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  1. Gotcha. Is it possible to OC on the box cooler or is it require more? And if so what should i get? Also, could you, or someone recommend me some cheap but decent mobos for OC? I might really just stick with Ryzen. But also i heard some roumors that in a few months new gen Intel will be out.
  2. The 3600 is not overclockable only the X counterpart or is it?
  3. For the long run wouldnt be the upgrade path better with the Intel?
  4. Heheh. Well. I did a pc back for my friend with a 1070 and an i7 6700k clocked to 4.5Ghz. And it was able to get almost fixed 240Fps in Fortnite with competitive settings. Ye he plays Fortnite competitive get over it .
  5. Thanks but this proc is 220bucks where i live. Not to mention the high speed ram with that sort of timing... Its60bucks more just for the cpu. Its clearly better option to the i5. Its just its not 60bucks better. Even 2nd hand sadly its like 30bucks more or so. Or maybe i'm just really trying to cheap out here.
  6. Yep. I already have the 1080Ti. As i was able to get it a veeery low price. And i have a 240Hz 1080p monitor. I get that its weird for some people to cheap out on cpu etc but its not like i didnt cheap out on the gpu nor the monitor. Trust me. I got them 2nd hand dirt cheap. Hungary btw. And for the cpu i'm plannin to spend round 200. I'm really looking at whats best for price per performance. If something costs 160 and another one thats faster 10% and costs 190 or somthing i aint for that 30bucks 10% improvement. Thats not a great price per performance in my opinion. Maybe becouse now i'm taking this 9400f as my baseline or idk.
  7. So. I have eyeballing with the i5 9400F . Which is 160bucks new where i live. The rig will be used strictly for gaming. I was looking around at the used market too but i only could get an i7 8700T or a Ryzen 5 2600x or Ryzen 7 2700 or Ryzen 7 1800x. Pretty much these are at the same price used atm where i live. But honestly i dont think any of these would be a good option. What u guys think?
  8. They fell ye thats true. But if u have enough juice to mine and low costs it still could be profitable isnt it?!
  9. So i found 5 of these cards for just 250$ local. And i'm wondering bout maybe buyin em to mine with these. Coul anyone make an estimate for me? Where i live 0.13bucks / Kwh is pretty high priced but i could place this where the ec as low as 0.05$/Kwh . So does it worth buying these for mining on them ?
  10. I wonder what just happened to my 1060 3gig. One day it started to artifact . Something like this : (Found this pic here on ltt. But my issue pretty much the same) BUT. When i restart my pc a couple of times. Its up normal!. And even hours of furmark or firestrike tests dont give me anything like that. I bought it sc hand. As far as i know its not from a mining rig. Wasnt oc d . Atleast these are what i got told ... No warranty thor cuz of lost papers box etc. Any idea?
  11. Metaton

    1060 Fortnite

    Uhm. What? 570 at 1060 performance at the price of a 1050ti? From where did u get your facts from cuz clearly thats reaaally far from the same performance here : www.techspot.com/amp/article/1557-fortnite-benchmarks/ Nowhere near the performance in this game... And since we ARE. Talking about performance in this game... Well no. They arent on the same boat. As for the question. Yes the 1060 can push 144fps+ in 1080p for that 144hz.
  12. And not sure what your OS is doing becouse thats 100% not what mine does... Theres no such thing as "its connecting to the internet after install to download everything etc". Atleast. Not for me. How do i know this? Cuz i just now, did a fresh clean install. And it did NOTHING after install... No cpu usage. No anything after the first boot up. And nop. Now after the waaay more then a 100 win10 install. No issue at this time. Good for you bud for not experience bugs.
  13. "Did you leave the computer on for at least an hour after the first boot up?" Thats just stupid but hey. I'm surprised that you left out that sacrafice a goat step. Cuz i'm sure you would do that too... Whatever. That whole argue is not even relevant here... If you think that Win10 perfect ffs look up how many people have just the 100% disk usage issue. Its a well known problem geez. It can happen for "no reason" ... I only had it like 5 times out of 100 installs but still had it... But stop this argue. If you installed it no problem good for you. My HDD fails here for no reason so stop spam things that not relevant ot the topic becouse as far as i see it have nothing to do with win10 this time... Sadly.
  14. Yeah lol... Same here... Clean installed maaany times now alot of versions of win. Only Win10 brought up some issues right after clean install. lels. Welp. I still ahve the HDD isue. Not sure wtf should i do.
  15. It is win10. And i know about that too. I reinstall win regularly. And sometimes it bugs like i have 100% disk usage but that easily can be fixed... I have never seen something like this... I'll try it in my small build to see if it works there.
  16. Changed cable,changed port, Not full around 50%. 53% if i'm not mistaken. Defrag wont work.. WAAAY TOO SLOW! I cna open up every smal lthings like docs or small pics everything! I have no fcking idea what to do... Hell i even waited for a 15mb video to load up to see if anything wrong... And its worked...
