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  1. So I guess the lesson we learned is that better cameras DO you make you a better photographer.
  2. HOW DO I READ THIS? IS BLUE/ORANGE INTEL/AMD? Why did you include synthetic benchmarks then immediately discredit them? Just don't include them if that's the case.
  3. More than just "camera moving through a static environment with a day/night cycle" or "poorly optimized graphics showing a lot of particles"
  4. Dang they didnt mention the steam app streaming, was looking forward to see what Linus thought since he reviewed the steam link back in the day.
  5. Press Release: https://steamdb.info/blog/steam-link-and-video-mobile-apps/ This is pretty huge imo. I've never been a huge fan of game streaming, but I'm really interested to see how this will work, or if it'll have any sort of touch screen controls for point and click styled games or jrpgs/civ. I've never really watched any movies on steam so can't comment on that yet. (Nintendo Switch support when)
  6. https://www.polygon.com/windows/2018/4/25/17280178/eric-lundgren-windows-restore-disks-microsoft-prison
  7. The majority of it is math calculations and its all CPU bound.
  8. Hey guys, my friend is moving to Australia in a few months and needs a workstation laptop (or as best as he can get) for $2000 canadian (taxes included). He does VFX work, so minimum 16gb ram and a really good CPU (gpu isn't as important)
  9. in regards to the meme discussion, copyright over them has been a thing for years now, especially with Whynne's Trollface, https://kotaku.com/the-maker-of-the-trollface-meme-is-counting-his-money-1696228810