for the specific hardware. I can that these AMD APU's in the next gen consoles after some years can compare to the graphics of a 770 (only speculation).
  10. As long as you use the same drive letters as they were before you switched disks there should be no problems.
  11. The Corsair Force 3 is very slow on uncompressable data, I have one myself and I won't recommend it at all if you can get a Intel 330/335/520 or Samsung 840/ 840 Pro/ 840 Evo
  12. 120 GB Force 3 in desktop. 128 GB 840 Pro in school PC. 180 GB Intel 520 as alternative disk in school PC.
  13. Wire is always the best. Low latency, higher speeds (good if you have a NAS or fast internet connection) and more stable.
  14. 1x 3 TB (Seagate Barrucuda) 2x 2 TB (WD Green and Seagate Barrucuda) 3x 500 GB (WD blue and 2 unkowns) 120 GB SSD (Crappy Force 3)
  15. What drive is the 2 TB one? Try to find out that. WD Greens are not recommeneded for anything else than storing because they turn themselves off when not being used.
  16. Nice thread, is also used sometimes as standard gateway on some routers (at least some Zyxel routers). You could also add some information about static leases