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  1. PIA I guess as they say that they don't keep logs and I havent seen anything that makes me think that they keep logs. I don't want to recommend using a VPN for gaming becauase of the increased ping.
  2. Intel cards are great and you are not going to have any problems with using it on your AMD board.
  3. pfsense combined with HAVP or something similar would probably work great.
  4. 1,09 TB down and 2,03 TB up the last month. 132 GB down and 310 GB up the last 24 hours.
  5. Read a bit about them and it seems likee people are getting around 1-3 Mb/s speeds even on gigabit connections. Any personal experience?
  6. I need offsite backup. I already have a server at home. Google Drive would be way to expensive for 5 TB
  7. I have around 5 TB of files that I want to backup but I cannot find any cheap cloud storage services that are cheap and fast. Tried Backblaze but when I upload files I only measure around 2 Mb/s when I have a 50 Mb/s upload. Does anybody know a good alternative that doesn't have terrible speeds?
  8. You can get a gigabit switch for around 15 dollars.
  9. I got tired of using the N66U as a router (I guess you have thousands of reason to not use one aswell. So I went with a virtual machine on the ESXi host instead. Probably not the best way too do it but it works so why not?
  10. 565465464

    pfSense Guide

    I was thinking about tmcclelland455
  11. 565465464

    pfSense Guide

    The power cost is probably going to make it a bad choise for hardware. Would most likely be cheaper in the long run to build a J1800/J1900 build.
  12. HTML5 player would be awesome. It would be great if you could make a guide for it.
  13. I actualy love the resolution. Sometimes I don't find the 1080p screen on my Nexus 5 sharp enough.
  14. I love how 4 guys had to quote me to say the same thing. The reason for that I told him to get 2 connections was so he could have one for his server. I do know that it would probably cost a lot more than renting a server.
  15. What router do you have? There are custom firmwares like Tomato and dd-wrt that monitors this.
  16. Hmm... Correct. Then there is basicly no way to protect you from a DDoS attack without digging deep in your pockets for money. The only way is to pay for two internet connections.
  17. Hide his IP. Not sure how to explain though.
  18. I was using the mirror drive feature in Windows. I don't see the need for HW RAID, but I just realised that cloud backup aint a stupid idea
  19. Found the souloution. Very user friendly and works pefectly. Thanks for trying to help http://www.partition-recovery.com/download.html
  20. I need to recreate the partition, thats the only way I can fix this I think.
  21. If it only was that simple... The other drive was fucked up (messing around in Esxi). It was when I was trying to mirror that drive again that I fucked up but I am pretty sure on that nothing is overwritten.
  22. I'm an idiot and I have no idea how to fix this. If anybody could help me it would be lovely. The mirrored volume was on Windows Server 2012. If a person that can help me would use Skype, Telegram or something to chat it would be great.