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  1. Custom, should have mentioned that
  2. I plan on purchasing a 2080ti in the coming months, once I finish my uni degree. My problem is that my local store has a good deal on the 2080ti strix this week. It is still a few hundred more than a founders edition, which was my first choice as it will be on water either way. Is the extra cost of the strix worth it if it will be on water anyway?
  3. Im looking for some 90 degree fittings for hardline tubing. The best thing i can find is G1/4 elbow that requires 2 fittings to be screwed into, like this. Is there anything that is 2 12mm fittings attached at a 90 degree, to do the same as the two fittings and a 19 elbow? Thanks
  4. I just got my vive this afternoon and am trying to get the desktop view in steamvr to show work but all I see is an infinite ammount of what the left and right eye are displaying. On the monitor I have to have the view of the two eyes in fullscreen in order for anything to show in the HMD. Whats the trick to get this to work. Thanks
  5. just a few things to think about: do you plan on overclocking? if you want to OC, you will need the 6600k, which is slightly more expensive. if you dont plan to OC, then your fine. check for bottlenecks you are wanting a 1080 amp extreme, but only planning for a 6500... Im not sure off the top of my head but there should be a problem yet, but that could become a problem in the future. More importantly, you are spending $700us on a graphics card, but only 200 on a CPU. thats a big difference for your two main components. check for clearance The amp extreme is a big card, you may run into size isues trying to fit it into some cases, and the hyper 12 evo is tall. youshould be fine as long as you get a reasonably sized case.
  6. Hello, I have a Dell Latitude 3440 laptop that beeps when trying to boot up in that really obnoxious beeping it makes when there is a system error. It doesn't do it every time, and the beep code isn't consistent either. Sometimes it beeps 2 times apparently meaning a memory error, or sometimes 5 times, meaning a real time clock failure. I have reset the cmos battery, and tried different memory, neither fixed the problem. Sometimes it doesn't beep at all for a day or two then starts without touching anything. Dell has come to replace the RAM, and then the whole motherboard with no luck from either. Any ideas at what could be causing the problem? or a way to fix it? Thanks
  7. I have a Gigabyte z170x gaming 7 for my 6700k, it is a little more than $150 us, however it was the best one in terms of user reviews that i could afford at the time.
  8. In task manager under resources, click on resource monitor and have a look where all the memory is being used. Check for hardware reserved memory, there shouldn't be too much.
  9. I severely doubt you will find a one. The best solution i would say is to try to buy one that is dead for a cheap price and take the back off that one. Check Ebay or other sites that sell second hand items.
  10. If you can, wait for Pascal, otherwise go with 2 or more 980ti if you can afford, as a single 980ti wont game in 4k at 60fps
  11. new egg says micro ATX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157637
  12. is the fan filled with dust and crap? I dont know about cutting wires but i personally wouldnt try that. catching up on Game of Thrones I see...
  13. It's an Acer laptop, not sure off the top of my head.
  14. I am having trouble getting a computer to mirror an IPad using AirServer. AirServer runs on the computer just fine, it shows up in the system tray and on the IPad that I'm using to cast, however when I try to mirror it doesn't display on the computer. I have tried using another iPad that I know works on another computer running AirServer so I know it is something up with the computer. I have even tried uninstalling AirServer completely and reinstalling it. Any help would be great
  15. I owa a pair of Corsair Void wireless headphones. the wireless range is a lot further than i need and the sound is fairly good for wireless. Most importantly they are confortable, i wear them for hours at a time while gaming and coding and don't feel a thing. The mic works great for in game chat, although it doesnt extend so its a fixed distance from the ear cup. I would definatley recommend it. http://www.corsair.com/en-au/void-wireless-dolby-7-1-gaming-headset