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  1. Bro sounds like you need the eventual like 3nm apple desktop chip that will inevitably come at some point
  2. I'd look for a good deal on like a 1080ti or 2070 super. You might be able to get the super for around 300-350 soon. Or if you can wait for the 3060 itll probably be around 400
  3. You have to be itching for an upgrade with that 2600k
  4. Bro 8700k is still a monster I would just stay put. Save the $ for the best gpu you can get from either red/green team
  5. Yeah thats probably true. If I don't take too much of an L reselling it I might just upgrade to the 11900k/11850k rocket lake whatever it will be called. It'll still be z490 and it supports PCIe 4.0.
  6. They had it on a promo code at newegg for the 10850ka avengers version for 452. Probably why you're not seeing it
  7. Same with me and my 10850k. The IPC increase is great but their boost clocks are still kinda poopy; which I woudn't have a problem with if they were more competively priced
  8. Honestly one of the biggest reason i didn't go the x570/amd/3900x route and went the z490 10850k route is the stupid chipset fan. I can just imagine that SOB breaking and being a royal pain in the ass to fix
  9. Not necessarily. It's been discounted to 450 several times over the past few weeks as well as including the avengers game download from newegg etc. I was looking forward to Zen 3 but it seems like they are getting too confident with their new pricing schemes
  10. After that reveal, I'm feelin' REAL good about my 10850k at $383 open box at microcenter. Zen 3 seems awesome but sorta expensive lol
  11. I have the EK 240 AIO. Stupid 360 sold out
  12. I know I def need to upgrade my ram. Haven’t had time to properly OC my chip yet but I’m planning on getting some Noctua A12x25 fans to throw on my rad and already have some good paste to push the bad boy as far as it can go
  13. Currently the 3700x and 3900x etc. get smacked by the 10900/10850k/10700k/10600k/9900k/ even 8700k etc in high refresh rate gaming
  14. I mean it’s a sensational cpu. For Zen 3 to actually beat Comet Lake by over 20fps it would have to be the biggest IPC improvement generation over generation in silicon history
  15. Recently in the past month upgraded to a 10850k. Have a nice steady 5ghz OC on all cores without much tweaking. Did I eff up? Some Zen 3 leaks are showing 1080p/1440p frame rates on the 5800/5700 chip at nearly 20-30 FPS more than the 10900k.