  17. Hi. So today i got a veeeeery strange thing going on with one of my HDD. Its a 500gb WD . Its not too old. Just ran out of the RMA time so. Yea... And suddenly. It sarted to "fail" but in a way i never see HDD fail before... So what is happening is that. SMART , HDD Sentinel. EVERY PROGRAM shows that it is in a 100% condition! In fact i know it should be in a 100% becouse i kinda took care of things. Its sittin in my case . I never bump my case. And even in the case all my HDD's are sitting tight and stable! Yet what is happening. Is that the drive is slow. Slow as hell! Softwares shows that its max 120kb/s. Plus it makes like. "dips" . Like. 1s read- 1s off- 1s read- 1s off. The drive IS in fact working properly. I can hear it i took it out of the case and i know its running. Yet it seems like its cannot read it properly or idk... The disk is spinning for sure... I cannot run any defragment or anything on it becouse it is so slow!! I was like. Maybe my mobo did something so i hard reset my mobo... Nothing. I plug it into elsewhere... Nothing. Not rly sure what to do. It should be working. I can see my files there ... Few kb pics or texts can be opened no problem... but anything bigger not...
  18. Honestly... Worse timing to build a pc... Considerin that the new AMD and new gen Inetl processors are knocking on the door... This whole question is really depends on the budget. On what your demand is. And what is available in your area... Especially if you're not afraid to look up for used parts... I built a budget pc not long ago... And honestly i think it woulda been better to just wait for Zen or 7. gen... I built it from all used parts. (Usually i buy them with a few month or a year warr still on the parts...Or even if theres no warr. Its like max 1-2 yo.) I got a FX 8320 + Thermailright cooler + A Gigabyte Mobo (Not sure what was the mobo exactly . It is a 4+2 mobo with CF. And heatsink on the VRM's so not that big of a deal but still great..) For 150bucks... At it was runnin on 4.4Ghz on all cores no heat issues. No any problem... I got 16gigs ofKingston Hyper X 1600Mhz ram for 35bucks. Not rly the cheapest actually but i went for it becouse i love this product.. .Had it before and actually OC'd one before just for fun... Got a Corsair 650W PSU for the system. It was 30bucks becouse it had only 1month warr left on it. And i got a R9 390. For 280bucks. (With 2 year warr on it still!! The owner wanted to get rid of it becouse at that time the Rx 480 Hype train was goin strong... ) So in total i spent 500bucks... No any game (That i played and tested on it. Such as R6S, The Division, Far Cry Primal, BF Hardline, BF4 ,GTA 5 and so on...) went below 60FPS while recording with Raptr on max settings. Except AA ofc. And few things such as bloom etc(hate that sh*t) . And ofc some games needed a little change in settings or playing with it... But the graphics settings were always on the max. If there was an option to lower a bit the distance of the things rendered sometimes i did that, not much thoe. In some games such as Fallout4 that is really Nvidia's playground. Had to turn down some settings. but as far as i know some peeps actually found ways to run it smooth now on AMD cards also. Plus i heard that games like Arma 3 sucks ass on AMD. Actually i never played that game so i cannot confirm that... But one thing is sure. If i wanted to build a new system. I would wait for sure. Its a pain in the ass to wait but. If you're on a budget. Gotta wait for it... And btw. Yes. It was able to run Crysis.
  19. Okay. Found the issue. lels. As it says. "IntelBurnTest" It is mainly for intel. It needs a little change i guess for AMD. From here anyone can download the one that is good for amd: http://www.overclock.net/t/1318995/official-fx-8320-fx-8350-vishera-owners-club @3.5Ghz I get 67-68 GFLOPS.
  20. Well. I dont know either. I found many pictures around 80-110 GFLOPS area from the FX8320 so it is led me to believe that all of them cannot be shopped... I'm also thinking that maybe its a Mobo issue or something.
  21. Thats interesting... Then how those guys get such a result... The net is full of these 80~110 Fx 8320 GFLOP pics... Are you guys read what i even wrote? Almost everyone. Even recent pictures shows atleast 2times the scores i got...
  22. So, for funs i'm tryin to compare my Fx8320 to my I7 3770k. And so it come down to the IntelBurnTest. The I7 3770k did a good job on it nothing special. But the Fx8320. Got a horrible result. I got 30-32 Gflops. With like 90sec's. Thats crazy low. So i was like... Okay. Maybe something i messed up in the OC or something. I go a lil higher in the OC. ~35Gflops. LOL... @4.5Ghz 35Glfops. Like whatta hell. Okay then . I resett bios to default. 30-32Gflops at default clocks and at default BIOS. lol Okay i go and search up maybe this CPU is rly that weak. But turns out . Nop. Thats not the case here after seeing such pics all over the net like this: Was runing the same preset. @High... Any idea?! I was thinking maybe its Win10 fault but i saw some recent Win10 pics's . It was just 4.7Ghz and Just 88Gflops but thats still more then 2x more then what i get wtf.
  23. Wow. Thanks for the infos! Well considering that i was able to reach 4.2Ghz on all 8cores/modules on the FX8320 with just 1.275V i think that 5-5.5Ghz on just 4cores might be possible. I think i'll test out everything. But first i gotta get a better mobo. And also i have a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme in push and pull. Not the best but it was 5bucks... Srsly. 5 bucks... So yeah.
  24. Yea i think thats have to be a test for myself to see the results. But its gonna be a long tetsting lol... So i wanted to just ask it first. Actually the FX8320 was a complete lottery winner. I tlaked about this before on a other thread. I have a cheap ass mobo 4+2 power phase. Clearly not ment for overclocking... And i was able to get upto 4.2Ghz on all cores on 1.275 V . Soo yeah. I'm thinking on getting a 8+2 mobo and maybe water cool it. The i7 2600k on the otherhand the opposite almost. Gets hot pretty fast etc. But it also have a baad case with bad airflow. So no wonder. With case open its better but i think airflow is better then open case. So .
  25. True. I have couple cpu's actually but recently i was working with the FX8320 on intel side i have a i7 2600k .