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  • Birthday 1999-08-06

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    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
  • RAM
    Crucial DDR4 32GB 2133MHz (2 sticks)
  • GPU
    MSI GeForce GTX 980 GAMING 4G
  • Case
    be quiet! Silent Base 800 Black/Orange Window
  • Storage
    1TB HDD, 240GB SSD
  • PSU
    XFX 550 Watt 80+ bronze
  • Display(s)
    BenQ GW2255 and a phillips
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    Be Quiet! dark rock pro 3
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    cooler master gaming keyboard
  • Mouse
    R.A.T. 7
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    Windows 10

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  1. Minibeau

    Good 21:9 monitor

    i'm able to find that one in 29 inch form for around 200 euros. I think i'll go for that one since it has 1ms response time and because it is black(my whole setup is black and pc has orange accents
  2. Minibeau

    Good 21:9 monitor

    thanks for the quick response. My country is The netherlands. luckily i work a one of the biggest webstores(coolblue) so that gives me a 10% discount. I didn't think i could get a 1440p screen out of it either, but you never know with fluctuating prices. I am looking at the LG 29WK600-w now and it looks pretty good(especially with the hdr support).
  3. Minibeau

    Good 21:9 monitor

    I am looking for a 21:9 monitor for gaming and programming. I currently have the BenQ GW2255 as a main monitor at my pc(have a tv that i use for gaming as well) and have a really old philips monitor that is 720p. I'd like a monitor that is at least 1080p and has about the same or a better color spectrum on the new monitor. My limit is around 200 euro's and if possible i'd like it to be curved as well. I am never that good at looking for things like headsets and monitors, since i am more interested in the hardware of my pc and not the peripherals.
  4. I am looking for a soundbar (would like it to be true 5.1 surround), which is connected via cable, since my tv doesn't support gaming mode when it uses bluetooth. I have an LG tv with optical, don't know if it has analog. I already found a few that interest me. these are the following: Sony HT-RT4 LG SK5 Sony HT-RT3
  5. Minibeau

    1080 ti XOC bios

    Just ran the timespy test and i didn't run into the power limit, so i don't know how i did it the first time and can't seem to replicate it. i do however still run into the voltage limit non-stop, which makes it so my gpu doesn't run at 2012MHz but at 1999MHz, which is a pretty big difference in my opinion
  6. Minibeau

    1080 ti XOC bios

    I'm playing a game atm so i can't send screenshots, but when i started with the overclocking i started with putting the power temperature and voltage to max settings and i was running into power limit non stop, if i'm correct. i'll try running time spy again after i'm done playing and send you a screenshot of those stats ]
  7. Minibeau

    1080 ti XOC bios

    it goes up to 150% but when i'm running 3dmark the power limit is non stop 1(on) and so is the voltage limit. My GPU boosted up to 1988 mhz and i put a little overclock on it so it went up to 1999 mhz and added 375 MHz to the memory. this is as far as i have tested stable but makes it so i'm constantly running into the voltage limit while gaming and every now and then i have reached the power limit for a second and than it goes back down again.
  8. Minibeau

    1080 ti XOC bios

    thanks for the response. Do you know if i could use it to make it so i don't have the power limit anymore so it may boost a little higher by itself?
  9. Minibeau

    1080 ti XOC bios

    I'm trying to look for a custom bios for my GTX 1080 ti AORUS(non xtreme) edition and the only bios i could really find was the XOC bios. at first i thought i was only for the 1080 ti FTW from asus, but i found an article that said it will not work on cards with 3 power connectors, which mine doesn't have. Can i flash the XOC bios to my card without bricking it? right now i'm running into the voltage and power limits of my card but the card stays around 65C so it has enough room for the temperature to rise before i run into a temperature limit
  10. Minibeau

    aorus 1080 ti custom bios

    I'm looking for a custom bios for the GTX 1080 ti AORUS (not xtreme), but can't seem to find any. After i couldn't find any I thought about making my own bios but the software that i found online doesn't start. does anyone have a custom bios for the GTX 1080 ti AORUS which is safe to use and has higher power usage and voltages enabled? if not does anyone know good software to make a custom bios and what limits should i keep in mind for voltage and power limit?
  11. Minibeau

    1080ti not downclocking when idle

    I don't have GeForce Experience running in the background. I did try a few different settings in Nvidia control panel and apparently you have to restart your pc before some of the settings take effect, like the power management. i put it on adeptive and now it works(unless i put steam in big picture mode, which can be a bit heavier to render than most things) and now i'm trying putting the global to maximum performance and put the one for google chrome and steam to adeptive. hope this will work
  12. I just got a new 1080ti and it won't downclock. I've already tried to put on multiple monitor mode with nvidia inspector, but when i played a game it kept having huge lag spikes every now and then when i put it higher than 50% usage and i got really low fps when the usage was lower than 50%. i already put the power management to adaptive in the nvidia control panel, but this didn't work either.
  13. Minibeau

    1080ti or 2080

    i found GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB for 680 euros. don't know if it is the best but i'll cost me about 100 euros less than most 1080ti's
  14. Minibeau

    1080ti or 2080

    damn, i'm from the Netherlands and that card costs 880 euro and a 1080ti at minimum 730
  15. Minibeau

    1080ti or 2080

    any 1080ti's you'd recommend? i'd like to be able to overclock it and have it run cool. I don't really care about the noise since the gpu i have now(MSI GTX 980 gaming 4G) runs on 100% fan speed non stop when i'm gaming because of a custom bios i put on it(makes it run at around 1500 MHz clock with an overclock on top of it)