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    NMS reacted to Ashiella for a status update, If I'm going to be honest, allot of the gaming benchmarks that LTT does are quite ina   
    If I'm going to be honest, allot of the gaming benchmarks that LTT does are quite inadequate per se. Who actually plays Deus Ex Mankind? or similar games? Sure, they're usually a great benchmarking utility, like Metro Last Light and Crysis 3 were, but not that many people play them. There are games like CS:GO and Rocket League (?) that they test for eSports titles, but they don't test Rainbow Six? I can tell you from a objective standpoint that the hardware selection that Siege appeals to is far different from Deus Ex or the likes. What influenced this was; The 3570k beating out the r7 1700 at stock clocks in most games. I'm gonna say, that in siege, this will not happen. Siege uses up to 8 threads, or can evenly balance the workload of 8 threads across all threads (weird ik) The 3570k @ 4.8Ghz (Userbench 132sc 524mc) gets an average of 110fps at low settings with a gtx 970 T-AA renderscale = 80, with the same settings with an x5650 @ 4.35Ghz (Userbench 107sc 821mc) gets an average of 125fps. and when I turned off one core and two threads for 5/10 @4.5ghz (Userbench 113sc 687mc) got an average of 130fps. The 3570k only utilized my gpu to an average of 80%, the x5650 @ 4.35 6/12 used about 85%, and the x5650 @4.5 5/10 used about 88%. Ohnoes IDidARant Conclusion or tl;dr: They should benchmark different games that people actually play, siege is a pretty big esports title, this goes for other youtubers as well, you benchmark Cs;go, Rocket league, Overwatch, Fortnite, Pubg, but not siege? what the fuck?